‘the Last Of Us’ Episode 2 Makes The Clickers Even More Frightening

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The Last of Us Part 1 remake for PS5 has been rumored for months, and now it has been confirmed with a trailer. It is clear that the quality has improved, but how to push the technology from the beginning of the game – and how does the new revival compare to the second sign of the series in 2020? A simple application or something more interesting – a TLOU1 mod to the TLOU2 engine?

‘the Last Of Us’ Episode 2 Makes The Clickers Even More Frightening

As the game is set to launch in less than 90 days, all we’re trying to answer is a 90-second trailer – mostly movies – with some great footage. . Suffice it to say, a more detailed review of Digital Foundry will come later, but it’s enough here to make some interesting comparisons.

The Last Of Us™ Remastered

At the same time, there is a significant improvement in visual fidelity and asset quality compared to the PS4 Pro version of the 2014 Last of Us remaster on the PS5 remake. The opening image, which shows part of the game, has been completely changed. The buildings have a new shape of geometry and better materials, light and shadows are more subtle, and more accurate colors are now flowing on the buildings in the same style as the End of Us Part 2. In a large game, the pattern is the same area. , but technology and technology have greatly improved with many innovations – if not new – properties.

Almost all other trailers are made of news, focusing on people. The concept of the character has taken a big step from the first game – everything that is expected is there, including the importance of the skin, the perfect shade, the first clothes, and of course the the model is perfect. Also, the action of the movie is lively in some ways. Most of the changes here are on the technical side but are very much appreciated – like detailed lip details and less eye movement. Also keep in mind that almost all of the cutscenes in the original title are pre-released and use better simulations than what is possible in real time, but these cutscenes often work to live on on PS5 hardware, so these comparisons are very good. open a little later.

Note that all the guns in the PS5 TLOU trailer seem to have the same name as the original, so the sequel will be gun-for-gun of the original action. The functions and positions of the cameras are not the same, but they are the same – it shows that the team is deep in the original intention to improve security.

Perhaps it is more interesting even if this title is measured against the Last of Us Part 2, the sequel of Naughty Dog in 2020. At the same time, it is clear that the two games use the same technology , but we agree more: the order in. TLOU2 goes back to the scene shown in the first game, and this sequence was also shown in the trailer of The Last of Us Part 1, so we will have a direct comparison between the two new releases of Naughty Dog on the same level of content.

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And this comparison is interesting, because there is a slight difference between each version. Some of the conflicts appear in different places, and the light is different in different directions, but in other places it looks almost the same – so close that you can think that the two images are from the same game one. . It’s a similar story and character statement, so it’s not possible to get a 1:1 comparison but the designs show the same level of detail. Based on this confirmed limited image, it’s safe to say that we’re looking at a TLOU re-use of the TLOU2 engine or an improvement – and all that shows. And it’s not bad either, because TLOU2 is another great title.

On the left, a return of The Last of Us in TLOU2. On the right, that first scene as it appears in the new game. This is the best information we have that The Last of Us Part 1 has more to do with the TLOU2 engine than the first game.

Ending things on the prototype, Naughty Dog uses a more story structure with big development budgets towards the end of the last generation, skipping the development plan for a while and even avoiding a strong decision. The Last of Us Part 2, Uncharted 4 and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy all run at 1080p30 on the PS4 and 1440p30 on the PS4 Pro, with high-TAA but no upsampling to provide solid results. Even on PS5, Naughty Dog’s title is now up to 1440p. The Last of Us Part 2 was forced to support 60fps at 1440p last year, but Legacy of the Unknown – the original PS5 title – is also not 1440p60, although it is eat 4K30 mode.

From the trailer, it looks like the TLOU remaster may also launch in 1440p. The resolution of the noise, the resolution seen in the hair is a characteristic of the way these things are displayed in the Last of Us Part 2 on PS4 Pro and PS5 at 1440p, compared to the hair in Uncharted 4 in 4K which has less name. and more temporary peace of mind. . It’s too early to say for sure, but these and other data suggest a similar scenario.

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Consider the name of Joel’s hair showing 1440p instead of 4K as an option in Uncharted 4.

Finally, Naughty Dog promises ‘modern games’ and improvements to combat tracking – is there any proof of that? Right now, there is nothing. The places that can be followed in the game shown in the trailer are the same as the ones that are there and this is where the player can go. It’s a similar story of fast action, with multiple cameras playing at the same time. It is believed that these details will be confirmed when we are closer to the launch, but it is not known what the change will be. Expanded environments, better AI, and TLOU2-like actions and mechanics will be on the wish list, but the current car is does not provide much information.

Gameplay, The Last of Us Part 1 is a great attempt to replicate what we’ve seen so far – a careful re-imagining of the original vision. using modern technology. On the side of the original title, the changes are obvious – there is a complete visible change. In terms of technology, some question marks remain: is this revision the first with TLOU2’s technology, or are there other important developments? The fact that what we have seen so far usually points to the former, although the surprise is acceptable. As for the game we are in the dark, but the promises here are interesting, if not clear in the pictures at the moment.

However, even after playing the game a few times on different platforms, I’m still looking forward to the PS5 release. Naughty Dog produces some of the most powerful graphics in the industry, and this remake is no exception. As usual remasters that have not been seen so far, it is also on its way to PC and we are really looking forward to see the scale of Naughty Dog’s fire behind the limits of video game technology. the sad thing about the game is really terrible

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I played The Last of Us Part 1 this week, the PlayStation 5 remake of Naughty Dog’s horror classic, first released in 2013. (If you haven’t played it yet, or the 2020 sequel: What I talk about them in ‘ (There are a few details, so it’s better to skip this part if you want to avoid spoilers.) There are many complaints about whether the nine-year-old game – which has been remastered for the PlayStation 4 – is available for purchase. £70; for most gamers, no graphics upgrade will be a big deal.

People appreciate Naughty Dog’s honesty and listening to feedback for this redesign. It looks and feels like a modern game. Personally, playing it again made me think about how much the world (and my life) has changed in the past ten years. I didn’t become a parent when I first played the terrible opening scenes, where Joel’s daughter died in the early morning of a fungal zombie plague that is destroying the world. Now, it is hard to bear. And after experiencing a real infection, the entire set was played out.

For the first time, I spoke strongly with Ellie, a sensitive young woman who is open and willing to share this journey with Joel. (I forgot how good this show was, but Ashley Johnson played Ellie brilliantly and was very funny.