Best Free Movie Streaming App For Android

Best Android Streaming Video Apps For Android 2023

Best Android Streaming Video Apps For Android – This free Movie Streaming App is of course the right solution for those of you who are too lazy to come straight to the cinema. You can watch all the blockbusters or original movies specially for streaming without having to leave the house.

You can find complete shows of no less than the latest in cinemas, from the Mencuri Raden Saleh movie, The Menu, to the anime, The Daily Life of the Immortal King. In fact, you can watch the best short films in a special app!

Not only this, classic movies that you can no longer watch on the big screen are also available. Interestingly, you can also download your favorite movies and series to watch offline without an internet quota.

So, so that the choice of places to watch free movies on mobile phones and smart TVs is more diverse, ApkVenue will give you some app recommendations to watch free movies and the best movies of 2023. Are you curious? Come on, see below.

Why should you watch on legal Best Android Streaming Video Apps For Android?

For those of you who love to watch free cinema movies online, you must already know that websites like IndoXXI, LK21, Rebahin, and the like get banned easily, right?

Instead of visiting sites to watch and download free movies online which are obviously illegal, it is better to download an app to watch movies for free like the following friends.

Apart from the original content, the platforms below usually also offer a bunch of cinematic films that have disappeared on the screen. Suitable for those who are too lazy to leave the house but still want quality offers.

But keep in mind that you cannot enjoy all the movie content in the app for free. You need to pay a subscription fee to unlock all premium features.

So, let’s move on to the main point of this article, which is the latest cinema Movie Streaming App of 2023 with a very complete package. Is there something? See immediately below in full, guys!

Best Free Movie Streaming App For Android

1. Pluto TV

Pluto TV may seem strange to some people. Most of the online movie watching experts use Netflix and WeTv to watch the movies and series they like.

However, try switching to Pluto TV, guys. The app is released by Pluto, Inc. It is 100% free and legal to use. Pluto TV APK is not subject to any contract or credit card agreement for its use.

Here you can enjoy more than 100 TV channels from different countries. This application also offers to watch movies on this mobile phone different genres to watch, ranging from action, romance, telenovela or series. There is even a sport.

2. YouTube Movies

In an effort to compete with Netflix and other movie streaming apps, YouTube has also released the Movies feature to watch movies online. Not only providing movies but there are also exclusive TV series for binge watching.

The difference is that you don’t sign up or subscribe monthly but buy or rent for each movie. Similar to Google Play Movies, deh. It’s not bad, it’s completely economical and practical for those of you who only have time to watch a few movies. So you don’t waste your subscription.

You don’t need to install additional apps to use it. Simply install YouTube, then sign in and select the Movies menu in Explore or open the page. You will enter YouTube Movies and can choose from a wide range of movies available.

The movie rental price starts from 28,000 rupees and you can watch it for four weeks. The collection of films is very large. Starting with the latest blockbusters of all genres in 2023, there are also classic collections.

3. Netflix

Netflix is the world’s largest movie and TV series streaming service. There are a lot of good movies and series that you can enjoy by downloading Netflix.

Not only providing movies and series, Indo Sub free movie watching app also makes Netflix movies and TV series exclusively streamed on this platform.

You can watch your favorite movies for free for 30 days with a free trial by registering via credit card in this best app for watching movies on your laptop and mobile phone.

After that, you’re free to choose whether or not to subscribe to Netflix, folks

If you download and subscribe, you can watch the best Netflix movie series reviewed by ApkVenue below. Who knows, I can accompany you guys this weekend.

4. Vidsee

Viddsee is the perfect platform for short film lovers. This online viewing app specifically provides the best short films from various genres, subjects, languages and countries.

In this app, you will find award-winning short films, animations, documentaries, web series, and much more. You can watch all of these short films, most of which are from Asian countries, for free

You can easily find short films for local kids that are hard to find in movie theaters or other popular streaming services. What’s more interesting is that Viddsee provides tasks just by watching the content to get points that can be exchanged for unique prizes.

5. Disney + Hotstar

An app to watch free illegal movie theaters that is increasingly booming after the release of many Hollywood movies such as Marvel, Star Wars, Disney and NGO is Disney + Hostar.

Many cinema movies are also provided in this app, especially Marvel movies. Don’t worry, Disney + Hostar also offers different kinds of movies for the nation’s kids here.

Unfortunately, you cannot enjoy all the movies on Disney+ Hotstar. For a more complete and satisfying access, you must first subscribe. Read the article on how to sign up for Disney + Hotstar below:

6. WeTV

Who does not know WeTV, the best TV streaming app of 2023 and it is on the rise.

Thanks to the arrival of WeTV original series, such as Imperfect, My Lecture My Husband, and Layangan Putus, which have been hotly discussed in recent weeks.

WeTV has a variety of excellent features, apart from providing original series from Indonesia and movies shown in theatres, you can also access this streaming app for free.

You can enjoy different movies and many episodes of different series available on this Japanese to Korean movie watching app.

But unfortunately, there isn’t much you can freely enjoy, friends. To get access to everything, you have to switch to the VIP feature by subscribing to WeTv.

7. Viu (Korean Movie Watching App)

In seventh place is Viu which can be an option for those who love to watch Korean dramas. In fact, Viu also offers a variety of other Japanese and Asian dramas.

Not just that, Viu also offers many popular series and movies from neighboring countries, like Malaysia to India. This application to watch the best movies in 2023 is really legal.

Viu is also an app to watch Thai movies with Indo sub, which also provides other Asian movies and dramas content for free. Just download Viu and become a premium user to access exclusive content.

8. GoPlay

GoPlay is Gojek’s latest movie streaming service. This service is for those of you who want to stream the best movies.

The content from GoPlay is actually not like other streaming apps. It’s only normal, because this app was just released at the end of 2019, friends.

This app to watch the latest Indonesian cinema movies offers shows like Wiro Sableng and other Indonesian movies.

One of the unique features of GoPlay is that it is connected to the Gojek app and offers many attractive promotions if you use services like GoPay, GoFood, etc.


Another free movie app on this list is HBO GO, which is an on-demand streaming service owned by premium television network, HBO.

If you love watching HBO original TV series like Game of Thrones, Watchmen, or Silicon Valley, HBO GO is the app for you.

If you are not familiar, then you also don’t have to worry because this online TV app also provides other mainstream movies that you, friends, will definitely like.

10. iflix

If you want to find an app to watch legal Hindi subtitles similar to Netflix, you can try an app called iflix, buddy.

iflix has partnered with many movie production houses to show their movies exclusively. For example, the movie New Rich People, Love Letters to Starla, and much more.

This app for watching Indonesian movies allows you to watch many movies without having to pay. However, for unlimited access, you need to purchase the premium version.

That’s the article about 10 Best Android Streaming Video Apps For Android¬†Yo Must Now

This is a free online Movie Streaming App that you can try to watch the latest movies, including the best cinema movies. Now, you can spend your free time watching exciting movies without having to leave the house.

You can also stream your favorite movies and series on these apps on all devices, starting from mobile phones, computers/laptops and also Android TV. So, choose and download the app that suits your taste right now