What Flag Has The Colors Blue Yellow Blue

What Flag Has The Colors Blue Yellow Blue – A blue field charged with a yellow Nordic cross extends to its edge. The vertical section is moved to the elevator section. Dimensions: 5:2:9 horizontal and 4:2:4 vertical.

Blue with a yellow Nordic cross extending to the edge of the flag. The overall ratio including the tail is 1:2

What Flag Has The Colors Blue Yellow Blue

The flag of Sweden (Swedish: Sveriges flagga) consists of a yellow or gold colored Nordic cross (meaning the horizontal cross extends to the edge, and the cross close to the flying one) on a light blue field. The Nordic cross design traditionally represents Christianity.

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The shape and colors of the Swedish flag are believed to be inspired by the 1442 coat of arms, which is quartered green with a gold cross and imitates the Danish flag.

Blue and yellow have been used as the colors of Sweden, at least since the accession of King Magnus III in 1275.

The Swedish flag is one of five flags that use the 5:8 ratio, the others being Argentina, Guatemala, Palau, and Poland.

It is one of four blue and yellow flags, the others being Kazakhstan, Poland and Ukraine.

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The opacity of the Swedish flag is 5:2:9 horizontally and 4:2:4 vertically. The dimensions of the three-tailed Swedish flag are 5:2:5:8 horizontally and 4:2:4 vertically.

The flag’s colors are officially based on the natural color system in NCS 0580-Y10R for yellow and NCS 4055-R95B for blue.

They are also certified Pantone PMS 301 C/U for blue and PMS 116 or PMS 109 U for yellow.

The Swedish national flag is square in shape similar to the national flag. Swedish law does not regulate the design of the Swedish flag, but it is recommended that the color scheme be consistent with the flag.

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The 1957 coast guard ship HSwMS Gustav V with curved naval insignia and larger mantle at the ends (Agfacolor).

The three-tailed flag (tretungad flagga) is used as a naval signal (logrlogsflaggan). The overall ratio, including the tail, is 1:2. The flag is also used as the Swedish Naval Jack alrlogsgös. The jack is smaller than the brand, but has the same features. The Swedish Swallowtail Flag was originally a personal symbol of the King or a symbol representing an order given by the King. Initially it had two points, but in the mid-17th century, a unique bird’s tail appeared which had a tongue. The flag is also flown by the Ministry of Defense while the Ministry of Public Affairs flies a square flag.

The Swedish flag (Kungliga flag) is similar to the three-tailed flag, but has a white field with a larger or smaller coat of arms, surrounded by a row of raffia with and king. Especially. The king directly decided the specific use of the flag.

According to the ancient warrior Eric IX, the 12th century saw a golden cross on the ground when he landed in Finland during the First Crusade in Sweden in 1157. Seeing that this was a sign from God, he picked up the golden cross on a blue background. . The flag.

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It is thought that the Swedish leg was chosen to challenge the similar origins of the Danish flag, which is also recorded in the 16th century. According to this theory

The Swedish flag was created during the reign of King Charles VIII who introduced the Swedish coat of arms in 1442. The coat of arms is a combination of the coat of arms of King Albert in 1364 and the coat of arms of King Magnus III. in 1275. Divided into a blue quarter with a gold cross.

The Swedish flag was said to have been blue with a white cross before 1420 and was changed to blue with a gold cross during the first reign of King Gustav I who overthrew Christian II in 1521.

The exact date of the Swedish flag is unknown, but the oldest recorded image of a blue cloth with a yellow cross dates to the 16th century during the reign of King Gustav I.

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The first official description of the flag was made by royal decree of 19 April 1562 as “yellow with a blue cross”.

As stated in the King’s decree of 1569, the yellow cross has always been the battlefield standard and standard of Sweden. Previously, a similar flag appeared on the throne of King John III, which is now in southwestern Finland. The same clothing is still used by the province.

The Royal Decree of 6 November 1663 regulated the use of the three-tailed flag only for naval flags and insignia.

According to the laws of the same kingdom, merchant ships were only allowed to fly the flag of cities in districts bearing the colors of their province. But in fact, merchant ships began to use national flags to fly the national flag. In a 1730 government directive on shipbuilding, this citizen’s badge was to be the same size and color as the national flag, with clear differences from square to square.

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A royal decree of 18 August 1761 stated that three blue flags should be used by the archipelago, the branch of the military tasked with protecting the archipelago off the coast of Sweden. The fleet commander also had the right to order the use of the standard battle ensign instead of the “appropriate” blue ensign.

On 6 June 1815, common military insignia were introduced for the two kingdoms, Sweden and Norway. The flag resembles the ancient Swedish military coat of arms with three tails, and is salty white over red for display in castles. Introduced by Norwegian Prime Minister and union representative Peder Anker, the white salt on a red background was supposed to be the symbol of Norway, as the country had met with Dmark and initially continued to use the same flag as an Independent state but as a nation. Weapons in the castle.

Norwegian ships continued to use the Danish national flag marked with the national coat of arms at the northern tip of Cape Finisterre, but had to fly the Swedish national flag in the Mediterranean to prevent piracy. The common national emblem of both countries was introduced in 1818 in the form of a nautical coat of arms but cut square. This flag is optional for Swedish ships but mandatory for Norwegians in distant waters. In 1821, Norway adopted a new national symbol, similar to the Norwegian flag.

After the adoption of a separate Norwegian flag, a royal decree of 17 July 1821 stated that ships of both kingdoms used the national coat of arms, usually with a square (with added salt) “in distant waters” (i.e. Beyond Cape Finisterre).

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In “distant waters” they have the right to use the insignia developed in their state constituencies or the public symbols of the Union. This system functioned until 1838.

Flags of Sweden and Norway in 1899 after the union logo was removed from the flag of Norwegian merchants. Number plates are issued by the Swedish-Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to announce changes to the law.

The King’s Decree of June 20, 1844 introduced a new flag and banner to emphasize the equal status of the two United States. Both countries are given civil and military symbols in the same style as their flags, with the addition of a symbol of unity in the cantons that combines the colors of the flags of both countries. The navy logo is based on the traditional Swedish three-tailed pattern. In addition, the organization’s new emblem will be used as a naval bra and as a flag for general diplomatic missions abroad. The order also states that merchant ships use national insignia throughout the country, including the organization’s new logo. Also, royal insignia were introduced for both countries, each with a naval coat of arms with a symbol of unity with the addition of a symbol of unity in the center of the cross. The new union flag has been well received by Norwegians looking for their own military symbol since the union was founded. However, in Sweden, the new meeting symbol is frowned upon and denigrated as Sillsalat (Swedish) or Sildesalat (Norwegian) after a dish of colorful grilled herring garnished with colorful beetroot. The name is believed to have been first used in Lord Brakel’s speech at the Swedish House of Lords in Stockholm.

In the 19th century, many laws were passed regarding the use of the Swedish flag. Military insignia are also used by ships and general government buildings, such as customs, harbor pilots and the Royal Mail. For this use, military insignia would have a white field combined with gold symbols: for pilots in port (since 1881, according to a proposal of 1825), an anchor with a star.

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For Royal Mail Post Office (since 1844).

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