What Does The Number 11037 Mean

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What Does The Number 11037 Mean

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A Quasi-Descriptive Analysis of Urban Infrastructure Performance: A DEA Correlation Model with a Basic Viewing Scale.

Bowen Sun Bowen Sun Scilit Preprints.org Google Scholar 1, Haibo Wang Haibo Wang Scilit Preprints.org Google Scholar 2, Jaime Ortiz Jaime Ortiz Scilit Preprints.org Google Scholar 3, Jun Huang Jun Huang Scilit Preprints.org Google Scholar 4, Zhao Can Zhao Scilit Preprints.org Google Scholar 5, * and Zelang Wang Zelang Wang Scilit Preprints.org Google Scholar 6

Evidence For Layer Specific Connectional Heterogeneity In The Mouse Auditory Corticocollicular System

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Robert C. Vaccar College of Business and Entrepreneurship, Edinburg, TX 78539, USA

Received: August 7, 2022 / Revised: August 24, 2022 / Accepted: August 26, 2022 / Published: September 4, 2022

This paper focuses on sustainable urban development in China. We present a model of data analysis (DEA) with problem-based measurement (SBM) to evaluate the environmental performance of 284 Chinese cities, which allows us to find a way to open the “box black” in traditional DEA examples and social awareness. public security in the model, and reflects the role of the government in providing public services and improving public security. We have created a framework for urban development, dividing the process into two parts. The first stage is a production system that converts materials and natural resources into GDP and waste production, which will be the input for the second stage for distribution and use to achieve public benefit. and environmental protection. The results show that the environmental performance of Chinese cities has decreased significantly from 2005 to 2016, which should be attributed to the process of distribution and consumption. Basic differences are defined by regions, administrative levels and clusters. These results are compared with the existing urban sustainability index developed by McKinsey, and ANOVA is performed to show the differences between cities in regions and clusters. This article sheds light on the understanding of the construction and sustainable development of cities in China in relation to the provision of public services.

Sustainable urban development has gained increasing attention, especially since the United Nations launched its Sustainable Development Goals in 2015 to “make cities and communities inclusive, safe, sustainable and resilient” [1]. It is said that by 2050, more than two-thirds of the world’s population will live in cities. With the world’s largest population, China has experienced an acceleration of urbanization in the past 40 years, with more than 400 million people moving to cities. and become part of the population of the city. However, many Chinese cities have reported water shortages and problems with uncontrolled waste disposal [2, 3], and experts are concerned that China’s economic growth has contribute to the welfare of its citizens and the local community. population. Hi. head of urban planning [4]. People began to understand that urban development is more than economic growth. Average GDP per capita cannot be the only indicator of urban development. However, a comparative analysis of the performance of urban development on different aspects related to the sustainability of the economy, energy, water, environment and other types of systems requires a special approach. Accordingly, researchers have proposed various methods, including the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) [5], benchmarks [6, 7] and measurement methods [8] to measure the development of sacrifice.

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Eco-efficiency, first defined by Schaltegger and Sturm [9], is the ability to produce goods and services while reducing the resources used, including natural resources and negative environmental impacts [10], and is considered an effort better reflect the impact of urban development. . . Data transformation analysis (DEA) has attracted a lot of attention based on the entire manufacturing process to measure the environment [11]. However, in the context of urban development, the traditional DEA model has shortcomings that cannot be ignored. First, urban sustainability is a systematic process with many indicators that are desirable and desirable in many areas of development. Ignoring the internal structure, the traditional DEA models often treat the systems as “black boxes” and ignore the unnecessary ones. Second, previous studies have often evaluated the improvement of the environment as a single process, focusing on the industrial sector that directly generates waste, leaving the main role of the government [12]. The government sector is very important because it provides government goods and services for a prosperous environment. It is still not known how the public sector affects the industrial sector and how the production is distributed in the production sector, as well as the quality in different sectors. These facts and findings inspired us to use DEA models to study sustainable urban development, especially in identifying the important link between the “black box” of urban development and social benefits.

In this paper, we apply the DEA network model and structural measurement (SBM) to 284 Chinese cities to evaluate their environmental performance. We define the improvement of the environment as the benefit of the development of the economic and social welfare of the city, and take into account the limited resources and the environment that it faces. The communication structure of the two-level system has been developed to show the special complexity of urban development. Each region is used as a two-stage network structure where the first stage is shown as a production process, and the second stage is shown as a processing and distribution system. Marks on different aspects are offered in this system after explaining the inputs and outputs at different levels.

The contribution of this paper to the existing literature is as follows: first, most of the traditional DEA models treat the urban development process as a “black box” and ignore the internal relationships in the between different stages of urban development. This article shows new knowledge in the study of models that try to put together a special structure in the process of urban development that reflects the internal interactions between the different levels of production and distribution of social. The role of the government in the sustainable development of cities is discussed in a new way, focusing on the responsibility of providing public services to citizens, who are the basic and final units of the city, not manufacturers and companies. Second, many of the current approaches are based on economic growth and limit environmental sustainability and energy consumption, and GDP is considered to be only their final product. In such studies, the importance of indicators of social well-being has been underestimated so far. Therefore, we include information on public services that reflect the quality of public care in the city, such as the number of doctors and students, as well as pensions and greens, to show eat the general well-being of the people living in the city, which we consider the final result. . rather than GDP.

Sustainable urban development is perhaps the most popular topic in sustainability research and has been studied in various contexts. Because of the general definition of urban development, researchers have used different perspectives on the topic, including Analytic Hierarchy Processes (AHP) [5], signaling systems [6, 7] and research methods fuzzy [8]. However, these methods have been criticized due to the lack of objective criteria for variable selection or inaccuracies and inaccuracies due to statistical data or the combination of panel data.

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Among all these researchers, the improvement of the environment (first described by Schaltegger and Sturm [9]) is considered as a method that aims to facilitate the transition to sustainable development [13]. Data analysis (DEA) has become one of the main methods for measuring quality thanks to the seminal work of Charns et al. [14]. With the increasing use of DEA, scholars have noticed some shortcomings in traditional DEA models when applied to regional sustainable development. One of the challenging issues in sustainability research is the use in any model of undesirable outcomes that cannot be avoided in the processes of urban development and operation, such as carbon dioxide (CO).

), and other pollutants. Based on the empirical research of Ton and his authors [15, 16], researchers have tried to expand the use of DEA methods for estimation.

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