My Cat Runs Through The House With Her Tail Straight Up Does This Indicate She Is Happy Or Is She Just Trying To Keep Her Balance

My Cat Runs Through The House With Her Tail Straight Up Does This Indicate She Is Happy Or Is She Just Trying To Keep Her Balance – Whether you have a new cat or just moved into a new apartment or not. It is important to make sure your home is safe. Remove your trash from windows and balconies; Keeping wires and toilet paper away from curious cats. Here are some safety tips.

To be cat proof, you need to think like a cat when hitting the cell. What surface are they trying to jump to? How to play “wash the floor” in this room by jumping from furniture or furniture? If it is about 10 kilos and liquid, where can it be hidden?

My Cat Runs Through The House With Her Tail Straight Up Does This Indicate She Is Happy Or Is She Just Trying To Keep Her Balance

Beds under the bed; Check clothes, blankets and blankets; Look near the kitchen and bookcases. What attracts the cubs’ interest or what do they explore with their teeth or claws?

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There are some places to watch out for; But this list is not complete. If you think something is dangerous for a cat; Carefully take it off the table (sometimes literally).

Your cat is a rubber band. cuts paper with thumb; balls; needle buckles; Dishes and other small craft or office supplies are fun and can even be considered toys. Don’t store small items like these in open containers on your desk or craft table, spill into a bucket or other sharp objects. Cats can swallow and injure their intestines, so use closed containers or keep them out of the way in litter boxes.

Cats are climbers, and the top of your pet’s balance is critical to exploring their domain. Heavy furniture can fall over if the cat shifts weight, so take the time to bring things high up the wall using straps and bird chains or a kit for this purpose.

Long cords hanging from curtains or drapes can be a strangulation hazard if they wrap around the cat’s neck. You hope to install the cable; To keep your pup safe, you can tie them to the ground with a strap or place them in hook options.

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If your cat can jump to the surface, he will try. They love to explore and climb and go to unexpected places like the top of the fridge or the kitchen cupboards. The cat also knocks things over (hey, they’re fun) so you can have a ship; If she has porcelain or glass figurines, consider placing them in a cabinet and adding interesting nozzles and sprinkles.

Cats love to explore and search windows. Make sure you lock all windows and doors so your cat can’t open them. If you open a window to get fresh air; Make sure you have a safe screen with no rips or tears.

A litter box or bucket where your cat can go. In particular, you should not leave anything that contains bleach or ammonia. Even if your kitten tries not to drink, strong fumes can irritate your sensitive upper respiratory tract. Avoid using cleaners containing pine oil or phenol, especially around cats, when washing litter boxes, food and water bowls.

Be careful when using the vehicle’s cooling system. It is poisonous, but has a pleasant smell for cats. Go around and clean up any balls or balls immediately.

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Some cats are cord chewers, which can damage bowls and cat walks. To reinforce the behavior, put electrical tape on your wires or double tape your electrical cables (cats don’t like sticky things).

He loves all plants, even cats. Cutting plants and flowers can help brighten your home and clean the air, but not all types are safe if you have cats. Cats tend to bite or chew the leaves and foliage, so if your cat likes cats, these plants should not be kept indoors.

Poinsettias are not toxic to care for, but can cause mild stomach upset when eaten, so be careful around the holidays.

If you have a compost bin, make sure it has a lid. There is a trigger, and there is no throat. Keep the compost in the refrigerator or in a covered container so that cats are not tempted to eat things they shouldn’t.

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Kitchen The same goes for disposing of rubbish in the bathroom and elsewhere in your home – use a container with a lid. Give your cat something to clean and a potential source of danger, and don’t encourage your pup to knock over the open litter box. Also, things like discarded dental floss may look like toys, but can cause intestinal obstruction if swallowed by a puppy.

Moths are poisonous if eaten or smelled, so keep them in shelters or clothing bags and litter boxes (away from your cat), on the floor, or on open shelves. Give bats around, cat toys, not moths.

Cats fire, pottery; candles; Cats should be kept away from flames, whether on or off the stove. Keep candles away from the cat and do not light candles or flames. If you have a fireplace, use the stove to protect cats from flames and possible smoke.

Keep your medications in sealed bottles and in your cupboard away from your cat. The amazing Rx bottles roll as you touch and touch and the sound of the pills is so exciting. If you open the box of pills or put pills on the internet, they will eat them right away, if they drop the pills, be sure to find them and throw them in front of the cat, even if you think about the taste.

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If you live in an apartment or condo with a balcony, you can enjoy the view and the breeze. Kitty loves the feeling of being on the porch, but before you put the cat on it; Make sure the cat is proof that it doesn’t slip. plexiglass that prevents your cat from passing through the panels on the railings; Screen wires or netting can be installed.

Your cat should be washed in the washing machine. Do not put it in the dryer or washer and do not get stuck inside. Always check inside before operating with all doors closed. Starting with your cat in the washer or dryer can be fatal – or in short order. Make it a habit to check the cat before you start to close or open the door.

Yes, your cat will try to climb your Christmas tree and knock the decorations down. Place the fragile ornaments higher and closer to the inside of the tree trunk. Tinsel is not good for cats because it can cause intestinal blockage if they try to bite and swallow it. Cats will try to gnaw on holiday lights or even tree branches. An evergreen tree adorned with red berries, leaves and berries poisoned by cats, no matter how festive; your crowns; They do not use branches and decorations.

Save your cat from every Independence Day parade. Cats can hear loud noises, so if you have a kitten, be careful during parade season. From packages with gift wrapping tapes; Caring for children.

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Many essential oils are harmful to cats. Avoid using open-top items that are resistant to application or twisting, which can leave grease on the cat’s back. Keep your essential oil container away from cats.

Cats are caught in plastic bags and try to escape unharmed. Cut off the handles of paper bags before putting them down to encourage kittens to explore and prevent plastic bags from being used as toys.

Like smaller versions of cats; Cats require special attention for safety in your home. All of the cat testing advice still holds true, but see the following.

The cubs are too small to drown and fall. Keep your secret lid closed at least until your cat is older or better. Leave the bathroom off limits (unless you throw trash in the trash), really. You may want to keep the toilet lid closed once your dog is older, but toilet bowls are dangerous and you don’t want the lid to fall off accidentally.

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Floor-length curtains and drapes (especially waterfall curtains) can’t be spoiled. Consider removing or removing the bandage before they are taught to use a scalpel.

Plastic rings around boxes or bottles are a choking hazard for small cats. Do not enter the house and cut the cords

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