Lunar New Year 2023: What Is The Year Of The Rabbit?

Lunar New Year 2023: What Is The Year Of The Rabbit? – It’s time to celebrate the Lunar New Year in Pokémon GO! Pokemons like Bunnelby and Buneary will appear more often in the wild, and trainers can expect other event-themed Pokemon to appear in the wild, hatch, and hatch from eggs.

It looks like all trainers’ luck will improve during the event as well: you’ll have a better chance of meeting Shiny Darumaka, a better chance of getting a Lucky Pokemon in the store, and a better chance of becoming Lucky Friends!

Lunar New Year 2023: What Is The Year Of The Rabbit?

During the Lunar New Year, trainers can choose from various bonuses as a reward for their study of the weather.

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Trainers will be able to access programmed research for branches that fulfill their wishes for bonuses related to hatching eggs, daily incense promotions, or collecting stardust.

No matter what you choose, all trainers who complete the survey will receive a lucky egg and other items. They will also have the opportunity to meet the following Pokemon.

The following avatar items will be available for purchase in the in-game store during this event and will also be available after the event ends.

Be aware of your surroundings and follow the guidelines of local health authorities when playing Pokémon GO. Future events are subject to change. Be sure to follow us on social media, sign up for push notifications, and subscribe to our email to stay up to date. What is the animal sign for Chinese New Year 2023? 2023 is the year of the Black Water Rabbit. The year 2023 is Sunday, January 22, 2023 in China time zone. Chinese New Year is Saturday 21 January 2023. It is a public holiday in China. Usually, the New Year holiday lasts at least five days starting from the Chinese New Year. In addition to Saturdays and Sundays, statutory holidays can last up to seven days.

What Is Year Of The Rabbit? And Why Is 2023 Called The ‘water Rabbit’?

How old is China? What is the new lunar year 2023? China will be 4720 years old on Sunday, January 22, 2023. This is because the Yellow Emperor, the first Chinese emperor, was enthroned in 2697 BC.

The first day of Chinese spring is February 4, 2023. This date is called Li-Chun 立春, which means the beginning of spring. Chinese New Year is usually around the first day of spring. Therefore, the Chinese New Year holiday is also called the Spring Festival 春節. Chinese New Year is the new moon date of the first lunar month. It is from the Chinese lunar calendar. The first day of spring is the first day of the tiger month. This date is the first day of the Chinese astrological year. This is from the Chinese astrological calendar, which is a calendar of the Chinese zodiac signs. 2023 is the year of the Black Rabbit.

Traditionally, the first thing to do immediately after waking up on the morning of Chinese New Year in China is to open the door and light firecrackers. Today, many Chinese do not sleep on Chinese New Year’s Eve and look forward to Chinese New Year. As soon as midnight passes, people in the house should hear the sounds of fireworks one after the other.

The sound of firecrackers and fireworks tell people that the New Year has arrived. People celebrate the New Year while watching TV shows, enjoying fireworks or playing games. They should first send greetings to their parents or older members at home, and then to their brothers and sisters. The most popular greeting is Gong Xi Fa Chai 恭喜發財 (pronounced Gong Hay Fat Choy 2023 in Cantonese), which means “congratulations and take the money”. The firecracker and the greetings are from the story of the animal Nian. “Get rich” is the desire of the rich because the Chinese like to talk about money. To have good luck in the coming year, some Chinese people go to the temple at midnight and ask the gods for good luck just after the New Year arrives.

Lunar New Year Celebrations At Moa The Year Of Rabbit

Some Chinese families put on new clothes shortly after midnight or the time of the rats (11:00 PM to 1:00 AM) on Chinese New Year. They then choose a lucky time on the Chinese peasant calendar to worship spirits and ancestors with candles, fruit, rice cakes, tea, long noodles and sweets. The purpose of this ritual is to tell the spirits and ancestors that the new year is coming. At the end of the ceremony, they will open the door, choose the direction of the lucky money for the explosion of firecrackers, which means getting rid of the bad things of the past and welcoming the new arrival. Chinese families give children a red envelope at this time, and then the children go to sleep.

After sunrise, it’s time to wish neighbors, friends, colleagues and family a happy Chinese New Year. Before the call time, the teachers will return to the school to say goodbye. Officials will return to office to welcome the New Year. Many people now say Gong Xi Fa Chai over the phone or send greetings by email.

On Chinese New Year, the Chinese eat a meatless breakfast made from New Year’s leftovers. At noon they should worship the House Spirit simply by sacrificing animals, vegetables and rice. In the evening, they worship the family ancestors again with a full dinner.

In the morning, all children should wear new clothes, pants, shoes, hats or jackets. Each family must prepare many different types of sweets on a tray for the people who come to their house. If a child goes with an adult to visit someone and says Gong Xi Fa Chai, he can get a red envelope. In Taiwan, the president, mayors and temples will prepare many red envelopes for their supporters. Since the number of red envelopes is limited, people have to go early and wait in a long line to get their hands on the red envelope.

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Chinese New Year is closed until early spring. This means it is the beginning of the flower season. Popular flowers for Chinese New Year are orchids, daffodils, peach blossoms, chrysanthemums, kumquats, cherry blossoms, camellias, etc. Therefore, some people like to visit a flower garden or visit a flower exhibition to enjoy the flowers or take pots home.

Some Chinese like to take the whole family to the countryside to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Others like to go to the temple to watch the crowd and pray for good luck. Today, more and more young people go to shopping centers to spend money from red envelopes and buy New Year’s special offers or go to the cinema with friends. Of course, some still like to sit at the Mah-Jong table to earn money.

There is little chance of seeing a dancing lion or a frolicking dragon on a modern city street. People should go to the National Culture Streets to see the traditional Chinese New Year activities. There you can see lion dance, money god, parade, open theater opera, puppet show, etc. You can also buy different traditional sweets, their zodiac animal symbols, food, gifts from traditional shops.

The Chinese maintain the tradition of the lion dance because they believe that a statue of a lion can ward off evil spirits. The Chinese believe that the dragon is responsible for rain. The dancing dragon prays for good rain to grow a bountiful harvest during the farming community. In addition, the dragon is a good and well-known symbol that can bring happiness to people. You can watch the lion dance video at the following link – Chinese New Year Lion Video.

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The unique style of Chinese New Year music can be heard in Chinese New Year Music (MP3). You can hear that music from supermarkets, radio stations, TV stations, and during lion or dragon dances in the street.

How long is Chinese New Year? The Spring Festival in China is the longest festival of the year. Many Chinese take advantage of this to travel. Many young Chinese people today may plan to visit different geographic cities, famous landscapes, tourist centers, or travel to different regions, states, or countries. They can spend Chinese New Year in a foreign country to experience different styles of Chinese New Year.

China’s current population is over 1.41 billion at the end of 2018. There are at least 50 million overseas Chinese. This means that more than 1.46 billion Chinese people will be celebrating Chinese New Year around the world. Many Chinese cities and Chinese communities in the United States also celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year. They have different timings for the 2023 Chinese New Year Parade.

There are some traditional Chinese New Year taboos and superstitions on the Chinese New Year Taboos page. Get ready for new festivities, because at the end of January we will welcome a new year, the Chinese New Year 2023! This event is an important celebration for the entire country of China. And not only China, but also many other countries such as Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, North Korea, Singapore, South Korea, Vietnam and

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