What Are Some Good Movies Featuring The Sea Or Ocean

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As we enter the final stages of a multi-year pandemic, if you’re looking for a distraction from the unfolding reality – or perhaps just a reminder that things could be worse – there’s plenty of cinematic material to provide insight. lend Some extreme escape. From dangerous environments and hellish realms, here are the 20 best movies to watch about survival and sustainability.

What Are Some Good Movies Featuring The Sea Or Ocean

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This is one of the most tense and blood pressure-raising episodes on the list, not least because it’s a true story told by a real victim. In 1985, experienced mountaineers Joe Simpson and Simon Yates set out to the summit of Mount Ceola Grande in Peru – a mountain that no one had ever climbed before. Although they make it to the top, a storm turns their journey into a harrowing and near-fatal ordeal, told here through a combination of flashbacks and first-person interviews with Simpson and Yates.

Adapted from Yann Martel’s award-winning 2001 novel of the same name, this tale of survival at sea follows 16-year-old Pi who survives a shipwreck and finds himself living with a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker. Trapped in a boat – among other animals. It is a unique blend of philosophical drama and thrilling adventure.

James Franco’s Oscar-nominated performance is the centerpiece of this gripping epic about a true story of survival. In 2003, Aaron Ralston fell while hiking alone in Utah’s Canyonlands National Park, and was hit by a rock that broke his hand. As time passes, he realizes that his only hope of survival is to amputate his arm. Of course, prepare yourself for a tense – but ultimately inspiring – viewing experience.

You might think twice about your next scuba diving trip after watching this very sad horror movie. Based on the original case from 1998, Open Water tells the story of a couple stranded on a scuba trip after their group accidentally abandons them. After resurfacing and finding themselves alone, their shock quickly turns to fear when they realize they are in shark-infested waters.

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The original story of space survival. Ron Howard’s classic docudrama brings to life the failed 1970 Apollo space mission, in which an oxygen tank exploded, destroying the atmosphere and severely reducing the crew’s oxygen supply. Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon, and Bill Picton star as a trio of stars who are forced to keep calm and work with NASA in a series of lawsuits to perfect their craft and return home safely against the odds. .

Push hard enough, imagine being thrown into space without the spacecraft coming back. Oscar winner Alfonso Cuaron stars Sandra Bullock as a medical engineer whose first space mission takes a horrific turn after space debris destroys her space shuttle and kills the entire crew. Following every moment of Stone’s thrilling struggle for survival,

No list of survival stories would be complete without this iconic entry starring Tom Hanks, which is a gripping drama about human resilience, and a passionate love story between a man and volleyball. After his plane crashes in the Pacific Ocean, every one of Hanks’ men is stranded on an uninhabited island and forced to survive for months – except Wilson.

While “post-apocalyptic” might be the last genre you want to watch right now, this charming adaptation of Cormick McCarthy’s novel is worth checking out. Viggo Mortensen stars as a nameless man who fights to protect his son (Cody Smith-McPee) in the dark wasteland that was once America. Although it hardly increased,

Movies Under The Pines: Song Of The Sea

Not to be confused with last year’s Ben Affleck drama of the same name, or the summer blockbuster

Jim Sturgis stars in this true story as Swomir Ravicz, a Polish ex-convict imprisoned in a Siberian labor camp after being betrayed by his wife during World War II. Although he escaped the camp with several other prisoners, Ravitch’s ordeal was just beginning as he had to walk 4,000 miles through the Himalayas to escape.

Christian Bale is now known for his dramatic body transformations, and one of his most memorable roles is as Dieter Dengler, a pilot whose plane is shot out of the sky during the Vietnam War. Dengler was arrested by the Pathet Lao, a communist organization that tried to force Dengler to denounce America. The film follows his capture along with several Americans and their attempts to escape from captivity.

, which in turn is based on a true story. The film tells the story of three Aboriginal girls who are separated from their families in Western Australia and placed in a labor camp – part of the government’s historic policy of stealing Aboriginal children from their communities and forcing them to “Train” to integrate into white society. After daring to escape, the three girls went home to their respective families with the authorities in pursuit.

Movies With Real Airplanes In Starring Roles

Blake Lively is on screen for almost every second of this tight little thriller, playing a surfer just 200 yards from shore, badly injured by a shark attack. Her co-star on The Biggest Live is a guy named Steven Seagal, in case you weren’t already sold.

Tom Hanks is clearly the MVP of the survival movie genre. In this tense drama he plays Captain Richard Phillips, a merchant seaman who is kidnapped by Somali pirates while sailing a cargo ship through the Gardafoe Strait. While there is plenty of action, perhaps the most interesting part of the film is watching Phillips’ tactical and calm efforts to fend off his captors.

Leonardo DiCaprio ended up winning an Oscar for this strange drama, in which he played a 19th-century frontiersman left for dead after a wild bear attack. The film is equal parts revenge thriller and survival story, following DiCaprio’s Hugh Glass as he fights for his life, and finds the man (Tom Hardy) who betrayed him.

Is a highly entertaining blockbuster about one man’s struggle to survive on Mars. Astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon) is presumed dead by his crewmates, and is left to fend for himself on the red planet, while NASA engineers on Earth work hard to save him. .

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This is minimal in the film – Robert Redford is the only actor, and he barely speaks a word during its 106-minute running time. Redford plays a sailor who is lost in the Indian Ocean after a shipwreck, and must survive on the high seas after being forced to abandon ship.

Not a good choice for claustrophobia sufferers. Ryan Reynolds plays an American truck driver who is kidnapped and buried alive in a wooden coffin. With few supplies, including a flashlight and cell phone, he must try to avoid fear while waiting for an unknown rescue.

Worked as a sniper on an oil rig in Alaska. When their plane crashes in the desert, he and his seven friends battle the elements in a desperate attempt to escape before the cold – or the wolves – get to them.

Is the latest film from writer-director M. Night Shyamalan, who is known for his high-concept, high-concept thrillers. This is no exception, focusing on a group of strangers at a luxury beach resort, who suddenly get old fast. This is a survival movie like no other.

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Based on a tragic true story from 1996, this star-studded adventure drama follows eight climbers whose attempts to reach the summit of Mount Everest end in death during an avalanche. Jake Gyllenhaal and Jason Clarke star as the leaders of two competing campaign groups, all of whom are fighting for their lives against mounting odds.

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