What Happened To Sayid In The Season 6 Of The Lost Tv Show

What Happened To Sayid In The Season 6 Of The Lost Tv Show – “Sunset” is the sixth episode of the sixth season of “Lost” and the 109th hour of production of the entire series. It was broadcast on March 2, 2010. Sayid is faced with a difficult decision, and the Man in Black puts his plan into action with Sayid and Claire’s help.

While Dogen is quietly reading a book (Deep River by Shusaku Endo), Sayid runs to his rooms and confronts him about the machine he used when he was stuck with a needle, saying that he was being tested. Dogen tells him that everyone has a balance and is good on one side and bad on the other. The machine tells them how balanced the scales are and Sayid’s scales are going “the wrong way”. ♪ Dogen admits that he wanted to poison Sayid because he thought it would be better if Sayid were dead.

What Happened To Sayid In The Season 6 Of The Lost Tv Show

Syed says that Dogen doesn’t know him as well as he thinks. He adds, “I am a good person.” Dogen attacks Sayid and a brutal fight ensues. Dogen’s fighting skills are amazing and he eventually manages to defeat Sayid and keep him at his table. As Dogen tries to stab Sayid in the throat, the baseball on his desk spins and hits the ground in his hand. With suppressed anger, he tells Sayid to leave and never come back. Dogen takes the baseball thoughtfully. ♪

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Standing outside the ring of ashes, the Man in Black sends Claire to the temple with a message for Dogen. She shows some restraint and asks him to send Sawyer or Jean or go on his own. He just reminds her that if he could do it himself, he wouldn’t ask her. Claire demands a guarantee that she will get her son back, so the man says, “I always do what I say.” As he steps out of the circle of ashes, he asks if he will harm the people of the temple. “Only those who don’t listen,” replies the man in black. ♪

Sayid grabs his bag and starts walking when Miles asks what he should do. Sayyid explains that he was expelled from the temple. Syed wonders why the people who now want him dead are the same people who saved his life. Miles corrects him and reveals to Sayid that he has been dead for two hours and that those who brought Sayid back were not the Temple Others. ♪

Just then, Claire comes through the temple door, and as Dogen approaches, she tells her, “He wants to see you”; Dogen talks to Lennon in Japanese, but Claire tells him to “speak English”. Dogen refuses to go, saying that he is “not stupid” and that the man will kill him if he leaves the temple. Claire suggests that she send someone who won’t kill the man. Dogen tells Lennon to throw Claire in the pit and bring Shephard and Reis to him. Lennon says they can’t be found, Dogen tells Lennon to “try harder”; then he turns to Sayyid and asks him to follow him. Sayid says, “I thought you wanted to leave me,” and Dogen says things have changed. ♪

Dog returns to his chambers and retrieves a carved box from a plant pot, which he cleans and opens to reveal a ceremonial dagger. He explains to Sayid that Claire is a confused girl under the influence of an evil man who has been trapped for years, but now that Jacob is gone, she is free and until all living things on earth are found. was destroyed. Island. . He says that this man is “evil incarnate”. Dogen gives Sayid a dagger to scare him, which appears to be the person Sayid has died, and Sayid has to stab him in the chest before giving him a chance to speak. When Sayid wonders why he has to do all this for Dogen, Dogen tells him that this is his chance to prove he’s a “good person”.

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Syed leaves the temple and approaches Kate and asks her what happened in the temple. Syed tells him to ask Miles. Kate soon arrives at the temple and is let in and Miles plays solitaire. ♪ She asks him if Sawyer sent him a package and he reluctantly admits. He says he wanted to follow Sawyer too, but he was sure it would work out for him too. He then says that Claire came to the temple and the others took her away.

Sayid hears a strange sound of strong wind in the forest, and feels that it is followed by the sound of a monster under the trees, and suddenly Locke appears behind him. When the black man says “Hello, Sayid,” Sayid rushes in and plunges the dagger into his chest, then turns around as the black man sees the dagger in his chest and asks, “What did you do?” . That’s why?” The man in black looks disappointed and takes out the bloodless dagger and hands it back to Sayid. Sayid gently takes the dagger and asks him, “What are you?” The man in black ignores the question, surprised. Sayid told him that Sayid could attack him. Sayid tells him that they said he was “evil incarnate” the black man laughs and explains to Sayid that Dogen knew Sayid couldn’t kill him and Dogen tried , to have Sayid killed by the Man in Black. The attempt fails. The Man in Black then asks Sayid to admit that this isn’t the first time Dogen has involved another attempt to kill Sayid. Sayid asks Locke what he’s trying to do. to tell Sayyid. The man in black answers that he only wants to convey a message to Sayyid. He gives a motive for Sayyid and says that he will kill Sayyid, he can give anything he wants in the world. Sayyid answers that all he wants is to die in it was a hug and he will never see it again. The man in black rhetorically asks Sayid, “If you could?” ♪

Sayid returns to the temple and publicly announces that the Man of the Woods has sent him a message: Jacob is dead, so none of the temple’s inhabitants should stay here any longer and are free. He says that this man is leaving the island forever and those who want to go with him must join him before sunset and be saved or stay and die. Cindy, Zach, and Emma, ​​who were all listening curiously, seemed to be overwhelmed. ♪

Meanwhile, Lennon notices Kate looking for Claire and wants to ask her about Sawyer and Jean, but when Kate pins Lennon to the wall and demands to see Claire, he gives Kate two minutes to talk to her. and leads Kate to the well. Claire stands at the bottom of a well and sings “Catch a Shooting Star” to herself. Kate greets Claire, who takes a moment to recognize Kate. He explains that they put him in the well because they took Aaron, but Kate explains that she took Aaron because they couldn’t find him and took him off the island, much to Claire’s dismay. ♪ When Kate says she’s back on the island to save Claire so she can get back at Aaron, Claire mischievously replies, “I’m not the one who needs saving.” Lennon leads Kate, Claire calls after him, “He’s coming, Kate, he’s coming and they can’t stop him.”

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A large group of temple residents prepare to leave after being warned by Sayid, despite Lennon’s protestations that the temple is still safe. Cindy reminds Lennon that Jacob is dead and claims that they can’t risk it if it’s no longer safe. Then he leaves with Zack and Emma. Miles rushes to Sayid and asks if they should run, but Sayid says he needs to get Dogen’s dagger back first. ♪

In Temple’s billiards room, Dogen thinks and studies baseball. Syed confronts him and wonders why he tried to get others to kill him instead of himself. Dogen reveals his background, saying that he was once a successful banker in Osaka and had a 12-year-old son who enjoyed playing baseball. After a promotion at the bank, Dogen’s colleagues take him to a party and Dogen has a lot to drink, then goes to pick up his son from a baseball game, after which he gets into a very bad car accident, which he survives. He does not know if his son is dead or seriously injured. In the year

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