What Does Keep It Rolling Mean

What Does Keep It Rolling Mean – We all know that tires are very important to keep your business running. Helps protect drivers and customers from road hazards. Improve vehicle performance and significantly affects fuel efficiency. But there are other factors. There’s a lot to consider when talking about the sustainability of tires for logistics companies, such as longer lifespan. Improved safety features and a reduced carbon footprint All of which helps create a compelling case for investing in tire systems. transportation industry

Let’s explore why tires are so important and how far modern technology can take us in terms of long-term performance and cost savings. At the same time protecting our planet.

What Does Keep It Rolling Mean

Tire sustainability includes factors such as the environmental impact of tire production, safety, durability, and the ability to recycle or return tires at the end of their life.

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Around 4 billion tires worldwide are stored in landfills and landfills. To achieve this goal Manufacturers are therefore investing in new technology and products. To create durable, long-lasting tires This reduces the need for frequent replacement. and reduce waste and resource use But it shouldn’t end there.

In addition to durability Manufacturers should focus on reducing tire and road wear particles (TRWP) that pollute oceans and waterways. These TRWP are plastic polymers that are released when tires rub against roads. and from research on plastic in the ocean These have been found to have a significant impact on the microplastic problem.

There is a new effort to manage and restore rapidly expanding rubber piles that could take centuries to decompose. To solve this problem To give new life to used tires, tire recycling and recovery programs have been launched. For example, tires can be shredded into pieces. and is used as fuel or in engineering projects such as road construction.

Tire production reduces reliance on non-renewable resources. and create a stronger relationship between industry and the environment. This is in contrast to man-made products. The use of natural materials in sustainable tire production is linked to tackling microplastic pollution. Rubber is the second largest source of pollution behind only plastic. Tires are always recycled to reduce fuel efficiency. This means lower costs for consumers and fewer emissions into the environment.

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For this reason, trucking companies incorporate the durability of rubber into their operations. This includes developing new technologies and resources. To produce sustainable tires and the use of circular economy models that aim to reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions by recycling or reusing end-of-life tires.

So far, we’ve seen the case for tires that use 90% of Goodyear’s sustainable materials, which have low turnover. This means better fuel economy and lower carbon dioxide emissions! We have much to look forward to as Goodyear works to launch the first 100% sustainable tires in 2030.

Meanwhile, Michelin’s airless Uptis (a unique puncture-resistant rubber system) relies on resin and fiberglass rather than air pressure to provide structural support. Therefore, it is expected to improve safety and reduce the risk of flat tires and debris.

Rubber durability is also important to other industries. Industries that require rubber include agriculture and construction. Therefore, companies are starting to develop and promote rubber solutions in various industries. and expand the market for recycled rubber products.

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Waste tires have a high calorific value and can produce good energy – 25% more than coal. Moreover, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), they emit lower greenhouse gas emissions than conventional gases. With 300,000 discarded tires per year, our energy potential is 1.01 trillion BTUs. To make mathematics easier That’s about 17 million barrels of crude oil.

The Presidential Tire Manufacturers Association (TRA) is promoting the promotion of asphalt modified tires. Because it helps in the reuse and recycling of tires. It will also have an impact on the construction industry as it is cheaper and more durable than asphalt.

In addition to asphalt Scrap rubber can also be processed for other uses. In construction, such as rubber floor coverings and horizontal grass covering. and supports artificial turf and flooring.

Bottom line: The push to make tires more sustainable is an encouraging sign for the environment and the future of transportation.

Let’s Keep This Train Rolling! :d

The path to fitness cannot be walked alone. We all need to do our part to make a positive impact on the world through our investments, initiatives and initiatives. and various wonderful collaborations We can promote and implement sustainable tire production and disposal practices. which is important in reducing waste conserve resources and protect the environment for future generations!

If you are looking for help keeping your business up to date with all the regulations related to sustainability. Please contact for personal assistance. We can provide you with advice and support to keep up with changing regulations to keep your business running smoothly. So let’s take the lead in promoting exercise one strand at a time!

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