What Does Full Circle Moment Mean

What Does Full Circle Moment Mean – Since 2014, I have written and published four books. They are classified as women’s fiction, defined as stories about women on the verge of life change and personal growth.

“Both Sides of Love” reveals the beauty of true friendship and the ideal of everlasting love.

What Does Full Circle Moment Mean

In Out of Season we travel with a middle-aged woman who is finding herself and learning

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Then just let go. The first novel I wrote. Inspired by my ever-present fear of leaving my sons, I wrote a cathartic story imagining the possibility of never leaving the people we love.

Written in 2010 when the children were very young. It sat in a drawer for a few years until I worked up the courage to rewrite it and make it public. If it never sold again, I would be most proud of this piece.

Excellent. My oldest son is twenty-four, works full time, travels frequently, and is on the path to a life that is not centered around his parents. (Pause for guttural sigh). Just as we tried to do when he was young, read him stories every day

Not a reader, he and his brother knew I wrote, saw my books on the shelves, and were very supportive of me sharing my successes and failures, but never showed more than a well-meaning, passing interest in the content.

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During our recent Christmas vacation, my son pulled a book from our overflowing bookshelf and brought it to his apartment to read as part of a solution his girlfriend suggested they try. He decided to let go. A few weeks later I received a text message.

He came to visit after it was over. We talked about the story. He’s engaged and excited, and it breaks my heart to think that he loves it.

I thought I’d share a great experience I had last week. One of my favorite perks of writing is being able to meet and chat with readers in book clubs. I had the privilege of visiting a lot of bands before the pandemic and I really miss that connection.

So when the Smithtown Senior Center invited me to participate in their discussion on “Our Structure,” I was excited and delighted. My expectations for a great visit were far exceeded. They pulled out all the stops to prepare for this special morning, from a decorated notice board at the entrance to freshly baked scones and coffee. From the moment I walked in – greeted by my good friend and host Lisa – to my final farewell two hours later, the kindness I felt was overwhelming.

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After an interesting discussion and delicious refreshments, I was given a tour of the facilities. Lisa proudly walked me into each room, explaining its purpose, describing upcoming events, parties, clubs and classes offered. From Zumba to quilting to jewelry and painting, the calendar is always packed.

The joy and enthusiasm radiated by the staff and their love for the center was evident and reflected in the senior members who came to spend the day.

“What will we do when we retire and get old?” Lisa said. “It’s a place to hang out, learn new things, meet people and have fun.” It is. After all that’s what we want.

Thank you to the wonderful staff and new friends at the Smithtown Senior Center for making this girl feel special and helping me look forward to the wonderful years ahead.

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Here we have a lively discussion about the book. I love how we sit across from each other.

In keeping with the thread running through Our Fabrics, I paused here to look at the gorgeous quilts.

Earlier this week, our youngest son was driving home from college with the flu. He was left alone in the car for five hours with fever, chills, and body aches. He went straight to the doctor and then went home to sleep. He stayed in the room for two days to let Tamiflu work, and by Wednesday night he was feeling better.

To be safe, he decided to stay in his room for six hours on Thanksgiving so his 101-year-old great-aunt could eat with the family. During the day we brought him several plates of food and he ate alone with his bedroom door open so he could hear the dinner conversation downstairs.

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Our oldest son would be twenty-three in a few days, so the grandmas brought him a birthday cake. Aunt Virginia gave him a special solo performance of “Happy Birthday” that nearly brought him to tears.

Last night everyone left and the house was quiet, my husband and I went to the study with the kids to see Ted Russ, and we all saw him except the one who stayed in his room. We don’t mind. We miss spending the day with him. This is a series worth watching again.

As I write this, the memory is still fresh in my mind and I am filled with gratitude for so many people in my life. To our son who always showed kindness and compassion, to the parents we are blessed to have, to the family members with whom we share our holidays and special memories, to Aunt Virginia who still sings, to our friends who are out and about during this pandemic. Also a perfect host companion for my husband and my best friend for the day.

Over the past year and a half, like most people, I’ve watched more television than any other year. After devouring everything from Bridgerton to Virgin River, I watched a variety of fun and educational topics via Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, and Youtube. Now I can trim sails and bonsai, grow vegetables and lemons, advise on the most affordable places to retire in the world, and help you decorate your villa/yurt/igloo when you choose one.

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As a result of the onslaught of this information, I could no longer eat chicken or drink a water bottle without feeling painful guilt. Where’s the meat? are you kidding

Then I discovered you and happily went down the rabbit hole of your episodes as you helped people clean up their homes and lives.

I agree that most of us have too much and feel suffocated under the “stuff” we keep acquiring. I also learned how consumerism poses a real threat to our planet. Absolutely terrible.

So I quickly became a fan of yours and appreciate how you gently nudge people to get rid of things they no longer need. You convince them to “thank you” for the joy the object once brought, and then say goodbye. genius.

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If I were to get rid of everything I own that doesn’t bring me joy, my wardrobe would be nothing but yoga pants, hoodies, and no bras. My refrigerator is stocked with peanut butter, chocolate, and wine. My refrigerator? Yes, vodka…and ice cream.

It’s hardly a responsible existence, but I’m up to the challenge. I love your message about simplifying my life and wanting to be more grateful for what I have. I’m on a mission, Mary.

When I was young, summer lasted forever. We spent endless, lazy days playing in the freshly cut grass, inhaling the smell of the lawnmower, lying on our backs with our hands covering our faces, determining the shapes of the clouds against the pool’s blue sky. The eternal excitement builds as the ice cream truck music plays, and we end up with ice cream flakes dripping down our arms from not eating fast enough in the heat. I swear it wasn’t dark until 9:30pm. In the 1970s. No, I don’t live in Alaska.

As a mother of two young boys, this season has also been extended. With no school schedule, keeping these energetic creatures busy during the hot days is a challenge. Go to parks and swimming pools with friends, take trips to the beach and swim hard trying to get sand out of small cracks and catch fireflies in your yard. We all eventually fall asleep and start over in the dawn vortex

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Now, our grown boys have made plans of their own, leaving my husband and I to embrace the warmer months. But the new rhythm of the summer solstice moon is relentless. Where days used to last for weeks and weeks and months, now our cruel attitude has us declaring summer is over on the Fourth of July.

The hands of the clock become more powerful – this new power advances time at a ruthless pace. The days pass until, without warning, the leaves turn burnt orange and red in the autumn wind, leaving us with nothing left of the warm season. The years that once brought us joy and freedom are now fragments of time, passing quickly.

We are at a point in our journey where we are looking down at that proverbial mountain. Life, on the other hand, should proceed at a leisurely pace. We’ll be less stressed, eventually work less, and maybe, just maybe, time will slow down for once

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