Share Market For Beginners In Telugu

Share Market For Beginners In Telugu – The Beginner’s Guide to Investing Your First 000 000 in the Stock Market (Updated): Learning how to invest your first 000 000 in the stock market is an important step in starting your financial and investment journey for the future. You may be surprised to know that even less than 2.5% of the Indian population participates in the Indian stock market, even though the Indian economy is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. However, investing your first $1,000 will help you prepare for your trip ahead.

In this post, I am going to tell you a simple solution on how to invest your first 000 000 in the stock market. It’s a way that doesn’t exist

Share Market For Beginners In Telugu

Moreover, according to the method described here, you do not need to be an expert or any help from financial advisors to invest your first 000 000 in the stock market.

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Quick note: Here, I am not going to discuss how to open a brokerage account. I think you have already set up your demat and trading account. If you haven’t already, then read this post to know where to open your demat and trading account.

While working with blog readers and subscribers who are new to the stock market, I have learned that many first-time investors tend to wait until they have accumulated thousands of dollars. However, that is a mistake. You can start investing as little as Rs 1,000.

Plus, you can increase your investment income in the future as you increase your savings. By following these strategies, you can use your time effectively to study the stock market to prepare yourself when investing more money in the future.

Second, you don’t need to be an expert to invest your first money in the market. You can invest this money while you are studying or even if you started a few weeks ago.

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Third, the point here is to learn, not to find. 1000 rupees is not a huge amount of money which will make you bankrupt if you lose this money. However, Rs 1,000 is more than enough to enter the exciting world of the stock market and improve your financial skills.

In addition, don’t worry about techniques like buying/selling using your trading account first. Once you are ready to invest, you can learn all this in 15-20 minutes using various sources on the Internet. These days, buying shares is much easier than booking train tickets online on IRCTC. All you need is a phone/laptop, internet connection, brokerage account, and money in your savings account.

Now that I’ve got the basics out of the way, let’s learn how to invest your first 0,000,000 in the stock market. Also, please read this post to the end because there is a bonus at the end of this article.

1000 rupees is not a big amount. If you buy shares worth 300, then you will be able to buy only three shares (the majority) of that stock. Moreover, these stocks that are sold at a price above 1000 rupees have already been removed from here. Therefore, if you plan to invest your first 1000 rupees in the stock market, then you should widen the selection criteria for the share price between 1 to 1000 rupees. Otherwise, you may reject many good stocks whose market price is high (Say 800-900), while planning to buy stocks. more

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Moreover, with such an investment, you don’t need to waste time diversifying your portfolio. Choosing multiple stocks takes time and is not worth the money.

The easiest way to pick stocks for beginners is to invest in what you know. There are many companies that you may have heard of since childhood and may know a lot about them. For example- Maruti Suzuki, HDFC Bank, ITC, Yes Bank, HPCL, Bata, Coal India, Colgate India, Hindustan Unilever, etc.

There are tons of companies whose products/services you already use and it might be worth your while. Find these companies and do your research. Visit the company’s website, view the portfolio (products/services), get to know the company director, future products/plans, etc.

For example Eicher Motors- Royal Enfield bikes parent company (more than 80 times returns in last 10 years), MRF Tires (more than 17 times returns in last 10 years), Symphony- refrigeration (more than 12 times returns in last 5 years), etc. The bottom line is to look around and find reputable companies that are worth investing in.

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Look for companies that you already know are doing great (such as expanding rapidly) in the last two years or offering good products/services or have impressive business plans (easy to measure).

If you are a working guy/girl, it will be very easy for you to find such companies. Just look in your industry and find one that leads. For example, if you are in the banking industry, you may already know a bank that is expanding rapidly in urban and rural areas, opening new branches every week, and has low non-performing assets (NPAs), etc.

If you are a doctor, you may already know of the best pharmaceutical companies that offer quality medicines at affordable prices or are making rare medicines. Even if you are a housewife, you can find many good companies that make daily life products like soaps, shampoos, towels, edible oils, etc.

In short, the idea here is to invest in what you already know rather than spending a lot of time reading financial magazines to find hidden companies.

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Although I hope you find a good company using step 2, however, if you are unable to find any company with good knowledge, then invest in a chip-store.

Blue chips are stocks of well-known companies that have been on the market for a very long time, are financially strong and have a good track record of consistent growth and returns over the past several years.

For example- HDFC Bank (leader in banking sector), Larsen and turbo (leader in construction industry), TCS (leader in software company), etc. A few examples of chip stocks are Reliance Industries, Sun Pharma, State Bank of India, etc.

The idea here is to ‘not’ waste a lot of time researching the store. It is your first investment and the investment cost is also low. It’s not worth your time to spend weeks researching stocks to invest $1,000.

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Honestly, don’t make too many investments in your life. The amount of investment is too small for you to ask for money. Even if you lose 50% of your investment money, you will not go broke. Don’t worry too much about what to do if the stock price goes down. VERY UNUSUAL!

Here your goal should be learning, not earning. If you are able to learn today, you can earn tons of money in the future. However, if you want to ‘save’ 1,000,000 rupees today and don’t want to take any risk, you may save 1,000 rupees, but miss out on the chance of making millions in the future.

Cash stocks are those stocks that are traded at the lowest market price (less than Rs. 10) and have a very small market capitalization (usually less than 100 million) called cash stocks in the Indian stock market. These are the fans of new investors. The low market price of these products makes them very attractive to beginners.

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However, these stocks can be dangerous. You may not have heard the names of many of these companies and very little information about the company is available to the public. The stock prices of these companies are easy to use. In general, mutual funds are difficult to investigate for new investors. My advice is, avoid stocks until you gain knowledge and experience in the stock market.

This is my last tip. Don’t expect huge returns when you invest your first 1000. Stocks are not ‘lottery’ tickets. Even if you get 100% profit in 6 months, you still only get 1000 rupees profit (166 rupees per month on average).

This will not change your financial life. As long as the investment amount is high or the principal is invested for a long time (power of compounding), the profit will not be so big that it will not affect your money.

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