What Do The Japaneses Origami Lucky Stars Represent

What Do The Japaneses Origami Lucky Stars Represent – Fun Folded Origami Lucky Stars have been a “thing” in our house for a while. Our girls folded little strips of origami lucky star paper into these adorable stars and then gave them to their friends in little jars as gifts.

The story, as I understand it, is that there is a meaning behind the number of stars it gives. If you give someone 100 folded origami lucky stars, the recipient can make a wish.

What Do The Japaneses Origami Lucky Stars Represent

But better yet, when we visited, she held the hands of busy young men and smiled. Ah, this is my favorite part of all these crafts and activities. Connection!!

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Here are step-by-step written instructions for those who want to clarify certain steps of the process.

The little paper stars in this video are made from 1/2 inch strips of paper from 12×12 inch scrapbooking paper. You can use any paper, but it is better to use light paper, not cardboard.

The large strips of paper in the video are cut from 2 inch strips of wrapping paper. I really appreciate the wrapping paper at Hobby Lobby. It has one inch grid markings on the back of the paper, making it very easy to cut into strips.

Tip: You can make the strips of paper smaller, say 1/4 inch wide or width between them if you prefer. The bigger the star you make, the longer the paper needs to be.

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Tip: You can buy origami lucky star paper strips already cut. This makes this simple craft so easy! I made several sheets at a time by cutting my scrapbook paper on a paper cutter. It went very fast.

If you want, write a message on the paper strip before you unfold it. This makes an extra gift for any happy origami star. The recipient can open the stars one by one and read your messages. Make sure you don’t use a pen that pulls through the paper!

Tie a knot at one end of your paper strip so that the print on the knot is visible. There is little end to show. Tuck this end behind the knot.

Tip: Important! Twist this little knot tightly. It will be in a pentagon, in the shape of a five-sided knot.

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Wrap a long strip of paper over and around the pentagon knot so that the print side of the paper comes out and shows. Pull the strip tight, but twist tightly. If the sides of the Pentagon were numbered from 1 to 5 from the front, the map would pass around sides 1 and 4, then 2 and 5, then 3 and 1, then 4 and 2, then 5 and 3. Then repeat this pattern if your card is long enough (mine wasn’t).

Tuck the end of the strip in the last row of paper if it is too short to make another row around the star.

Finally, hold the pentagon shape with four fingertips on the four sides of the shape. Press gently with your thumbnail on the fifth page of the Pentagon. It gradually descends inwards.

Go back around the star and gently press and shape the star symmetrically.

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Fill a small jar with 100 small folded origami lucky stars. Label it with the meaning of the stars. Give it as a gift for a birthday or any occasion where Fun Folded Origami Lucky Stars will bring encouragement and joy!

Large origami lucky stars can be attached to string and hung as garlands. They work great as party decorations or in your home for fun. Doesn’t metal wrapping paper look cute for Christmas?

So now you and the grandkids can have fun talking and laughing by folding origami stars. Crafting is fun. The bond with Grands is epic.

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Learn how to fold these simple origami lucky stars from a strip of paper. These cute little 3D stars are also known as wishing stars or blown stars. Arrange them in a glass jar and place them on a shelf, give them to a friend or cut them together as a wreath. Follow the step by step photo tutorial below. A fun and easy paper star origami project for kids and adults.

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Do you want to learn how to make a small paper star? I have a quick origami tutorial to share with you today that will show you exactly how to fold.

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These cute origami stars (also known as puffy stars or wishing stars) are easy, fun and addictive to fold. Before you know it, you’ll have a pile of little stars ready to cry and show off.

Use them as party decorations for the New Year (they make a cute mini wreath), in a vase or jar, or even as a bracelet to decorate a gift. One of my favorite things to do with them is string them into garlands and wrap them around my little Christmas tree. You can also use them as cupcake toppers by attaching a small star to the end of a cocktail stick.

Lucky origami stars (sometimes called wishing stars) are believed to bring you good luck when you fold them, and even more luck when you give them away. Multiply it to a hundred and give it to a friend and the lucky person will get the wish. Either way, they make a lovely gift when arranged in a jar or bowl.

Each star is made from a strip of paper about 10 inches x 1/4 inch or 1/2 inch. You can make them different sizes by changing the thickness of the strip.

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Thick bar like big stars. Paper strips can be 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch and still work.

The stars in this tutorial were made using scrapbook paper and cut 12 inch strips by 1/2 inch strips. You can use any paper you have on hand as long as it is light (thin) and not made of cardboard. I have used magazines and gift wrapping in the past.

Don’t want to cut the strips yourself? You can buy origami lucky star paper strips already cut to size.

You can make these stars from any paper you have on hand – plain printer paper, sheet music or old magazines. I did this with scrapbook paper which can be a bit thicker but still works.

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You can buy pre-cut origami paper star strips or paper strips cut from your favorite paper and cut into 1/2 inch by 12 inch strips.

This project is part of my Easy Origami Projects PDF eBook. You can find it in the shop along with the rest of my printables and patterns.

If the ends are too long and do not fit, you can cut them with scissors or carefully twist the knot at the end of the strip.

5. Wrap the long edge around each side of your pentagon to create a diagonal fold. It should naturally follow in the right direction.

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Wrap the strip into a knot as neatly and tightly as possible so that your puffy star is even and strong.

8. Now it’s time to increase your star and score points. Flatten the sides of the pentagon by pressing the points of the star between thumb and forefinger.

9. Turn and repeat for each point to make your star pop. You can use your fingernails to press the edges to create a sharp corner.

This part may take some practice, but stick with it and you should be able to get a star that throws perfectly.

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Making these happy paper stars can be quite addictive. This is a great way to keep your hands busy while watching TV. They make a fantastic Christmas craft for the whole family and are lovely holiday decorations when used to decorate the tree.

Now that you have mastered these beautiful origami stars, why not try these simple 3D origami stars.

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