Stockmarket Investing For Dummies

Stockmarket Investing For Dummies – A stock market is a collection of physical and electronic markets where buyers and sellers come together to trade stocks.

Most (though not all) of the world’s stock trading is done through stock exchanges. You can think of the stock market as a big global auction. In this case, exchanges are a bit like individual auction houses.

Stockmarket Investing For Dummies

Investors can only trade stocks that are “listed” on a given exchange. But most individual investors (like you) don’t trade the stock market directly. Instead, you set up an account with a broker who handles the actual mechanics of trading for you.

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There are 60 major stock markets worldwide, of which the NYSE is the largest. Some of the other main actors include:

The stock market has its own language that can make getting started a little scary. To help make sense of it all, some terms you should know are:

The stock market is actually the sum of all individual stocks. When an individual stock moves—for example, investors expect higher or lower earnings—the market as a whole moves a little bit (think a fraction of a fraction of a percent).

But often many stocks go up and down together because of big events that happen in the economy. Some of those big things that tend to move the market are:

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A stock market is where investors can trade stocks, or stocks that are small pieces of ownership in publicly traded companies. Most trading takes place on stock exchanges, of which there are dozens around the world. The stock market goes up and down for many reasons, including corporate profit levels, interest rates, and inflation.

Ninety percent of adults get excited about canceling programs and pretending to understand the stock market. – Financial handkerchief