Property Investment Tips At A Young Age

Property Investment Tips at a Young Age

Considering this issue alone, the biggest hurdle millennials face is funding. Not only do millennials have limited funds due to low wages, but they also struggle to get large loans. But if you have the desire, you can start. Especially if you still live with your parents. You can save a lot.

For example, reduce your monthly expenses by making lifestyle changes. If you usually go out with your friends once a week, reduce this time to once a month. Also, there should be no debt. This has a huge impact on your ability to pay your monthly payments.

Property Investment Tips at a Young Age

You are looking for information about the best real estate products.

The first thing you should do before deciding to invest in real estate is to find a property with a good location or great potential. The reason is that this place is in the center of real estate investment. The more strategic location you choose, the higher your chances of getting higher property prices in the future. Your job is to search and search for information in various media about square meters of real estate.

Who are the developers?

Then, in order to buy a property, you must also choose a promoter. Why? If you want to invest in the right place, you also need to find good developers. It’s simple.

You can check with the development agency. One of them is Real Estate Indonesia (REI). You can check if a company is listed as a developer on the REI website. So pay attention to your performance.

Choose a developer who is already thinking about real estate development, because the company will not run away in case of a problem. The fact of the matter is that good developers do not want to distrust consumers. A good developer always puts the interests of consumers first. Whenever there is a problem, the developers do their best to fix it.

Is it safe to invest in real estate?

Real estate is one of the safest investment vehicles. The reason is that the object exists. Another benefit is that real estate prices continue to rise. Therefore, it is better to invest your funds in assets in the form of assets, rather than invest in places that do not produce.

The illustration is like this. If you buy a property today and pay in installments over 5 years, the value of the investment is already very high. After that, you can sell the property with a higher yield. Therefore, the value of the investment will continue to rise.

Selling if you need money

It is important to remember that real estate is an asset that can be used as an investment vehicle. Because the product is there, it will come in handy one day when you need big funds.

If you are buying an apartment and you want to resell it, buy an apartment by pre-sale. Why? Because the yield is definitely much higher than buying a finished apartment. But if you want to rent out again, buy an already finished apartment.

This is because there are apartments that do not have a lot of capital gains but have significant rental income. This usually occurs in mature and well located apartments.

in cheap real estate

Invest in real estate now. Even if you are willing to sacrifice layers. You can choose a property at a relatively low price. Start by looking for suburban apartments or simple middle-class houses.

The sooner you start, the sooner you can return your investment. Or a good period is your ROI.

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