Ways To Prevent Credit Card Hijacking And Block Them

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Ways To Prevent Credit Card Hijacking And Block Them

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According to Verizon, 45% of data breaches are the result of hacking. Let’s find out how to avoid being hacked as an internet user.

If you are wondering “how not to get cut”, you found the right article! You can certainly use some security software or change security settings to prevent hacking. But above all, you need to know what not to do to play psychological games. This includes everything from sharing personal or financial information to downloading and installing malware-infected files/software.

In this article, we will discuss 15 tips that will help you understand how to avoid hacking. We will also use “freemium” tools to prevent hacking.

How To Protect Your Computer From Hackers And Viruses

You don’t need a lot of technical skills to hack. These are some of the easiest yet most effective ways you can avoid being hacked.

When sharing large Microsoft files with someone either on your device, USB or cloud platform, always encrypt them. Encryption is the use of mathematical algorithms to “encrypt” data using cryptographic keys. Encryption decrypts the plain text of the data and makes it opaque to protect it from unknown parties without an authentication key.

Even if someone accesses those files, they won’t be able to open and read them. All Microsoft files (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, etc.) have this option.

Once the password is set, anyone who wants to access this file needs this password. When you send such a secure document to anyone, be sure to give the recipient the password by phone, separate email, or other communication channel.

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There are several commercial and “freemium” tools that can provide encryption for any type of files, folders, drives and documents. Some examples are as follows:

There are several free browser extensions that intercept and block the index on malicious and hacked sites. To use them, you need to install these extensions (“add-ons”) for Firefox in your browser to block attackers and prevent hacking.

We are already connected here. You need to click Add to Chrome or Firefox to add it.

Although these are pretty self-explanatory, some people still need subtle warnings such as antivirus and anti-malware software. These types of security software often scan your device and remove dangerous malware. They warn you when you visit a spam or malicious website or send a corrupted file from the Internet.

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Be careful not to panic: If you receive random email or people showing you that your PC is infected, it can be alarming. Scarware is harsh anti-virus software that can be a virus or work like spyware to track your activities.

Do not click on these links or files, and do not install unknown security software. We recommend Komodo Antivirus. It is a very reputable brand and offers both free and paid versions.

There are advanced types of malware that firewall/security software cannot detect. That’s why it’s better to track your device manually to avoid hacking.

Regularly check your C: drive, especially folders like C:/Program Files, C:/Program Files (x86) and all TEMP folders. Also keep an eye on the downloads folder. If you find any rare items that haven’t been received yet, do some research to find out about them. Delete files if they serve no purpose or are associated with malicious activity.

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Some malware programs are so persistent that conventional removal steps cannot remove them. The good news is that there are also some free file packers and uninstallers that help you remove such programs. There are several effective programs to fully scan your device and remove all hidden traces such as cache and shortcuts.

This feature encrypts your hard drive. If your Windows computer is stolen or sold without wiping the memory (remember: always wipe the memory before selling the machine!), no one can kill you by stealing data from the hard drive. There is also a USB drive encryption facility.

Screenshot showing how to secure C: and D: drives and removable data drives with BitLocker to prevent hacking

For Mac users: FileVault offers BitLocker-like functionality. Please follow this step-by-step guide to enable FileVault.

How To Prevent Your Company From Being Hacked

2FA adds another layer of security to your traditional passwords. A one-time password (OTP), secret code or magic link registered to your mobile number or email every time you open your account or make a transaction. If your bank, credit union, or other service provider allows you to enable 2FA, do so now!

After installation, you will have a 2FA option for all other apps stored on your phone that support 2FA. Make sure you do this with ecommerce sites, cloud sites, and financial sites.

Next on our list of how to avoid hacking: don’t tie accounts. If you want to open on a new platform, you will see the option to use your existing accounts like Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn etc. Do not use them properly. Instead, use an email address or phone number or log in manually from the form (don’t be lazy here).

Why? When you sign in/log in with any of these accounts, the new app/website can access some information about you stored in such places. This type of data sharing can be dangerous if the new app/platform owner or operator has malicious intentions. Such data can be stolen to hack you or sell it on the dark market to other hackers. Abuse sites are also known to be used to create data of targeted users.

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For example, Facebook has faced accusations of sharing (or selling) users’ data with Zoom. Zoom admitted that such a data pin happened because Facebook gave users the option to do so through its software development kit (SDK).

When you open a site, check the email address. If you see an “unsecured” dot or exclamation mark in a circle or triangle, it indicates that it is running HTTP, an unsupported protocol. This is some basic data