Overwatch 2 Kkachi Echo Skin Guide: How To Get The Free Skin

Overwatch 2 Kkachi Echo Skin Guide: How To Get The Free Skin – Echo is an evolutionary robot programmed with rapid adaptive artificial intelligence and versatile enough to perform a variety of combat roles on the battlefield.

Echo emits a beam of light for a few seconds that deals massive damage to targets below half their health.

Overwatch 2 Kkachi Echo Skin Guide: How To Get The Free Skin

As his class suggests, Echo is a flexible hero who can adapt to many combinations and adapt to many situations. He can dive next to his own tank, flank the rear line, drop enemies from the air, or focus on breaking enemy shields to free his team’s sights. Thanks to her omnidirectional mobility, Echo can pose a threat from multiple positions, bypass shields, hit vulnerable backlines, or use her focused beam to pick out targets weakened by teammates.

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Hit instant heroes like Cassidy and Widowmaker are Echo’s biggest threats. Be careful flying and squeezing when the enemy team has a hit scan, or you’ll find yourself an easy target. Another weakness of his is how easily he puts himself at a disadvantage in flight. Be mindful of where you fly, land on your team, on a natural flank, or in a position where you won’t be cornered and killed easily.

General: Outside of tanks, your biggest threat is D.Va. His large key zone makes him easy to headshot with his primary fire, so step back, chase him to the safety of your team, and charge for his ultimate. Booster: Thanks to the quick cooldown of the Booster, D.Va can easily catch up to you whether you’re in the air or retreating. Avoid flying too far away from your team or hide so he can’t easily turn you around. Defense Matrix: D.Va will absorb sticky bombs before they land, so only use them if D.Va is distracted or has recently used her matrix. However, he has no defenses against focused beams other than dodge. Self-Destruction: Your flight is your life-and-death savior against D.Va’s ultras. The boost and movement speed should be enough to cover you if you have it. However, if you’re on a plane, try canceling it and landing on the nearest cover. Your best bet is to predict when D.Va will come out and the plane will be ready.

D.Va is a very free Echo Tank. You both have tons of burst power, so you shouldn’t have a problem securing a kill or two while diving. Heed his call and approach him and he will protect you with the Defense Matrix.

Great option for repeats. His kit feels like an Echo: highly maneuverable via boosters, excellent burst potential via tiny missiles. Defense Matrix is ​​a great defensive ability that keeps your teammates from high damage, allows for aggressive dives, and can completely negate some outcomes. Self-Destroy charges fast and is great for knocking down or forcing enemies off point/payload in overtime.

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General: Unless he catches you off guard, Doomfist can’t do anything to you. Its primary fire spreads too far to pose any real threat to you in the air. Listen carefully when fighting Doomfist, as his abilities will beep loudly. Flying can easily get you caught up in his abilities, so if you’re around him, support him. Rocket Punch: You can sit at a leaning angle, allowing Doomfist to push your team and wait for him to start charging, leaving you vulnerable to sticky bombs. Rising Uppercut: Behind this ability makes him vulnerable to sticky bombs. Meteor Strike: If Doomfist uses his ult aggressively, use Fly to leave the area of ​​effect, then throw a Sticky Bomb at him while he’s stuck in the landing animation.

Doomfist is a good choice for duplication. He has a lot of mobility, and you can fight more aggressively than a standard Doomfist. Taking enough damage with a Power Block increases the damage and stun duration of his Rocket Punch. Meteor Strike charges fast, as does Rocket Punch in one use.

General: Orisa’s Augmented Fusion Driver projectiles and fast air targets like you are hard to target. Orisa has a large hitbox and a large critical hit zone, so when her barrier is down she should be easy to target with her primary fire and sticky bombs. Energy Javelin: Orisa’s Javelin will stun you even while in the air. Be careful not to fall to the ground, as sticking to a wall will increase the shock damage and duration. Javelin Spin: Javelin Spin counteracts your primary fire and sticky bombs. However, the focused beam can still damage it. Augments: Orisa often saves augments while Javelin Spin is on cooldown. While he gets stronger, save your skills; focus on dodging and landing heavy hits with your primary fire. Terra Surge: It can’t pull you in and take damage while you’re in the air. Keep an eye on it and make sure you’re out of range. Note that Fortify is active when using its ultimate.

As a hero with a lot of mobility, Echo favors a reinforced tank over Orisa, but there is some synergy between the two. Terra Surge is a perfect match for your Sticky Bomb, so coordinate his moves. 200 HP enemies impaled on walls with his energy spears can also be good targets for the Focused Beam, as they lose half their health.

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Orisa is an excellent choice for reproduction. Defensive Barriers increase your team’s survivability, while Supercharger Echoes appear faster than they can make up for personal DPS losses. Orisa is a common pick on maps with environmental threats, so you can use Halt! to secure multiple instant kills.

Reinhardt has little to do with you. You’ll generally be out of range of his Missile Hammer and Charge, and Fire Strikes will have a hard time landing on him when you’re in the air. Its large hitbox can easily drop sticky bombs and your primary fire. Obstacle Field: Echo is a great shield – helps focus your team’s shield, and once you see the crack, follow up with Focus Beam to quickly break it. Fire Strike: Rein might not be able to target you with Fire Strike, but if you’re on the ground and notice him connecting, fire some sticky bombs at him and use Flight to Move while your shield is down. Charge: You can’t charge Rein, but if you notice him starting to charge, you can jump out of the way with flying and start throwing him out of the air. Earthshatter: Like Charge, you probably won’t be able to have it crush you. Keep an eye on its ultimate limit and make sure you go beyond it. He lowers his shield and hits his final target, so use that to focus on him or put pressure on your teammates.

Echo doesn’t have significant team synergy with Reinhardt. When he uses Earthshatter, use a sticky bomb on one target, then focus on another. Your Focus Beam can come in handy here, but don’t hesitate to pick and kill a high-priority target that’s been ignored by your team so they don’t come out alive.

Great option for repeats. You’ll greatly increase your team’s survivability with her Barrier Field, she doesn’t do much damage with her hammer and Firestrike, her Charge can knock down enemies in one hit, and her Dread Strike can be used to neutralize ultras. His Earthshatter charge is incredibly fast and can turn things around with ease.

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General: Roadhog fights against you as a gun hero. Be careful though: he can easily overwhelm your hitbox if you get in range. It has a very large hitbox that makes it easy to land your primary fire and sticky bombs. Step back, hit him at a distance, and dash to him for the last one. Chain Hook: Stay within 20 meters of the hook, and be ready for Flight to attempt to jump out of its hook, or suffer ambient death if it gets close. Inhalation: Roadhog waits to use his inhaler until his HP is fairly low. When it’s at 50% or less, try hitting it with a focused beam right away. Whole Hog: Hog’s ultimate threatens you if you get close to him or when your flight is on cooldown. Use the power of flight to put distance between you or avoid damaging the environment.

Echo has no team synergy with Roadhog – help Hog if he’s a Chain Hooks high health target.

Roadhog is a great option for replays. you will