The Last Of Us Episode 2 Confirms A Major Fan Theory

The Last Of Us Episode 2 Confirms A Major Fan Theory – The Ultimate Fans Share With Us HBO Series Episode 2 Click Now.

This article contains major spoilers for HBO’s The Last of Us Episode 2 and The Last of Us video games.

The Last Of Us Episode 2 Confirms A Major Fan Theory

The second episode of The Last of Us aired on HBO on Sunday and some fans were left a bit confused by the final scene.

The Last Of Us Part I

Creators Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann always said that they stayed true to the story of the first season of the PlayStation 3 game, but they also said that they needed to mix things up, and the first of those big changes came at the end of the second episode.

However, some special surprise, as the game becomes almost the same. Here’s one last spoiler warning before we discuss HBO’s final two episodes.

The show sees Tess come out horribly infected, with the clicker giving her a nasty kiss with her arms on her mouth. Some fans loved the change, some hated it, and some just.

God admits to me that he was infected with so many questions and just hoped that he would expand faster why he was not violent why he died through his mouth now connected how long it took him to transmit how he stayed for a long time. h #TheLastOfUsHBO — amatorboy (@bitchboyblues) January 23, 2023

The Last Of Us’ Tv Series Finally Gets A Release Window

That episode of Our Last One was really good, but can someone give me a solid reason why that scumbag stuck his tongue down Tessa’s throat and gave her one of the nastiest kisses I’ve ever seen live on TV. ?? #TheLastofUs #HBO — Jordy (@JordyD127) January 23, 2023

BC * killing the immortals that man used to do and never interrupts to the question bc tess. The whole circle was as if to show some moment of humanity to the zombie, almost like a kiss this innately human fact, even if the purpose was to infect — ♡ gay aunt (@ASVPxBocky) January 23, 2023

Hbo robbers to the last // . . I’d say 100 percent that I shouldn’t have kissed a turtle infected with an ass for some reason. Of course it was rude and scary, but… what was the point lol- hidy (@hidytxt) January 23, 2023

I wouldn’t have hated for the last kiss scene between us, Tess was going to die then the infection would cover her brain and because of that most of the infected people would pass her by, it’s obvious that she feels and doesn’t attack others. infected , who kissed — Maher (@UhAhhhmm) January 23, 2023

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“We have already spoken about the warts that came out of the mouth of an infected person and asked these philosophical questions: “Why are violent people infected? If the point of the fungus spreads, why are they violent?” he said, “we have acted, which we are not. They are violent because we resist; but if not? What is it like if you stand perfectly still, and this will happen?

“Then we landed on this nightmare bait. It’s confusing and damaging. I think it’s very ubiquitous in the way it invades your body.”

Druckmann added that the departure from the play – in which Tess is killed in the same scene, in the same building, but by soldiers – was also appropriate for the theme of the episode, which was markedly infected.

“Because we are so cruel to the characters that we love so much, he felt that he knew he was doing it, and then they don’t work any lighter, and we are brought to the support of terror before we finally finish one. ” he added.

The Last Of Us Part 2 Ending Explained

Still, Mazin admits his “good” fans are upset. “I’m not checking,” he told Variety. “Everyone dreams of working on something that has this level of fan engagement, where people are talking about them or feeling passionate about them. Sometimes I like it, if you see how it goes, I think it’s beautiful.”

The second event also introduced clicks and brought to life one of the scariest scenes in the game and, although it ended at the end, it also shared many other similarities.

In a review of the 9/10 episode, he said: “A wonderful mix of suspenseful oracles, memorable character moments, and compelling stimuli, the second episode of Our Last opens its world of horrors for all to see.’

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Where To Watch The Last Of Us Tv Show

. News that will no doubt be music to the ears of fans who watched the series premiere last weekend.

(watched by 4.7 million people on HBO) The popularity of the video game franchise it’s based on is not surprising, but it’s still welcome.

Directed by Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, this drama is a brilliant debut. But this is only the beginning of the story of Joel and Ellie, as they try to cross the country and survive will be the main focus of the show. But what dangers will they encounter on the way, and will they encounter people or friends or enemies? Will they run into any runners, or will Joel and Tess be able to get Ellie to the Fireflies?

Episode 2 airs in the US on HBO on Sunday 22nd January at 9pm. ET at 6 p.m. PT, at 8 p.m. CT Also on various sites (especially HBO Max).

Hbo’s The Last Of Us Series Premieres January 15th

Here are the times and release dates for the latest season 1 Episode 2, “Infected” in countries where HBO Max is available (including some countries that air the US premiere).

Are you ready for the second episode of our last season? Are you going to watch tonight? Was the season premiere everything you hoped it would be? Let us know in the comment section below! It’s a great adaptation of the best video games ever. Not only does it closely follow the source material, but it expands a lot to add new nuggets of interest to seasoned fans and helps deepen the experience of new fans. While there are some small twists and turns in the game about how the infection spreads, it’s not entirely clear. The reason is because the game never leaves the POV of the main characters, so they are not scientists to provide a ton of exposition.

But the show has freedom. Shortly after the premiere of the first episode

Fans began to speculate that the infection had spread through the meal. Some characters seem to eat starchy foods, Joel and Sarah specifically don’t eat starchy foods, Joel is on the Atkins diet, etc. It may fly over your head while you watch, but on closer inspection it was done on purpose and because it was meant to be.

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The second episode begins with a flashback to a city in Batavia, Indonesia a few days before the full outbreak of the virus in 2003. It was discovered that workers at a flour factory were infected and biting each other, as if the infection had probably spread throughout the world. of the flour in this plant. Thanks to some uncertain decisions, Joel and Sara ended up