Robinhood Manipulating The Market

Robinhood Manipulating The Market – The American trading company Robinhood has been accused of market manipulation by the American court, as decided yesterday, August 12, following the events surrounding the Gamestop 2021 case.

The system should not have blocked trading during the so-called “meme stock rally” in January 2021, the one caused by the Reddit group WallStreetBets.

Robinhood Manipulating The Market

Miami court judge Cecilia Altonaga responded to the investor class action lawsuit and accused the platform of failing to serve the interests of consumers and manipulate the market, especially regarding the shares of GameStop Corp (GME.N), AMC tertainmt Holdings Inc ( AMC.N and others.

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Robinhood had decided to shut down its trading program due to a major market manipulation that occurred in January 2021, and this sparked a dispute between investors and the American company.

In a period of high volatility, in large part caused by the uncertainty of the economy that had been severely tested by this pandemic and in part by the deception of the Reddit group WallStreetBets that decided to push the shares of GameStop, the platform had the option of blocking. operation of its program.

The result of this decision was criticized by all investors who were prevented from managing their assets and therefore organized a class action lawsuit against Robinhood.

The action adopted by the exchange resulted in a significant loss of value and opportunity for investors who had returned to the battlefield.

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In 2020, Robinhood also had problems with the SEC for misleading customers about the sources of returns and failing to fulfill its obligations to improve the execution of the platform. As a result, the company had to pay about 65 million dollars.

In the hope that the company knows what it is doing, this is a big reputational blow to the tire loss industry, joining the freeze of other platforms such as Binance or the problem it had with LUNA tok, or ev Three Arrow Capital. .

The crypto market, however, at least in terms of volume and value seems to have made a meeting of basic support or perhaps a change that in any case has returned Bitcoin to the test of $ 24,000.

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We use cookies to ensure that you can have the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site, we will assume you enjoyed it. Prosecutors and federal regulators are investigating whether market manipulation or other forms of misconduct fueled last month’s rapid rise in stock prices such as GameStop Corp. GME -0.39% and AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc., AMC -2.24% according to people familiar with the matter.

The Justice Department’s fraud division and the San Francisco U.S. attorney’s office have sought information about the transaction from brokers and social media companies that were central to the business, the people said. Prosecutors have subpoenaed information from brokers such as Robinhood Markets Inc., a popular online brokerage that many investors used to trade GameStop and other stocks, the people said.

Robinhood Trading App Accused Of Market Manipulation After Gamestop Trading Shut Down — Rt Usa News

Shares of GameStop rose from about $20 to $483 over a two-week period in January. The stock is down to around $50. It was fueled by many powerful traders urging each other on Reddit to buy stocks and squeeze hedge funds betting that prices would fall. Traders whose stock price will fall are known as short sellers.

In addition to the Justice Department investigation, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission is investigating such trading, the people said. The CFTC has opened a preliminary investigation into whether misconduct occurred as some Reddit traders targeted silver futures and the largest exchange-traded fund linked to the currency, iShares Silver Trust, SLV 0.08% one of the people said.

Separately, the House Financial Services Committee is planning a hearing on February 18 to investigate what happened to GameStop stock. Reddit CEO Steve Huffman has been subpoenaed to testify and plans to appear before lawmakers, he told the Journal on Thursday.

Spokesmen for the Justice Department and the CFTC declined to comment. A Reddit spokesperson declined to comment. A spokesman for BlackRock Inc., which manages the iShares funds, could not immediately be reached for comment.

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Some commentators have argued that the people who moderate Reddit—especially in its WallStreetBets forum—publicly engage in a form of manipulation known as pump and dump. In such a scheme, traders conspire to inflate the price of a stock, usually by spreading false information, and then profit by selling their stock to people who have been duped by the fraud.

Proving market manipulation generally requires showing that traders planned to set false prices and took steps to complete it.

Regulators and prosecutors can find out who bought and sold stocks, relying on data known as “blue sheets,” which brokers use to identify individuals who trade. Closing a business with public information is more difficult; most people who talked about GameStop on sites like Reddit did so anonymously.

If the investigation showed that a few key people fueled the entire effort, that could strengthen the fraud case, according to securities lawyers. However, prosecuting hundreds of defendants who traded in small increments and believed they were fighting hedge funds would be impossible, lawyers said.

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SEC Acting Chair Allison Lee told NPR last week that her agency’s enforcement division is working “around the clock” to determine whether any wrongdoing occurred. Lee said the SEC’s enforcement division is looking for signs of manipulation, but also looking at whether brokers like Robinhood that were forced to block trades at the height of the chaos and company insiders at companies like GameStop followed the rules. The Robinhood Markets, Inc. logo. is seen at a pop-up event on Wall Street after the company’s IPO in New York City, U.S., July 29, 2021. /Andrew Kelly

Aug 11 () – Stock trading platform Robinhood Markets Inc (HOOD.O) must face market manipulation allegations against restrictions it placed on trading during last year’s “meme stock” rally, a US judge ruled Thursday .

U.S. District Court Judge Cecilia Altonaga in Miami said in the ruling that investors in GameStop Corp ( GME.N ), AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc ( AMC.N ) and seven other stocks can proceed with the proposed class action lawsuit. barriers to participation in depression. price.

The lawsuit was one of several brought against the retail platform after it temporarily blocked customers from buying hot products in January 2021, including GameStop and AMC.

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Shares of the companies soared amid a rally fueled by social media that eventually led Robinhood and others to halt trading in the affected securities, angering retail investors and shaking market confidence. The volatility caused heavy losses for hedge funds that had bet against meme stocks.

Robinhood had removed the ability of its users to buy some stocks a day when its clearance requirements reached $3 billion in cash requirements – a requirement set by the National Securities Clearing Corporation. The brokerage also temporarily limited the number of shares that users could buy in some hot stocks.

Judge Altonaga is presiding over multiple lawsuits alleging Robinhood and others violated US law in their response to the social media-driven rally.

He previously denied allegations that the company and other brokers illegally conspired to stop a “short squeeze” that was causing billions of dollars in losses for hedge funds that were betting on falling stock prices. The judge also dismissed claims by retail investors that Robinhood was negligent and breached its duty to customers.

Robinhood Slapped With Lawsuit For ‘manipulating’ Gamestop Trades

In a ruling published Thursday, a judge denied Robinhood’s request to dismiss separate allegations that it engaged in market manipulation to drive down the price of the nine stocks by canceling buy orders, liquidating its clients’ shares and closing options.

While the restrictions alone would not support a claim of market manipulation, the “vague and contradictory statements made to conceal its lack of capital” “provide an intent on the part of Robinhood to lower the stock price for its own benefit,” the judge wrote.

The company must also deal with traders’ claims that the alleged fraud violated a federal law prohibiting securities fraud, the decision said.

The judge however dismissed allegations that the brokerage engaged in market manipulation to induce investors to sell their shares.

The Robinhood And Gamestop Stock Saga Explained

In a statement, Robinhood’s associate general counsel for litigation and regulatory enforcement, Cheryl Crumpton, said the company continues to stand by its actions, which it believes were “appropriate and necessary to help our customers.”

“The court has yet to make any findings of fact or rule on the merits – and we will continue to defend ourselves vigorously in this matter,” Crumpton said.

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Robinhood Market Manipulation Investigation