What Does The Blue Heart Emoji Mean

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Gone are the days when you had to use a bright red emoji for every text and tweet. By 2023, your emoji keyboard will have hearts in almost every color, shape and form, giving you many ways to communicate every day, from blue hearts to purple hearts to flaming hearts .

What Does The Blue Heart Emoji Mean

With so many options out there, you might not know which one will help you change your emoji. Which of these should you put on your Instagram profile? What man would you send to someone who may or may not return you? If someone sends you a purple heart, are they trying to connect, or are you in the friend zone? These are important questions.

Two Hearts Plus Blue Box

All the answers are ahead. But a big caveat: Everyone uses emojis, and how you choose to send them is up to you. However, using pop culture references, personal experiences, and real-time social media information about the keywords that most often connect with each heart,

Read the meaning of all the heart emojis, as well as some tips on how to use each type and type of emoji. Your fingers can fully breathe, knowing you

This burning heart emoji says, “You set my heart on fire,” which can be romantic or just plain cute, IMO. Need and sexuality are also written on it. Use this heart to post a hot photo on IG, or send it to a friend who can see it

IDK about you, but this one says “Healing Girl Era” to me. It also represents the protection of your energy – you may have been hurt in the past, and feel a little defensive.

Black Heart Emoji: Show Your Dark And Gothic Side

Good for: Sending to close friends and family to show them how sad or grown up you are.

The bad: Helping an SO or friend or family you don’t talk to every day.

“This emoji is best used with other black and white emojis or emojis that convey ~angelic~ energy (ie ☁ïļðŸšðŸ•ŠðŸĶĒ),” said Naydeline Mejia, assistant editor at

According to 2021 data collected by Emojipedia, Twitter users often combine this emoji with the words “peace”, “remember”, and “angel”, meaning that it is a heart emoji used to express sadness in the death of a person.

Heart Emoji Meanings: Color Matters

It was the most used heart emoji on Twitter in 2021, according to Emojipedia. That said, it has a valid reason: Emojipedia data shows that words like “skinny” and “black” are used most often in Tweets with this heart. In other words, it’s a way for BIPOC people to show love and healing.

If you haven’t heard of this heart, now is the time to learn as soon as possible. Why? Bare bones are not only beautiful, they also show ~character~. It’s like you have to give

ICYMI, a red heart means “love heart,” Mejia said. He explains, “The red heart is for your friends, family and best friends.” “I won’t send this to a friend or a friend you just know because it might bother you.” “

Fun fact: the red heart emoji was also the most popular emoji on Twitter in 2021, according to Emojipedia. Twitter users love to associate this heart with feelings of love, gratitude and appreciation, so it makes sense why you can use it with your neighbors and loved ones.

What Does The Double Heart Emoji Mean?

Red is the color of a lazy heart, unless you’re going with an orange type for a social media theme or decorative post. That is, each to his own. Use this emoji if you want!

Like a yellow rose that symbolizes platonic love, “it’s the heart of an unconventional relationship,” says Mejia. “It’s fun to send to friends, acquaintances, and friends you want to be friends with IRL.”

Although it doesn’t make much sense, it’s true, this heart is good for anyone with a green thumb. (I see you plant lovers!) It can also be environmentally friendly, helping to protect our environment, zero waste, etc. (For example: ðŸ’šðŸŒąðŸƒðŸ€ðŸŽ‹ðŸ„ðŸŒŧ🌷)

Emojipedia lists the blue heart as an unofficial “symbol” heart, used in conjunction with shopping, shopping, and retail language. You can also use this for patriotism: Like, say you’re trying to quote your Fourth of July IG photo, or maybe writing about a recent candidate.

Heart Emojis: Here Is What Each Color Of Heart Emoji Represents In Terms Of A Relationship

In today’s culture, the purple heart emoji often represents pride. The common understanding of all things purple is thanks to Ty Dolla $ign, whose song (titled “Purple Emoji”) is about sexually assaulting people by putting a purple heart emoji on them. one.

On the other hand, it’s an emoji that has been associated with K-pop group BTS since V coined the phrase “I purple you” in 2016. According to V, the color purple represents love and trust, and the members of The BTS ARMY have it. took this emoji from there.

Perfect for: telling your friends you want to leave, ASAP… or showing your support for V, Jimin, and the rest of BTS. Hey, there’s something different about purple hearts!

“A beautiful heart – a perfect match for 💀ðŸ‘ŧðŸĶ·ðŸ•·â›“,” Mejia explained. If you are a fan of TikTok, you have probably seen this app at least once in your life, because it is very popular among e-girls/boys.

What Do Snapchat Emojis Mean? All Emoji Meanings, Explained

This should be obvious. The broken heart emoji shows sadness or disappointment, and is suitable for any emotional situation: You may be sad because of a failed relationship or because of a disappointment. Either way, the broken heart emoji is accepted as a way to express it

This heart is weird, but maybe that’s why you love it. You can use this with friends who like weird jokes, but don’t use it if you’re trying to express desire or love to someone new. (They might be confused!)

Good for: Use in your bio if you’re a medical student, comfortable with your sister or friend…

Bad for: Talking about true love or desire, or when talking to someone who doesn’t understand the humor in your personality.

Brown Heart: Emoji World’s New Symbol Of Equality ✊

, some say. You can use this emoji anytime, especially if you are trying to express happiness. Send it to your friends, family, or colleagues when you have good news, or if you just want to let them know you’re happy to see them.

Good for: Telling a happy story, praising someone, or something else light and fun.

Two pink heart emojis that Mejia calls “a sign of respect.” He said, “It works for any problem.” “It’s a great way to let your partner know you think they’re friendly.” Saying three of these while taking a selfie with your significant other is a less romantic way to express love than ‘ðŸ”ĨðŸ”ĨðŸ”Ĩ.'”

If you are interested in someone, this is the right heart to use. A double, round heart shows that you are both on the same page and are comfortable or communicating with each other.

Blue Heart Emoji

Good for: Eliminating deep conversations, excuses, forgiveness, emotional exchanges, or exhaustion.

. Maybe you and your partner had a great day. (Or weird sex.) This emoji tells whoever you’re texting that you’re on the same page, and you can.

Cons: May not be suitable for non-sexual or non-sexual content. Just add another emoji to avoid confusion.

The interpretation is up to you. Some ideas: Maybe you want to show that you are growing in love with someone, your heart is beating, you are in love with several people at the same time, etc.

A Pink Heart Isn’t The Only New Emoji On Your Iphone

This heart emits all the vibes. You are universally recognized as beautiful, optimistic and neutral, which means you are good at everything.

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