What Happened To The Nike Go Flyease

What Happened To The Nike Go Flyease – Nike has called the latest version of its FlyEase sneaker a shoe “for everyone” because it allows users to put them on without bending down or using their hands. Critics say it’s good for people with special needs – the limited edition has been withdrawn and is out of reach for people who can’t afford it.

Critics say the Nike Go FlyEase, as the shoe is called, is meant to be marketed as flexible fashion.

What Happened To The Nike Go Flyease

Nike has released the hands-free FlyEase shoe. They were soon snapped up by retailers, leading some to question whether they should be sold as existing fashion pieces. (Nike)

Nike Nike Go Flyease Shoes

Louis Lingard is a sneaker. He’s had one over the years, he says — New Balance, Reebok, Adidas — he loves them all, though Nike is his favorite.

Lingard has arthrogryposis, which limits joint movement and causes muscle weakness. This makes it difficult to find the right shoes, as well as moving around the braces on his feet.

Lingard says these challenges are not unusual for disabled people. So when Nike announced the release of the latest version of its FlyEase shoe – which allows the wearer to lean over without using their arms at all – he knew he needed a pair

Louis Lingard, 19, said he was frustrated by the curling on Nike’s FlyEase boots. “They should be held to a higher standard because they knew they could take advantage of people,” he said. (Added by Louis Lingard)

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But while design manager Sarah Reinersten says the Go FlyEase is “a shoe for everyone”, Lingard seems to think the opposite is true. Although the shoe was able to do its best for the disability community, it was released in limited numbers and was snapped up by retailers.

“I’m excited to see them add inclusivity to their shoes,” she said. “It was really cool for me. When I saw how it was done, I was very disappointed.”

Soon after Lingard took over TikTok, the irony of the boot was out of reach for the community. In a video that went viral, she explained how difficult it is for people with mobility issues to take off their shoes.

In the interview, she and others spoke about how the situation highlights the challenges facing the flexible fashion industry and the people who work in it.

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Nike Go FlyEase Reveals New Shoes Rising in Adaptive Fashion 2 years ago Length 2:12 The Nike Go FlyEase is disappointing members of the disability community and highlighting the adaptive fashion industry in- right now.

In the Go FlyEase ad, Nike didn’t use the word “disabled” or specifically market to the community – even though they originally designed it.

“The main concepts around the shoe were to better support our flexible athletes,” said designer Haley Toelle in a press release video about the shoe. “During the process, we quickly realized that the shoe is truly universal.”

And the first version of FlyEase, which still required the user to use a shoe strap, was particularly inspired by Matthew Waltzer. Waltzer, a student athlete, struggled to tie his shoes because he had limited mobility in one arm due to cerebral palsy.

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However, according to Lingard, the current version of the boot is far from original. As Nike treated the shoes as their second releases, the prices went up so that individual pairs now cost upwards of $500.

Releasing shoes for special purposes or in limited numbers is not a unique strategy. According to Lingard, many shoe companies use a similar method when introducing a new line, such as Nike.

“I think we should have held the shoes to a higher standard, knowing that people could take advantage of it. “

In a statement to the News, a Nike spokesperson said the response to the Go FlyEase has been “overwhelmingly positive,” but that the shoe was not widely available due to “high demand.”

Nike Go Flyease Red Black Cw5883 600

A spokesperson said more units will be available this year and mentioned other shoes in the FlyEase collection that are currently available on their website. These other shoes – the Air Max 90 and the Revolution 5 – have flexible designs such as collapsible heels and zippers, but the Go FlyEase lacks the “compression” it gives the wearer’s foot.

Nike says the Go FlyEase’s “compression” allows the wearer to put the shoe on hands-free and “do something that not many people would take for granted” (launching a ‘ shoe). Lingard and others see him as a huge upgrade over other boots, which makes his absence all the more comforting. (Nike)

Like Lingard, Canadian fashion designer Izzy Camilleri was disappointed with Nike’s role but thinks the boot launch is a good thing.

Camilleri, who has designed the wardrobes of names such as David Bowie, Angelina Jolie, Daniel Radcliffe and Meryl Streep, made the switch from haute couture to casual wear in 2005 when Toronto Star reporter Barbara Turnbull asked him to design clothes for as he was working. a wheelchair

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Camilleri explains that people who use wheelchairs can have different design needs for clothing – whether it needs to be lighter or fit when sitting.

According to research and consulting firm Coresight Research, the global market for adaptive fashion and clothing could reach $349.9 billion by 2023, something Camilleri says most people don’t even know exists.

Designer Izzy Camilleri, who has dressed A-list celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, David Bowie and Meryl Streep, moved into flexible fashion in 2005. (Maayan Ziv)

“Even the people who need it don’t understand the options out there,” Camilleri said. “So there’s this education piece that we always have to work on.”

Nike Go Flyease Easy On/off Shoes. Nike Lu

In 2018, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development said that advertisers were using Facebook’s advertising platform to illegally target housing-related ads to consumers, including the those with disabilities. Soon after, Facebook removed more than 5,000 targeting options and forced all advertisers to follow its non-discrimination policy.

Since then, adaptive fashion retailers, including Camilleri, have argued that their ads can be discriminatory because they target people with disabilities or with medical devices.

This can expand the experience to reach customers and have a flexible approach.

While an ad promoting Go FlyEase as an ideal custom mod, marketing to everyone could increase awareness of it — which could boost the range, Camilleri said.

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“Maybe Nike could look at it differently, but the whole comfort and flexibility market is still young,” he said. “It’s very difficult. It’s very difficult.”

Although the market is young, big brands are entering it. Along with Nike, Tommy Hilfiger has a customized collection, as does Zappos, an American shoe and clothing retailer.

Christina Mallon, brand manager for Open Style Labs, a non-profit organization that helps create adaptive fashion for people with disabilities, said she welcomes all brands that embrace adaptive fashion. , including Nike.

At the age of 22, Mallon’s hands became paralyzed due to motor neurone disease. Since then, she said, she has had to find creative ways to do seemingly simple things because “the world was not made with disabled people in mind.”

Nike Go Flyease Slip On Sneakers Shoes Women's Size 7 New Black/white Dr5540 002

So it’s exciting to see how adaptive fashion is slowly changing. Fashion has not taken into account the challenges disabled people face every day, so the commercialization of technology like Go FlyEase can be a huge game changer for everyone.

Christina Mallon, brand manager at the non-profit Open Style Lab, says it is positive that brands are entering the world of flexible fashion – albeit slowly. (Oyediran Bamigboye)

“People don’t realize how hard buttons are, to be precise,” Mallon said as an example. But why are the buttons still the same? Why can’t buttons just be magnetic? …I think designers have to ask themselves these questions. “

However, he said the fact that the Go FlyEase was sold so quickly – and perhaps not to people with special needs – was a cause for concern. In the future, this mistake could be corrected by providing shoe technology to non-profit organizations that represent people with disabilities, or completely allowing people to create them himself.

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Whatever happens with those shoes, Mallon says, it’s important to change to make the world more comfortable. Because whatever the current level of activity is, it can change over time.

“Everybody is going to have a disability at some point in their life,” Mallon said. “So even if you don’t care about people with disabilities, you’re going to have a disability at some point in your life, so you shouldn’t to worry about.” This post contains links

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