Lancer In Fate Stay Night Has Quite A Different Appearance Than In Fate Zero Such As His Lack Of A Beauty Mark Why Is That

Lancer In Fate Stay Night Has Quite A Different Appearance Than In Fate Zero Such As His Lack Of A Beauty Mark Why Is That – Lancer is a Lancer-class servant of Kenneth El-Melloi Archibald in The Fourth Fate/Zero Holy Grail War. He is a knight servant willing to do his best to serve his master and win the battle for the Grail. She shares a bond of mutual respect with her rival servant, Saber, who wants to challenge her in an honorable duel to the death.

Lancer was seen as an incredibly handsome and handsome man with long, curly hair that was roughly combed back. She was wearing a dark blue dress that Saber and Irisviel von Einzbern thought was odd. It follows the same lines as Cú Chulainn’s costume as they share a common Celtic mythology.

Lancer In Fate Stay Night Has Quite A Different Appearance Than In Fate Zero Such As His Lack Of A Beauty Mark Why Is That

Irisville noticed immediately that his features would sweep the woman’s heart in an instant. Her bold facial features are described as including a high nose bridge and bold eyebrows. His rough mouth gave him a stern look, but his eyes seemed to hide a quiet sadness. Takeuchi thinks her cute part is her droopy eyes and the shape of her mouth. He has a beautiful teardrop-shaped spot under his right eye that only brightens his vision. She also smelled a strong male odor coming from her.

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I soon realized that her beautiful beauty was natural. Although his features are considered beautiful, the curse of his beauty stems from his spiritual power to attract women.

Lancer is a very proud and noble knight who wants to serve his master as much as possible. Lancer took Grainne’s rescue of him as a test of his pride. She never blamed him for forcing her on him, and he truly admired her ability to give up her pride, fame, and future for his love. Even though Fionn died doing nothing, he is constantly haunted by his betrayal of his master. Despite the cruel twist of fate that had led him down this path, Lancer believed that his days with his master and love were over.

Lancer sees the Grail War as a miracle that will allow him to regain his pride as a knight, fighting noble battles and handing over the Grail to his master. He didn’t need to make a wish on Gray because summoning him fulfilled half of his greatest wish. If Diarmuid had appreciated Cainet’s talent and experience, Cainet would have treated him leniently.

To Lancer’s dismay, Al-Melloi doesn’t believe him and continues to see his pride as a knight. He constantly annoys Lancer, believing that he is planning to betray Lancer and use his magical position to take his bride, Sola-Ui Nuada-Re Sophia-Re. He is also a coward who constantly makes demands that force Lancer to betray his code and win at all costs. Despite his own insecurities and his master’s lack of character, Lancer remains loyal to Sola despite his fear that his love for her will eventually lead him to betray his master again.

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Lancer obeys the rules of chivalry and holds his pride as a knight to the utmost, and his intention is to believe in the honor of wartime. While pursued by the Knights of Villon, he refused to fight against his former comrades. Although he had several opportunities to kill Saber or Kiritsugu, he refused to do so due to circumstances that would violate his laws. During the battle with Saber, he tried to ensure the best situation. The law and its pride also hinders the fight to ignore the crime. During the Caster Crisis, he went so far as to fight alongside Gae Buidhe after he was injured, serving as his “left hand” so that he would meet him again in battle in the future. He is willing to destroy Gay Buide to allow Saber to use his Noble Phantasm to destroy Caster, because Caster himself is a great evil that must be destroyed. Even if there is no benefit from it.

It was created by Takeuchi as an English rock style. He is a rare character for General Urobuchi, as he is usually seen as either evil or stupid as a beautiful character, as there is a strict rule that if a person is too beautiful, their life will be really miserable.

Lancer’s true identity is Diarmuid Ua Duibhne (ディルムッド・オディナ,?), son of Don, adopted son of Angus Ogg, and

The first warrior of the Knights of the Fianna. He became known as Diarmuid of the Love Point because of the magic love points given by young maidens. Any woman who laid eyes on the place immediately fell in love with it, eventually leading to a meeting with Grann, Fionn mac Cumhaill’s bride. Grann forces Jace to flee after falling in love with Diarmuid at their wedding. They were relentlessly persecuted by Fionn, but after much bloodshed, he decided to recognize their marriage, gave Diarmuid the titles and lands he deserved, and welcomed them as subjects.

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Later, Diarmuid was fatally wounded by the tusks of a wild boar while hunting with Fionn. He is accompanied by Fionn, who is able to turn the water spring into a powerful healing agent, so he does not fear death. Fionna had to take a few steps to the nearest spring, but her mind was full of jealousy and hatred towards Diarmuid, and she poured water twice. Diarmuid died of his injuries when he tried to draw water a third time.

Her tragic love story with Greene later served as a model for the story of Lancelot and Guinevere.

Alexander’s servant was kidnapped by the Velvet Weaver as an incentive for his invitation. The contract with Lancer is unique because Kainet has command magic, the energy needed to bring Lancer to life is held by Kainet’s bride, Sola-Ui. Lancer effectively advertises his location in order to draw Kainet into battle, while Kainet hides. Saber and Irisviel von Einzbern responded to the challenge, and Lancer eventually gained the upper hand, knocking out Gae Buidhe.

Before their battle could continue, Ryder, Berserker, and Archer stopped the fight, and as Berserker began attacking Saber, Keineth ordered Lancer to join him and destroy himself. Since this is against Lancer’s code of honor, Keineth uses a command spell to force him to attack. Rider, who like Lancer values ​​respect, decides to force Berserker to back down, threatening to turn on Lancer and Saber if Keineth doesn’t back down. Lancer was later reprimanded for his actions, though Sulla summed it up by criticizing Cainet for not actively participating. Lancer defends his master, who is angry at Lancer because he believes Sulla likes him. Before the matter can be resolved, their base, the Fuyuki Hyatt Hotel, is attacked by Kiritsugu Emiya and Maya Hisau, who destroy the hotel’s foundation and split it into three pieces.

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When Keineth and the other wizards were rewarded with an additional command spell for defeating Caster, Lancer was sent to kill a magical servant who was in battle with Saber at the time. With the help of Saber, he successfully destroys Caster and Gae Dirg’s brutal army, but fights him off to save Keinet from Kiritsugu. Bedridden and unable to cast magic, Keineth is forced to give the rest of her command spells to Sola-Ui, whose infatuation with Lancer soon turns into obsession. Lancer was frustrated by how much his current situation resembled his past life.

Lancer is instrumental in defeating Caster when the Servant summons a giant monster to wreak havoc on Fuyuki City. He is willing to destroy Gae Buidhe to remove the magic blocking Saber’s abilities, allowing him to use his full power and destroy Caster.

Saber and Irisville later confront Lancer to end their fight with Saber, but both are unaware that Saber’s master, Kiritsugu, has hatched a plan to destroy both Lancer and his master. They’ve been evenly matched for a while now, though the Lancers are worried the Sabers will mimic Jay Boudhi’s injury. He thinks it’s a pity, but he corrects that fighting for honor is the only way to get real power.

The battle ends when Kiritsugu, holding Sola-Ui hostage, forces Kainet to use his last command to force his servant to commit suicide; Thus, Lancer was forced to lead Jay

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