The Last Of Us Episode 2 Recap: For ‘shroom The Bell Tolls

The Last Of Us Episode 2 Recap: For ‘shroom The Bell Tolls – The Last of Us Episode 1 Review – When You’re Lost in the Dark: Talking Points; Easter eggs and questions After the exciting and terrifying opening scene, we are already addicted to the video game The Last of Us. We review and translate When You’re Lost in the Dark.

Rotten Tomatoes Scored ratings for the video game adaptation of The Curse and rival HBO series House of the Dragon. It’s easy to see why The Last of Us was being talked about as the best TV show of the year even back in January.

The Last Of Us Episode 2 Recap: For ‘shroom The Bell Tolls

Part 1 Although You’re Lost in the Dark may seem very familiar to players of the old PlayStation game, it is intricately interwoven with a wealth of add-ons and additional levels expertly designed by writer Craig Mazin (Chernobyl).

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Here are the top five talking points. After Part 1 of the May Egg we saw and the burning questions…

Bella Ramsey Pedro Pascal and the wrong hair; It only took one episode for her to get over the toxic criticism of TLOU being shown as a person with the wrong eye etc.

TLOU differs from many previous PC game adaptations, when fans talk about the game, they talk about the characters; It refers to the relationships and emotional impact of the story.

Ok There’s a horrific fungal infection that causes an apocalyptic event, meaning the protagonists must survive in a world plagued by flesh-crawling zombies. But this is secondary to the relationship between Joel and Ellie.

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Pascal, 47, cares for Joel, who is heartbroken by the death of his daughter Sarah on the first day of the plague. silent pain Suffering and heartbreak; Brutal energy; Passionate spirit and zeal spilled over into violence.

The success of TLOU is the relationship between Joel and Ellie; It depends on the nature of love and how we control our behavior. It can really work when actors like Pascal and Ramsey have the chemistry to match the most intense romance.

One line from show writer Craig Mazin sums up the entire series with Joel and Ellie: “It’s a love story, and it’s not a good one.”

In the official HBO Last of Us podcast, he said, “The theme that comes out of the game is the idea that love conquers all. That’s the problem.”

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Episode 1 is a departure from the opening episode of the series, starring John Hannah, a pathologist who appears on a talk show in 1963 and warns that the greatest epidemic facing mankind is not a virus, but a fungus. .

Not only is it impressive that the show managed to capture Hannah for five minutes, but the added details about the origin and incidence of the disease add another layer of tension to the series.

The vivid (and accurate) description of cordyceps fungi attacking animals not only shocks us; It touches on the post-covid terror we all have. It sounds like something you saw in the movies 10 years ago, and now you really feel like it.

Craig Mazin wanted to catch that cautionary tale being ignored, so he fought for the inaugural talk show. It’s a theme he played successfully in Chernobyl and again in the TLOU premiere: we see the idea of ​​ignoring people and turning a blind eye to a dangerous threat to civilization. The dots will be connected to real-world events by 2023.

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While Episode 1 focused heavily on post-pandemic fears, it also did away with the jump scare.

Nico Parker is our guide to the pre-episode world as Sarah, Joel’s daughter, who for just one episode dominates our emotions.

We watch the events unfold in slow motion around Sarah’s typical day. Until everything is destroyed.

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The dog, who is afraid of Sarah, realizes that something is going on at the Adler house and gives Emmy to the dog as the dog squeals in wonder at what will happen next.

Their older relative eats Adler (see the old lady click and bend her jaw back). Sarah knows that the scenes are memorable when watching TV with your fingers.

Joel does his best to distance himself from Ellie during their first meeting because he doesn’t want to get emotionally involved with a girl his late daughter’s age.

But Joel, In the show’s shocking final sequence, Tess (Anna Torv) and Ellie deal with a soldier and PTSD from the events, and Sarah unleashes her fists and bloodied knuckles.

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Between the two scenes; The intensity of Joel’s burns and Ellie’s reactions combine in one extremely gory moment. It gives us a glimpse of what’s going on inside these characters and a strong warning of what’s to come.

If you haven’t played TLOU before, you won’t feel anything while watching episode 1. but it also offered some cool easter eggs for fans who fell for the series.

Another highlight of the game is the use of the Depeche Mode classic Never Let Me Go Again in the closing sequence.

Speaking on the Official HBO Podcast, Craig Mazin said, “The Last of Us has a great tradition of ’80s music – and the ’80s mean trouble. I love that phrase.

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“One of the things Neil and Naughty Dog have done so beautifully with the game is make you ache for the things you love. Take things that are bright and positive and have a dark undertone.”

Regarding the song choice, he said: “It sounds like a good song. But the song has a dark side. What he eats is a drug. This is a song about addiction.

Ellie plans to go on a road trip with her best friend, but it’s dangerous. Joel will ride with his best friend. He didn’t know he was her best friend.

“The point is to let each other down. We won’t do it again, we won’t again.”

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The writer also laughs that we will hear the song again in a different form in the continuation of the series.

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Image copyright: © 2023 Home Box Office, Inc. Acquisition of copyright. HBO® and all related programs are copyright Home Box Office, Inc. Although the properties are set very close to the events we saw at the beginning of the series premiere, this one begins with a flashback. September 24, 2003. The zombie apocalypse is days away and the government in Jakarta is ahead of the rest. We follow mycologist Iba Ratna (Christine Hakim), who is asked to investigate a terrorist incident at a flour and wheat factory. He studied insects and fungi all his life. He immediately realizes that there’s no cure for it—the only way to save humanity is to “bomb it, blow it up. Run this city and everything out of the city.”

“Contagion” was written by Craig Mazin and directed by Neil Druckmann. Both in style and content; This opening is reminiscent of Mazin’s great work.

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Smart people make sacrifices for the greater good. In this case, Many died, but Eastern Europe never lost its light. here, Ibu Ratna’s warning comes too late and a sinister world opens that he cannot prevent.

Why are we starting this weekend? As with John Hannah’s introduction in Part One, Joel in 2023; Through the experiences of Ellie and Tess we see painful, It is important to give context to all scary things. But in this case, the scientific belief that there is no cure for this infection contradicts Joel’s reason for taking Ellie west. Not only is he immune to the infection, but Firefly’s doctors think that may be the key.