Seven Knights 2 Update Celebrates Lunar New Year

Seven Knights 2 Update Celebrates Lunar New Year – The latest December 2022 global update for mobile role-playing game Seven Knights 2 is now live and includes new heroes, pets, additional content, limited-time events and more, according to Netmarble, a leading developer and publisher of high-quality mobile games.

New Steps of Atonement Hero Clemith (Legendary+) is a great tech and legendary explorer who acts as a buffer to keep allies’ advantages and disadvantages consistent. Stages of Atonement Clemit enters Seven Nights 2 with the power to increase an ally’s ultimate talents, disable enemy territorial talents, and grant allies increased immunity to cold weather to use their skills. As part of the update, Seven Nights 2 is joined by a new pet called Legendary+ Clemite.

Seven Knights 2 Update Celebrates Lunar New Year

Another new hero is Forbidden Magic Lee (Legendary), who has dark abilities such as the ability to reduce an opponent’s attack power at the start of a conflict. In addition to attacking teammates by increasing their chance to block with it, he can also use the ultimate ability to deal devastating damage to a single enemy. The max level Legendary Lee can be obtained for free through in-game events.

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When Spike and Clemite return, players can accompany them to the Abyss and begin their journey in a brand new scenario from Chapter 2 of the additional story called Bitter Cold Light with new content. Maze Trials now has 15 stages instead of 10, with five new stages added. Additionally, a new Essence of Soul reward is available, which increases the rank of Heroes of Mythic. Light crystal pieces are distributed at the end of each stage to mark this expansion.

As part of the update, players can earn new and improved rewards as a result of limited-time in-game events. Participants can participate and earn prizes:

Interested players can visit the Seven Nights 2 official website to find more information about the latest update. Players can also follow Seven Nights 2’s social media channels.

For more mobile gaming news and updates, join our WhatsApp group, Telegram group or Discord server. Also follow us on Google News, Instagram and Twitter for quick updates. Netmarble has revealed all the details on how they plan to celebrate the first anniversary of Seven Nights 2 starting today. This new update brings login bonuses and some other additions to the game in year 2 along with a special event where two new heroes will join the battle. You’ll also see Orb and Globe gear upgrades, which many will need for more loot. We got full discrimination from the team below.

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“Players can now experience two new playable heroes, including Ace (Mith), a moon-slashing swordsman who has two forms, along with a unique stat called Crimson Moon Swordsman, an upgradeable passive ability that unlocks after leveling up a hero. Legendary+ ), versatile, has the power to remove negative effects from allies with light energy and prevent enemy heroes from recovering with Recovery Reversal. In PvP, Platinum specializes in shutting down support heroes and self-healing heroes. Added Orb/Globe gear update New accessory types can be made with player-owned accessories and allow their effects to be set. Players can optionally use orbs/globes to apply two 2-set effects. Only one effect of 3 sets can be applied. Players can celebrate the game’s first anniversary with various in-game events and special rewards. Celebrate with (highest offers since launch), including:

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Seven Knights 2> Coming Soon! Take A Peek Into Its Global Media Showcase

Our Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield – Silver Tempest Trainer Gallery subgroup focus continues with Gardevoir, Jynx, and Malamar.

Tonight is Tynamo’s Pokémon GO Spotlight Hour. Could it be smarter? What is the spotlight hour bonus? Prepare for the event right here. However, Netmarble seems to be in good spirits with the release of the second update in December. However, get ready to meet the new legendary support, Song of Hope Serena.

She joins not only as a useful healer with her various abilities, but also as a special buffer in guild attacks. Increases her movement speed, ignores ATK and DEF ability to provide favorable scoring. Thanks to its “climax” effect, all skills improve over time.

Otherwise, Song of Hope can only be obtained through the Serena (Legendary) event. Song of Hope Learn more about Serena and her abilities.

Seven Knights 2 Opens Official Japan Twitter Account

Not only is there a new hero, but new Legendary+ gear has been added to the game. Titled Radiant Body Armor of Destruction (Legendary+) it contains:

Other new content added to the game includes new free terrain exploration stages that can be entered without spending cards. These stages of free field exploration can be accessed after clearing Main Stage Season 1 – Chapter 1 on Easy difficulty. There are three free stages to explore the terrain, each offering a different level of difficulty. By the way, the rate of reward decay in the free field research stages is lower than in the existing field research stages.

Learn more about what’s introduced and changed in the new update. The new update also includes several in-game events that you can read about here.

Thank you all for your patience! The long-awaited sequel to Seven Nights is finally here.

Seven Nights 2 was unveiled to global online media yesterday. Annel Netmarble can’t miss it! Discover the latest Seven Nights 2 by viewing the showcase.

Seven Nights 2, the successor to Seven Nights enjoyed by 60 million players in 137 countries, is a game from developers full of love and care from. Various experts put their heart and soul into the game to create better and more enjoyable experiences.

Seven Knights 2 is a cinematic mobile role-playing game that allows players to collect and evolve engaging heroes of all shapes and sizes. Here are three great features of the game.


Movie Story #1

The well-written script of Seven Knights 2 offers various twists and turns, as well as an exciting story that takes place over 20 years The original saga of seven knights later. It has an in-depth cinematic story with two hours of exciting cutscenes for RPG fans.


# 2 High. quality 3D actors img alt=”” src=”” style=”width: 1479px: 783 pixels;” />

And of course, Seven Nights 2 also introduces new original characters. Seven Knights 2 features a total of 46 different heroes in stylized high quality 3D graphics, all available at launch.


Group Battle #3

Seven Nights 2 supports real-time group battles to provide a completely different experience than its predecessor. Players can cooperate and compete with each other in strategic group battles and raids.

Players must strategically choose from a huge arsenal of hero types, formations, pets and more to take down unique monsters and powerful raid bosses.

With fascinating characters, stunning graphics and fast-paced action, Seven Nights 2 is a hit with its original fans and opening an unimaginable world to potential players.

This November, Seven Nights 2 will begin broadcasting worldwide in twelve languages, including English, Japanese, English (Simplified), English (Traditional), Thai , Portuguese.