What Does Ashawo Mean

What Does Ashawo Mean – Ashawo is a prostitute. A woman who has sex, or any woman is not liked or respected by a Nigerian man. The first time a man threw that word at me, I was on the bus and no, I don’t offer sex. Maybe I don’t have enough change for a pass or some other trivial item. This happened more than ten years ago and to be honest, not much has changed for women in most of the leading women in Nigerian society.

Salesmen call to get your attention and get you to buy their products, but if you ignore them or are too arrogant you won’t want to use them. If someone touches you, things are bad. I really felt ashamed when I was pregnant and shopping at the market because I ignored the customer. “He felt sorry” for me because I worked at Ashawo at a young age and got pregnant in the process. I was legally married for two years at that time.

What Does Ashawo Mean

It means you can’t afford the car you are driving and therefore you have to go to prostitution to get it. If they know for a fact that you are married (because marriage should be the key to respect), they will change the car and tell you that they have “your type” in the house The last time a police officer pulled into my car for displaying an invisible white badge, I responded that he couldn’t stand “my kind” and that it wasn’t an option. . At other times, I remembered that I also had his “type” at home. Where these useless conversations lead usually depends on your honesty and fearlessness. I have a lot of both.

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Then there are educated and supposedly enlightened men who wisely suggest that almost every woman who has achieved success has put herself on their backs to achieve it. When men are successful, they think that success will surely come to them, but flip the switch and put a woman in her position and flood the air with humiliation. They try to pretend it’s not, but if you get close and pull back the pieces, you’ll find a wrong way of thinking in their hearts.

Public announcement! This great instrument of progress and innovation is also a platform for the humiliation of ugly women. The names seem to be millennial, including “clitocurrency” and “hoeism”, but the goal is the same – to humiliate and scare a woman who says that she does not think about sex. Like the woman condemned to stoning in the Bible, women themselves continue to suffer shame and punishment because of any injustice done against the opposite sex.

Finally, I have to look at other women. The truth is that we are the weakest link in this race to protect women and achieve equal, or better, equality. Quick example – I was driving down the street with a taxi driver, he went the wrong way (a one way street), he pulled over and tried to force me. u to leave his seat. Maybe he would have liked it if he had behaved better, but I could already see that he was impressed by my stupidity. So I turned off the car and prepared to put my foot down during the crash. Imagine my shock (not really) when an old lady walked by me and suddenly turned on me – stubborn and obey (it’s funny!) were just a few words he used. He doesn’t seem to know anything about JENNIFER NKEM-ENEANYA. When the taxi driver finally realized that I was a different kind of woman, he got out of the way and continued my journey. His unheard insults are like water off a duck’s back.

I decided to publish this on International Women’s Day because in 2020 we will begin to move beyond the declaration and take steps every day, from goal to goal to ensure equality between generations . How do you teach your children to see women? They will grow up to be the next people to shout “ashawo!” for all the women who don’t like him?

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Dear woman, are you a weak link programmed by society to use the same weapons you hate on other women?

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The 10 seconds that ended my 20 year marriage It was August in Northern Virginia, hot and humid. I never showered after my morning run. I brought my unemployed mother … The remake of the classic Nollywood movie “Domitilla” has sparked a new conversation about prostitution in Nigeria. Although the promoters of the film said “ashwo no be work”, which means prostitution is not work, the fact is that there are about 150,000 sex workers in Nigeria and the economy of sex is run by thousands of suspects, supported by thousands of people. men and women and supported by local agreements and even law enforcement agencies.

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The movie – Domitilla – shows the real difficulty of the sex industry in Nigeria, showing the difficulties faced by women when they use prostitution to meet their ends, including the risk of abuse, violence, abuse and lack of legal protection. It also sheds light on the role of pimps and traffickers in the sex trade who sell vulnerable women and children, and the need for urgent action to stop their activities.

Also, the sugar daddy economy is another problem that increases the problem of prostitution in Nigeria. Young women often have sex with older, wealthy men in exchange for financial or physical benefits. These relationships are often trafficked and sold, leaving young women vulnerable and neglected.

The problem of prostitution in Nigeria is related to poverty, unemployment and lack of education and skills available. In order to solve this problem, the government should provide good opportunities for job creation and the acquisition of skills to reduce the number of women. to prostitutes to satisfy their money.

However, it is important to remember that not all women who engage in prostitution do so because of insecurity. Some women choose to engage in sex work as a way to earn money and it is important not to harm or punish them. Although prostitution remains illegal in Nigeria, there is a need for strong laws and policies to protect women from abuse and harassment.

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In order to solve the problem of prostitution in Nigeria, everyone must come together and discuss the important things that will help the development of the sex industry. The government should prosecute pimps, traffickers and sex business operators. Women who have been sexually assaulted should be given access to health services, legal protection and rehabilitation programs to help them those who leave the business.

In conclusion, the reenactment of Domitilla is a wake-up call for the Nigerian government and civil society to address the problem of prostitution and its challenges. It is time for all stakeholders to come together to address the fundamental issues that lead women to prostitution and protect vulnerable women from abuse and violence. Forum / Entertainment / Celebrity / Calling Ashawo Women in 2019 means success — Afia Schwarzenegger (1071 views) )

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According to publicist Afia Schwarzenegger, most men call a woman successful when they see her progress in her career. In a post he posted on social media, Afia wrote that men need more insults, because Ashawo (LovePeddler) will not be punished anymore. He wrote: Ashawo in 2019 means: congratulations, you are a successful and hardworking businessman !!!! Guys, be creative and come up with something different

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