What Are The Top Secret Carp Fishing Baits

What Are The Top Secret Carp Fishing Baits – When it comes to carp fishing, anglers can have all kinds of problems with their gear and mechanics. But if you’re new to carp fishing, finding the right carp tackle shouldn’t be difficult. To get you off on the right foot, we’ll show you how to pair six of this season’s best outfits below. They cover all options, offering deadly, proven presentations on everything from crankbaits and bottombaits to pop-ups and zig rigs. Rigid PVA Bag Rig BEST: A small pile of lures and very attractive vines on any type of lake bottom except very deep mud or weed. In cold weather, shedding large leaves can be the kiss of death, except in densely populated areas. A simple fake can work well, but why not take it up a notch by placing a bright, fruity pop-up in a sturdy PVA bag to deliver small concentrated mounds of catfish to the fish’s hiding places? What you put in your bag is up to you, but choose easily digestible and highly palatable items such as small, low-fat pellets, baits, powders and worms. Hook on small pop-ups, sticks or fake baits (corn and/or worms) on short braided hooks, but don’t go too small with the hook. Stick to sizes 6 to 10 and adjust your selection according to the size of your hook bait. To make the bag even more interesting, you can add liquid to it before throwing it away. Hemp oil, which does not solidify in cold water, is especially good. The beauty of this tool is that it can be seen on almost any surface, especially if the weeds are not too thick. Even through the silk layer, the bait is protected inside the bag and you can be sure that it is fishing.

Step by Step Add a few beads to the bottom of the bag, then place the leader and place the bait on the hook so that it is on top.

What Are The Top Secret Carp Fishing Baits

Fill halfway with more pellets (or other small items) and then add a lead in the center of the bag.

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Ronnie’s Equipment BEST: Offers low pop-ups as a “stand-alone” or with free boils and/or particle feed. Ronnie’s outfit was kept secret for years while those “in the know” used it to catch some of the country’s toughest carp. It was first “discovered” to the fishing public in 2016 and has quickly become the most popular pop-up presentation ever since. So why is it so good? It combines the best elements from the best platforms of the past decades. It has a pop-up at the bottom of the lake with a great wheel 360 degrees on the rig, but without the problem of the exposed hook eye that can catch the eyes of a sinker. It also boasts similar mechanics to a hard rig, possibly one of the best big carp rigs ever invented. Properly tied hooks are extremely rare on Ronnie’s rig. A good tip is to pre-assemble several hook sections with a quick release ring and a small tube. After that, depending on the bottom of the lake or the object to be caught, when you come to the meeting, it remains to close the appropriate part of the hand. For example, it can be a longer and softer cover, a woven material with a lead clip when fishing in the mud, or a more rigid fluorocarbon for mounting reels on gravel. Because of the large hook and the added weight of the quick-change swivel, it’s important to use a high-floating pop-up for bait. Be sure to test the rig on the edges before fishing to make sure it fits the way you want it to.

Step by step, put a short tube on the branch of the hook. This is Gardner Mugga.

Clamp the tube over the kettle steamer, holding the hook in place. Don’t get burned!

Push the ball of the hook over the spike and make it almost flush with the leg. Ready!

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Wafter D-rig BEST: Very important for presenting balanced or bottom baits compared to loose/particle baits. Several rigs offer seamless mechanics and a consistent D-rig presentation. It’s an easy-to-tie rig, and while there’s nothing stopping it from being used as a standard bottom rig, the D-rigger really fits the bill and offers balanced rigging on the bottom of the lake. This is a rig favored by many top anglers who target big carp under pressure and may be wary of visible pop-up rigs. When used with balanced hooks such as wafters, foams or snowman structures, the mechanics of the rig and the use of a swivel ring in D means that the hookbait just sits on the hook for close range. – invisible carp. It is then perfectly positioned to be picked up by the carp walking past the deck, sucking and blowing the retractable upper lip to get through debris and individual food items. The D-rig is suitable for fishing over particles, fractions/whole boilies, and when the fish inhales the bait, the hook is in the best hook position thanks to the semi-rigid hook, which must be made of mono or fluorocarbon. . When tying on the leader, use a hook with a straight eye or a slight turn so that the gap is not covered too much by the hook material (as when using a hook with an inverted eye). Finally, with really short D rigs, the best setup is to mount the helicopter with a loop (or swivel) at the end of the rig to allow it to land on the bottom of the lake.

Step by Step Begin by tying the hook with a twisted loop using a slip knot (8-10 turns approximately to the right).

Insert the small part of the loop of the hook into the end of the hook that is left under the hook.

Then, as shown above, pull the end of the tag back through the eye of the hook to make a small “D”.

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Use a lighter to carefully burn the mark to create a blob and hold the “D” in place.

Tie an 8-ring knot on the other end of the hook for quick attachment to wheels and clicks.

Small adjustable zig outfit BEST: For targeting big carp that swim up in mid water. Effective throughout the year. On sunny spring days when high pressure prevails, targeting the fish where they spend most of the day – the top layers – is more effective than putting bait on the boat. The best way to do this is with a zig platform. In the past, this meant struggling to push long hooks. Their length depended on how far you wanted to cast from the bottom of the lake, meaning the hook would often be longer than the rod – hardly suitable for casting! But fear not, salvation is at hand in the form of adjustable zig platforms. With these the hook can only be set to 2 feet or 3 feet and attached to the “float”. At the bottom of it there is a wire through which the rotating line passes. The collection is easy to cast – thanks to the short hook line – and rarely tangles. Once cast, the line can be felt all the way down and then there are two ways to adjust the rig so the bait is at the desired depth. First, you can draw a line 1-foot back; So if the hook is 3 feet long and you subtract 3 feet, you know the hook is 6 feet from the bottom. The second method is to raise the hole to the surface and then increase it by one foot until you reach the desired depth. Don’t be afraid to experiment with lures and colors. Small pieces of foam work really well, but small flowers and zigbugs also have their place. You are only limited by your imagination!

Step by step, use 12 knots to tie the hook. The trap should be stable in short hair.

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Attach the swivel wire to the long end of the hook using a four or five turn knot.

Remove the rubber tail from the bubble float and replace it with the alignment ball as shown here.

Chod Rig / Bare Chod Best for: Fishing pop-ups on the bottom of a weed or lake chod (or “blind” casting)… or casting lures while showing fish! When it comes to tools that can be thrown anywhere, know that a thread will serve well, the development of second equipment is second to none. It was invented in the late 1990s and was the most popular pop-up car until recently. It has since been preceded by Ronnie’s rig in this regard, but still found favor with many anglers. Its beauty is in itself

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