Should I Get A Second Earlobe Piercing Should I Do One Or Both Ears

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Should I Get A Second Earlobe Piercing Should I Do One Or Both Ears

Julia A. Siegel, MD, is a board-certified dermatologist in Boston, Massachusetts. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology and has authored several peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters.

Piercing Size Guide

Although the eardrum is usually considered a common place to get pierced, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. For those who want more fun without lifting their ears, consider double ear piercing.

Placing two piercings next to each other makes for a perfect jewelry match and makes more of a statement than a separate, standalone earring. But with double the adjustment comes double the pain and potential side effects. To learn more, we reached out to street experts Breanna Workman and Audrey Siple, Dr. Tiffany Wang, PA-C, and dermatologist James Y. Wang, MD.

If you want to get both ears pierced, read on for everything you need to know before you hit the needle(s).

Double ear piercings are two single piercings in a row below the earlobe. Often there are two piercings in the ears at the same time – that is, one ear piercing and then added later. However, the new trend has become very popular to have two piercings at the same time (plus you can save time by not having to go in twice).

How Long Does An Ear Piercing Take To Heal? Expert Tips For Aftercare

Location: Double ear piercings are most often found in the ear canal, but can be placed anywhere in the ear.

Aftercare: Clean the piercings twice a day with sterile saline, being careful not to stick the piercings to anything to avoid irritation.

A double piercing works the same way as a single piercing, only twice. First the front and back of the area have been cleaned, then the paper where the two holes will be marked. When it comes to the actual piercing, the piercer can use clips to pull the skin or decide to do it freely – whichever is more comfortable for him. The needle is then passed through the ear creating a hole that is closed by pushing the jewelry into place. Then the process is repeated for the second hole.

The lobes are one of the least painful places to get pierced, so they don’t hurt too much. If anything, it’s a quick pain that goes away hours and sometimes minutes after the piercings are done. “I always compare it to a flu shot, so clients can make their own decisions because everyone’s pain tolerance is different,” Workman said. What may feel like a 10 on the pain scale for one person may feel like a two for another. “Two people getting the same piercing can have two different experiences,” Siple adds.

A Comprehensive Guide To Basic Ear Piercings You Can Get

If you get pierced at the same time, the second piercing will hurt more than the first because your body is still trying to heal.

You can expect your second piercing to heal in about six to eight weeks. Be sure not to disturb the piercing or try to change jewelry before the end of the treatment period; Otherwise, you can disturb the piercing, which can lead to infection.

The cost of piercings depends on a number of factors, including the location of the shop, how much you have pierced, and where you want your ears pierced. “Each studio sets its own price,” Siple said. She also says you should “always check with each studio and ask if jewelry is included,” because some fees are additional.

“Aftercare is the most important thing clients can do to help get their piercing done quickly and safely,” says Siple. “The less you touch the piercing, the faster it heals.” Aftercare for double piercings may seem like extra effort if you have to do it twice, but you can clean both piercings at the same time (so you don’t need more elbow grease).

How To Care For Your New Piercing

The best way to care for your piercing is to start by washing your hands to make them sterile. Next, fill a sterile gauze pad with saline or fill a small container to soak the saline. If using the pad method, squeeze the cotton and gently press the front and back of both holes to release the saline solution.

If you want to soak the piercing, keep it in the solution for a few minutes until it is saturated. “The key is to avoid touching and manipulating the earrings, as this will cause further irritation and delay wound healing,” Wang and Wang said.

“If the piercing is not treated properly, inflammation and infection can occur, causing a yellow discharge, a constant feeling of heat or pulsation, redness, burning, itching, or even a headache,” Wang and Wang said.

The dual front earpieces are easy to replace, just like the single earpieces; but first you need to make sure it is completely healed. “Exchanging jewelry too soon can cause a lot of problems, and if the jewelry is removed [it] can expand and the hole disappears,” says Workman.

Fake A Double Piercing With This Trick! — Sophie Kissin Jewelry

To check if the piercing has healed, make sure it’s not red, swollen, bleeding, crusted, or tender to the touch. Overgrown holes can also move freely without force. Workman recommends putting a little Vaseline around the piercings to help slide the jewelry in and out easily, but make sure you can move the jewelry comfortably without ointment to allow it to heal fully.

If you don’t feel comfortable changing the first (or ten) piece of jewelry, you can always visit a street and have someone do it for you. That way, you can be sure it’s done safely and correctly.

While there’s an endless variety of jewelry to choose from once your new piercing is healed, you’re usually limited to a small stud until that day. Small pins are small pieces of metal with fasteners that attach to the sides of the rounded enclosure and stay in the ear. Why are people obsessed with piercings? We think it’s because the piercings are beautiful and make you feel more confident. Body piercing is also an art form. This is a great way to express your personality in a creative way.

The idea of ​​getting a new piercing gives you a certain height, especially if you want to explore an undefined area of ​​your body. Some people prefer classic earrings like studs while others want something bolder and eccentric like industrial studs.

The Prettiest Piercings Start With A Plan

The most common place to get pierced is the earlobe, and just because it’s classic doesn’t mean you can’t spice things up. If you want to play it safe and stick to your earlobes, we learned there’s a way to make your piercing look fierce — two piercings.

In a double ear piercing, you get two single piercings next to each other. If you are interested in getting the perfect double ear piercing, read on to learn everything you need to know about it.

This type of ear piercing consists of two holes located at the bottom of the earlobe (read our guide here to find the safest place on the body to get pierced). Usually these piercings are not done at the same time. However, one ear piercing is done first and then the second piercings are scheduled for later. However, recently appeared commercial holes that make two holes at the same time.

It works the same way as single holes, except you get two. The process is the same for both. First, the piercing will clean the area from the front and back. Next, the skin of the eardrum to be pressed is marked.

The Healing Piercing

Your piercer will then pull the cartilage away with your free hand or use forceps. Once the ear is ready, the needle will pierce the skin to make a hole. Then close it with jewelry to prevent it from closing. The exact process is done in the second hole.

All types of piercing injuries to some degree, but we say pain is subjective. It depends on your pain threshold. One person may rate the pain of a double piercing as a ten on the pain scale, while another may rate the pain as

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