What Happened To Rachel Ray She Used To Look Really Good But Now I Don T Know She Just Let Herself Go Is She Having Mental Health Issues

What Happened To Rachel Ray She Used To Look Really Good But Now I Don T Know She Just Let Herself Go Is She Having Mental Health Issues – ET spoke with the TV personality about the new season of her show, her home in Italy and more

When a TV personality loses a devastating fire and, later, his family dog, Roy prepares for Season 17 of his daytime show.

What Happened To Rachel Ray She Used To Look Really Good But Now I Don T Know She Just Let Herself Go Is She Having Mental Health Issues

. ET’s Rachel Smith spoke with Ray ahead of the new season premiere, where he talked about filming at his home in Tuscany, Italy.

Rachael Ray Shows Fans Rebuilt Home 1 Year After House Fire

“We bought the land four years ago,” Ray says of his Tuscan villa. “A lot has happened since then, but it took a long time to do, because we had to do it on Zoom. Who makes a house on Zoom? And in different languages.”

He continued, “And during that time, as everyone knows, we lost Isaba, may God rest her soul, and we lost our house, and our apartment was flooded—Iman, it’s been a strange three years .”

Robyn has been so busy between the show and her home in Italy that she told ET she’s almost certain that Season 17 has already premiered.

“I have no concept of time anymore,” admitted Roy. You just said that the week after the premiere, and I was like, ‘This? Hasn’t this happened before? ‘Last week we shot a two part in Italy, I flew here in the morning, like, we landed at night, we started the show here the next morning.

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“It happened just two days ago,” he added. “We’re like six shows in already. I’m like, ‘What?’ I’m a rat myself, and I did seven shows before I got to these three shows today.

With this upcoming season, Ray lets more cameras into his life than ever, showing his home in Italy and his daily life there.

“I faced fear – we always try to keep some parts of our lives private, but it’s really – it’s very exciting and freeing to involve people, and we’re still almost unscripted in this show,” Roy explained. Food Network. Everything we tried to do in this TV production from day one was weird. This first line, we talked about it, when you walk in the door, ‘Oh my God’, like, panic attack. We are the people here.

“I do TV shoots without any makeup,” she added. “And I’m working in my own kitchen, and you’ll see my house, and you have the delivery guy come and the buzzer rings and the dishwasher breaks – people still love that. Now, season 17. , read so crazy that we’re shooting. – From January until the end of the season – we’re shooting from home.”

New York, New York, Usa On May 3, 2023. Rachael Ray Attends Broadcasting Cable Hall Of Fame Awards At The Ziegfeld Ballroom In New York, New York, Usa On May 3, 2023

Despite his weakness for shooting at home, Roy says he likes to share his life with people and allow them to see the world they live in.

“It’s beautiful and we love to share it with people,” says Roy. “And I think people are going to be excited to see this world. We live in a small town. That’s how we live in the suburbs. It’s a really small community. We know everybody. We go to the same places. they many times. . . Once again, we see the same faces again, and it’s a very small community.”

Occasional celebrity house guests – including Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz and several musicians – say their life in Tuscany is not too expensive and is comparable to the life of a farmer in the Italian countryside.

“We live in Santino and the closest to the big city that people go hiking is Montalcino,” he said. “It’s about half an hour away, but it feels like three hours. All our roads are ‘woo-hoo’ like thick dirt roads, but we want to show people that life is not so expensive, it’s so much more. A kind . of farmer. life or the life of the country. the life of the people.” After seeing Amelia on TV, in a makeup advice segment on our show, she was inspired to lose 70 pounds and take control of her health.

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Viewer Amelia appeared on our show about five years ago in a segment on makeup tips. She says watching herself on TV was the call she needed to take control of her health. “I was watching myself on TV, I was very angry and I looked sad. And I know I was smiling and I was clapping and I was happy, but for me I was sad. Get out of it,” Amelia explained.

“When I realized I needed to change, I started to slow down by putting myself first. I realized it had to do with food and I worked on portion control. I no longer use food as a crutch, so if I say, “I” Whether I’m happy or sad, I don’t rush to eat anything. I realize that I can do other things with my time.”

And now, through her company, CNY Wellness, she’s teaching people to prioritize their health and themselves. “I have helped hundreds of people in the same boat as me, lose weight, and we start with portion control. This is the key to everything, your portion control and your relationship with food,” he said.

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In my 20 plus years in television I have worked in daytime television for an amazing 17 seasons.

Roy said in a statement. However, I have decided that it is time to move on to the next exciting chapter in my broadcasting career.

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The daytime talk show debuted in September 2006 after Roy was established as the host of the cooking show 30 Minute Meals on the Food Network.

Roy continued, “My passion has evolved from a discussion format production model and syndication to a platform under traditional distribution rules. I’m really excited to be able to showcase and develop new epicurean talent on all platforms.”

Earlier, Deadline reported that Roy launched a production studio called Free Food Studio, which will focus on content prepared by the 54-year-old “in the kitchen” and serve as a platform, according to the outlet. Identify and develop the next generation of epicurean talent

“When Rachel started on her show 17 years ago, it was a daytime game changer,” CBS Media Ventures president Steve Locascio said in a statement. It made food accessible to the public, taught viewers simple solutions on how to improve their lives, and featured great stories from celebrity guests on down-to-earth approaches.

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Announcement on January 31 that Dr. Rachel’s departure comes at a time when Phil will end his current season after 21 years.

The final episode of the show, which airs in syndication across the country, will air later this year. Two-time Emmy-winning celebrity chef Rahul Roy’s weight loss has shocked his fans. He has not seen more than 30 days in 50 years and now 40 pounds down with his radiant smile, looks like he is on a mission but the question is how did he lose 40 pounds? More importantly, can you lose a few more pounds the same way? Scroll down to see how Rahul Roy’s look has changed!

He started out as Chef Roy’s chef before letting his new job sink him. He started creating 30-minute meal recipes to encourage people to cook at home and eat delicious food. When he was about 40 years old, he began to gain weight. It could be due to stress or his life revolved around food, but then it happened…

When business was booming and Rachael Ray was in maybe 10 different cookbooks, shows and magazines, she was hit in the neck. He used to talk non-stop for 12-16 hours a day – and it caused an abscess in his throat.

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He underwent throat surgery and asked to see a doctor

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