What Does Reject Modernity Embrace Masculinity Mean What Are Modernity And Masculinity

What Does Reject Modernity Embrace Masculinity Mean What Are Modernity And Masculinity – Why is there a movement against modern culture in favor of traditional masculinity? How does this trend show why masculinity is so necessary?

If you ask many young men in today’s world what the state of masculinity, masculinity and masculinity is today, they will say that it is dying. When people look at the world today, they see feminism, feminism, LGBTQ and other movements trying to suppress the natural masculinity of men today. Men are forced to become less masculine: less confident, less ambitious, less disciplined, less responsible, less willing to lead.

What Does Reject Modernity Embrace Masculinity Mean What Are Modernity And Masculinity

One of the latest social media trends fueled by contemporary culture is the “reject modernity, embrace masculinity” Youtube trend that started a few months ago.

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This is one of the many examples of “reject modernity, embrace masculinity” videos that have taken over the internet.

The main reason why this trend is growing is because men are very dissatisfied with the direction the world is going. Men are tired of being feminized and reduced to conform to the world. Why? Because almost everything the world market sells to men is designed to make men lose weight.

Today it is normal for men to be fat and out of shape. Men can be thinner and more delicate. It’s okay for men to be lazy and directionless. It is acceptable for men to be penniless and live on stipends from their parents or the government. Men are useless, impulsive, nothing. It’s okay for men to be decadent and not believe in a higher power or purpose. It is normal for men to be addicted to alcohol, social media, video games, marijuana, and pornography. It’s okay for a man to be a girl, and it’s okay not to be attractive to women. It is acceptable for men to be irresponsible to their wives, families, children and the wider community.

When gentleness and harmlessness become the only consciously accepted virtues, harshness and dominance begin to have an unconscious charm. – Jordan Peterson (12 Rules for Life: The Antidote to Chaos) He rejects modernity…

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These movies usually start with a series of things men do that objectively make them weaker or, dare I say it, less manly. They reject sports or adventures, eat well and wear long nails, eyelashes, skirts, make-up and tight jeans. These films present it as modernity, or what is considered acceptable in today’s world.

Today’s world influenced by feminism and weak, immature men pampers men whose standard of living is below their potential. The first part of these videos demonstrates this fact. However, men should be strong, responsible, reliable, ambitious, ruthless, strategic and powerful. In fact, it’s not only what men want to feel deep inside, but also what they want to be. This is a desire rooted in biology. If men deny this part of themselves, they can become depressed and anxious, and their mental health can suffer.

Our world doesn’t offer men more ways to achieve masculinity or have meaningful experiences. The modern world offers the average person a thousand and one ways to safely throw our monkey brains into oblivion… We were born into a peaceful world of abundance, a hedonistic economy, a society where bonobos masturbate. -Jack Donovan (The Way of Manhood)…embrace manhood

So that’s what the second part of the movie is about. It started mainly as a tribute to the late social media bodybuilder Ziz, as another series of videos included him practicing his routine. Over time, various clips of men engaging in manly activities (honestly speaking) have surfaced.

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We see men competing in athletics and sports. We see men doing dangerous jobs. We see men lifting weights and performing strenuous cardiovascular exercises. We see men fighting in combat sports or fighting in war. We watch clips of men being men.

When it comes to action, the male tendency is to go forward, explore the situation, attack, conquer… He enjoys staying on the offensive and taking risks. Prefers to maintain independence and room for maneuver. – Robert Greene (“The Laws of Human Nature”)

This part of the film montage represents what men today aspire to be. Men today seem more lost than ever, more unhappy than ever, and much of the blame falls on us, the attempts to feminize men, the attack on masculinity and losses through this modern movement on the shoulders of traditional values ​​and traditional gendered social behaviors. . Promote “toxic masculinity”. Consider any display of male strength and power that weak, effeminate, emotionally unstable men would call “toxic masculinity.” The second part of the film inspires men to fight against today’s social norms and follow the traditional masculine values ​​of the past.

We are to go towards the goal of mature manhood, brick by brick, until finally we can stand on the highest platform and survey our realm as the “Lord of the Four Quarters”. – Robert Moore (King, Warrior, Magician, Lover)

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For men, it is not only a psychological need, but also a physical one. Leadership, perseverance, ambition, strength, courage, competitiveness, work ethic, mental toughness, discipline. All masculine values, all qualities that increase men’s strength and will to assert themselves in their world and make things happen.

Surprisingly, if men become more masculine, what happens to women? But only women who have been truly brainwashed by feminism to the point of no return would call these masculine men toxic. Good women, women who are not completely programmed by the modern values ​​of the world, will welcome these men with open arms and be happier because of it. Women desire and are drawn to these types of men, and when a woman is framed by a masculine man, she is free to release into her feminine nature. A masculine man plus a feminine woman equals love and a harmonious relationship.

Bad feminism attacks masculinity and says all men are trash. Good feminism (if there was such a thing, but would you call it feminism?) empowers women to accept who they are, embrace their femininity, and secure their right to a dignified life.

Women want to be in control of their men, but they want real men, strong men, not men, not feminine men who won’t take responsibility and take responsibility for their lives. -Stefan Arnio (Hard times make strong men)

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So this film trend is the result of male dissatisfaction. It is the result of a man’s desire to become more masculine. Men want to feel strong and capable, to feel testosterone coursing through their veins. Men want to feel needed again as leaders, fathers, husbands, soldiers, thinkers and builders. In fact, men and masculinity will always be needed because the world is built and sustained by the power of men and the power of masculinity.

What can a man do after watching these montages? It’s certainly not enough to watch these montages once and feel motivated for a few minutes before falling back into laziness and stagnation. You need to put your new masculine energy where it will benefit you. You must transform this energy to create your masculine presence.

Many people believe that when they reach a certain level of status, respect, or success, they have succeeded. I’m here to tell you that you should always find more. Greatness is not something that once you encounter, it stays with you forever. – David Goggins (Don’t Hurt Me)

Go to the gym and lift weights or practice mixed martial arts. Start a business or develop skills to improve your career and earn more money. Learn how to fix a car or build a cabinet. Take responsibility and be a leader in your community. Take risks, make faster decisions and exercise emotional control. By staying physically strong, your woman can unleash her feminine spirit and bring romance back into your relationship or marriage. Be firm and stoic, but also compassionate and caring.

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Reject modernity. Reject weakness, impulsiveness, decadence, laziness, immaturity, submissiveness, and irresponsibility. Embrace your masculinity. Embrace strength, endurance, courage, achievement, competitiveness, mastery, discipline, honor and responsibility. Masculinity is what the world needs.

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