Microsoft Erases Gains After Saying Azure Growth To Decelerate

Microsoft Erases Gains After Saying Azure Growth To Decelerate – Microsoft cut revenue amid concerns about slowing cloud business. Microsoft said its third-quarter earnings were between $21.7 billion and $22 billion, but analysts expected him to be $22.14 billion.

Microsoft Corp said revenue growth from its Azure cloud computing business fell short of Wall Street expectations, blaming it for lower corporate sales.

Microsoft Erases Gains After Saying Azure Growth To Decelerate

According to Microsoft, revenue for the third quarter was between $21.7 billion and $22 billion, with analysts expecting him to make $22.14 billion.

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Shares in late trading Tuesday after CFO Amy Hood said Azure sales fell four to five points from the second quarter of the budget, where earnings are in her mid-30s to now. suppressed the early rise. The cloud is a bright spot in the company’s earnings report. The company’s other divisions suffered lower sales related to personal computer software and video games.

Shareholders have already sent the stock up more than 4% above his share as a sign of confidence in Microsoft’s cloud business. The company’s weak forecast drew attention to its problems as consumers held back on spending. Second quarter revenue growth was 2%, the slowest in six years, and Microsoft announced last week that it would lay off 10,000 employees.

The company reported earnings of $2.32 per share for the three months ended Dec. 31, but had sales of $52.7 billion. That compares with analyst consensus estimates of $2.30 per share and $52.9 billion in revenue, according to the study. Excluding earnings, Azure revenue grew 38% for the full quarter, beating analyst expectations.

The company’s stock fell about 1% after management released its forecasts on a conference call. Previously, it climbed to $254.79 after closing at $242.04 in the New York general trade. The stock is down 29% in 2022, compared to a 20% decline in the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index.

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Azure can increase cloud spending with the growth of artificial intelligence. Brett Iversen, his head of investor relations at Microsoft, said of his OpenAI, in which the company has invested heavily:

OpenAI is behind his ChatGPT, a chatbot sensation that can spit out love stories in the style of Shakespeare and other prose with text commands. That model is built on Azure compute time.

Bob O’Donnell of TECHnalysis Research said:

Azure is Microsoft’s most closely guarded business and has led to new revenue growth since Satya Nadella took the helm in 2014 and led the company across markets. Microsoft is now looking for smart work applications to drive demand for Azure. According to Nadella, revenue from Azure Machine Learning services has more than doubled in his five quarters.

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According to BofA Global Research estimates, Azure will take from his 20% share of the cloud computing market in 2018 to his 30% share of the cloud computing market by the end of 2022. AWS dropped from 71% to 55% over the same period.

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We collect and share user data with other providers to operate this website. Use of this website requires acceptance of our privacy policy, including our cookie policy. (January 25): Microsoft Corp said revenue growth in its Azure cloud computing business will slow this season, blaming lower business software sales. There is growing concern over declining demand for products that have been strengthened in recent years.

The stock fell early in after-hours trading after CFO Amy Hood said Azure sales were down 4-5% from the end of the second quarter, when earnings were in his mid-30s to now. restrained the rise. The business marked a turning point in Microsoft’s disappointing earnings report, which had been hampered by other divisions due to declining sales of personal computer software and video games.

Shareholders have already made him more than 4% in profits, boosted by signs of stabilization in Microsoft’s cloud business, despite a weak overall market for software and other technology products. The company’s focus has returned to the software giant’s challenges as consumers tighten leases. His 2% earnings growth in the second quarter was the slowest in six years.

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