What Exactly Is The Folk Nation That The Crips Are A Part Of How Does It Differ From The People Nation

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What Exactly Is The Folk Nation That The Crips Are A Part Of How Does It Differ From The People Nation

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Police: Gang Symbols Found Outside Middle School

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Prosecutors Charge Gang Member With Opening Fire In A Courtyard Filled With Kids [

Personalized ads may be considered “selling” or “sharing” information under the privacy laws of California and other states, and you may have the right to opt out. You can exercise your right to opt-out by turning off personalized advertising. Find out more in our privacy policy, help center and policy on cookies and similar technologies. Gang violence has been on the rise in Chicago for decades and almost immediately in the last 15 years. Chicago’s first gangs were formed along with volunteer fire departments with names like “Fire Kings” and were relatively harmless. They held public events, competed in their fire departments, and sometimes fought in the streets. As fire departments specialized, volunteer companies were disbanded and politicians turned to saloons that used the power of these fighters to win popular votes through intimidation (Encyclopedia of Chicago).

However, modern street gangs did not appear in Chicago until the Black Stone Panthers, a youth gang, developed into a criminal organization in the 1960s. Black Stone Nation. The group was led by 21 men who called themselves “Core-21”. The organization identified itself as a self-help organization established to lift its people out of poverty. Under this guise, the group sought and obtained $1.4 million from the federal government in the “war on poverty.” The group then wisely used this money to fund their illegal activities until a federal government investigation exposed them and sent Jeff Fort to prison (Florida Department of Corrections).

The success of Black P-Stone Nation spawned dozens of other street gangs that justified their existence by claiming to be politically and socially motivated. But soon some of the new groups fell into chaos, while others quickly became organized gangs, involved in prostitution, theft, petty theft, extortion, and drug trafficking, among other things (Florida Department of Corrections).

The two most influential groups, the Gangster Disciples led by Larry Hoover and the Black Disciples led by

Folk Nation Gang Member Charged In Yatkin Armed Robbery

David Barksdale decided to take a cue from Jeff Fort and merge their gangs to form the Black Gang Disciples. In the 1970s, the Black P-Stone Nation and the Black Gangster Disciples controlled the drug trade in Chicago and became rivals, sparking some of the bloodiest gang wars in Chicago history (Florida Department of Corrections).

Since many gangsters were incarcerated in state and federal prisons, the rise of independent gangs created a need to define gangs in a way that allowed them to distinguish between allies and enemies in prison. In the 1980s, the gangs within the prison walls split into alliances and emerged as two major gang nations known as the People and the People’s Nation. All the gangs that originally joined the Black P-Stone Nation formed the People’s Nation, and all the gangs joined the Black Gang Students who originally joined the People’s Nation (Florida Correctional Facility).

Today, the People’s Nation and the People’s Nation remain two of the most powerful unions in Chicago. They are spreading drugs throughout Chicagoland, poisoning our youth, committing many crimes and leaving a trail of blood and tears. Here are some groups that join both sides:

Most, if not all, gangs today have an “all for one, one for all” mentality, which poses a huge threat. Hand-to-hand combat often escalates into massive chaos, resulting in casualties and/or all-out combat. Loyalty to your gang is very important, and any members who do not actively participate in gang activities are punished with severe beatings or even death. In the worst cases, gangs will even go after the families of inactive members who have been seen as traitors to their people. Some of the worst disputes between unions arise from trivial matters, such as:

Folk Nation By Acld On Deviantart

Members of both nations wear it around their bodies to show their nationality. A member of the People’s Nation often wears a colored metal on the right side of their body or has another sign of loyalty, such as rolling up the right trouser leg. Members of the People’s Nation do it on the left side of the body. Blue is generally associated with the People’s Nation, while red is associated with the People’s Nation in the 1970s and ’80s, just before gangs in Chicago began using social media to fuel their violent animosity. The Spanish Cobras – living up to their reputation – recruited new members according to the traditions of the professional class: handing out business cards, called “greeting cards”, with a secret sign of pride, a list of members’ nicknames and tips for control. . there is no shortage of signs of disrespecting the grass and the enemy. And You Mighty & Crazy: Chicago Gang Cards From the 1970s and 1980s, Brandon Johnson has compiled more than 60 tribute pages from his personal collection into a 96-page hardcover book published in December, now in his own imprint the second. Johnson, 32, a native of southwest suburban Downers Grove and editor-in-chief of Zingmagazine, a New York-based contemporary art magazine, spoke of puzzle cards as relics from the transitional history of Chicago’s street gangs. The 50’s and 60’s neighborhood gangs were close to major organized crime

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