What Episode Does Elena Turn Into A Vampire In The Vampire Diaries

What Episode Does Elena Turn Into A Vampire In The Vampire Diaries – The fourth season of “The Vampire Diaries” kicked off Thursday night, and viewers’ questions about Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) fate after last season’s finale were answered in an emotional episode.

In the season premiere, Elena wakes up from her horrific accident with Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder). Elena wakes up as a vampire, something she never wanted, but Stefan struggles with the guilt of being the only way to save her.

What Episode Does Elena Turn Into A Vampire In The Vampire Diaries

They ask Bonnie (Kate Graham) to use spells to find a way out of their end, but it doesn’t work, and Elena must fight through her transformation, which leaves her sensitive to light and nauseous at the sight of food.

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But the vampire symptoms aren’t all dire, and Elena begins to remember things she’s been forced to forget, especially when Damon erases her memories of the moment he told her he loved her. Soon, Elena wonders if she made the right decision in choosing Stefan over Damon.

After several attempts by Bonnie, Elena is captured by Stefan and Rebecca (Claire Holt) and the town council. Elena completes her transformation when they are caught and suddenly has the urge to eat. Eventually, a guard is killed and she drinks the blood that flows around him as she adjusts to her new life as a vampire. In the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries, fans saw a fight between the Salvatore brothers. Who will die to save the town of Mystic Falls? In the end, Stephen (played by Paul Wesley), a new man, sacrifices his future with his brother Damon (played by Ian Somerhalder) and his wife Caroline (played by Candice King). For nearly two centuries. “You literally have eternity with Elena,” recalls Stefan Damon, injecting his brother with the cure for vampirism before taking her place.

Stephen was never meant to be the only sibling to die. Williamson had always imagined that he would end up with Elena

– not Damon – who wanted to return to the love triangle before the end of the series.

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In an interview with Deadline, she said, “Well, I always thought it was Stefan and Elena. They were the show’s hosts, but we lost Elena in season 6, so we couldn’t go back. You know Nina might come back in one episode. If she was back for the whole season, we could go back to that, but you can’t do that in 42 minutes.

Now watching the finale, it’s hard to imagine Elena (played by Nina Dobrev) and Damon living together long after graduating medical school, walking down the street holding hands and finally making peace with dead relatives. The show could have ended differently.

But the original plan was for Damon to die. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Blake said, “In Season 2, when Kevin and I were at the mall, we fell in love with the show and this story about two brothers who love the same girl. The triangle goes into high gear and we tell ourselves: it’s all over, when this show is over, the two brothers have to die in the name of saving their girl, and then see her like ghosts… to save her life and get married. Matt. Donovan or Doctor Who in Sunset, but those brothers will see her live.

, and the emotional resonance between the three characters has become a truly impossible choice over the years. Season six was one of the most dramatic seasons for Damon and Elena, as Damon chose to erase all of Damon’s good memories, thinking he was dead. (He’s actually trapped in a magical prison world.) When Damon finally returns, there’s a lot of fuss about the two getting back together, because all Elena remembers about Damon is that he’s “a monster.”

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Elena fans would be outraged if Stefan and Elena rekindled their romance, but the show has made it clear throughout the seasons that Elena is Stefan’s soulmate and that Elena had to become a vampire to be with Damon. Although Elena has been in a supernatural coma since the end of the sixth season, Stellana warned fans about the possibility of the triangle reappearing. However, season six also marks the beginning of a romance between Caroline and Stefan, so it’s hard to imagine Stefan going back to Elena later. Discussion India News Politics News Business News Web Stories Sports News World News Education News Entertainment News Science News R. Initiatives Technology News Lifestyle Opinion 2023 Karnataka Elections The nation wants to know

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The finale has it all: happy reunions, tears and unexpected deaths. Catherine shows up to wreak havoc on Mystic Falls as a last resort. However, Bonnie captures her witch’s superpowers and defeats her with sheer effort. Also, she destroys hell. To this end, someone must sacrifice his life to ensure that Catherine dies in time. A confrontation ensues between Stefan and Damon, both trying to die for the good of all. The latter forces Stephen to leave.

As Stephen is on a steady diet of Vervain, he extracts the vampire drug from his blood and administers it to Damon. Thus the latter becomes human. Without treatment, Stefan ages rapidly and dies, just like Katherine did in the previous season.

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Before Stefan dies, he says his last goodbye to Elena and shares a message for his wife, Carol. He tells her that he will love her forever. Stephen leaves as everyone tries to make peace with the truth. Even Stephen was close to his best friend Lexie and he couldn’t stay long.

Later, when Bonnie breaks Elena’s sleeping curse, she wakes up and reunites with all her friends. She also shares a kiss with Damon. As everyone pays their respects at Stephen’s memorial, they all learn to move on with their lives. Bonnie is happy traveling the world just like Enzo wanted.

Alaric and Caroline turn their mansion into a Salvatore boarding school and hire Jeremy as their teacher. Jo is relieved when her husband and their daughters play happily. Meanwhile, Caroline receives a $3 million donation for her school.

On the other hand, Elena is married to Damon and lives a happy life with him. As she dies, Elena finds peace with her aunt Jenna, mother Miranda, father Grayson, and uncle John Gilbert. Everyone hugs and shares on the porch of the house. The Vampire Diaries season three finale is finally here, and it started with a blast from the past.

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Last week’s episode ended with Elena fainting. She woke up this week, but her parents and aunt Jenna are still alive. However, the flashback is just a dream and Elena wakes up in a hospital that isn’t exactly safe.

Dr. According to Fell, Elena only suffers from a mild concussion; Unfortunately, the rest of Mystic Falls suffered even more. Now that Alaric has informed the council of the vampiric/supernatural situation in town, Mayor Lockwood, Sheriff Forbes and Dr. Fell was fired for withholding information.

Jeremy takes Elena back to the safety of their home, but the flashbacks are still haunting his mind.

Meanwhile, Stefan decides to return to Mystic Falls to track down Elena while Damon continues to drive away Klaus’ body. Damon doesn’t get far when the long-lost Elijah makes a proposal.

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Alary has a plan for Jeremy, whom he meets at The Grill. When Jeremy tells Alaric where Klaus’ body is, he promises to kill Klaus and the rest of the vampire race. Alaric tells Jeremy that he will keep Elena alive for a long time by chaining him up and dying if she dies of old age.

Elijah has a similar request for Elena and the rest of the gang. In exchange for Klaus’ body, he steals Alaric’s stock and the original vampire family flees. Elijah promises that Klaus will not be kicked out of the coffin during the lifetime of Elena or their children.

Of course, no one believes him because Elijah repeatedly goes back on his word, but Elena agrees to Elijah’s proposal (despite Damon).

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