Key Takeaways From Musk’s Second Day Of Testimony In Fraud Trial

Key Takeaways From Musk’s Second Day Of Testimony In Fraud Trial – You may have heard about Elon Musk buying Twitter and how it went through twists and turns. Elon Musk’s life was confirmed by 5pm. On October 28, 2022 at ET, Twitter’s access will be terminated or a trial period will be scheduled. Many experts believe the effort will be a tough battle for Musk to lose.

Musker, the most optimistic among us, expressed doubt that the acquisition would go ahead. However, Musk said himself in the acquisition of Twitter, saying that he intends to complete the acquisition on Friday, a deadline set by the Delaware judge. Check out all about Musk’s Twitter acquisition and upcoming Twitter releases.

Key Takeaways From Musk’s Second Day Of Testimony In Fraud Trial

The Washington Post reported on October 20 that Elon Musk told investors that he would lay off 75% of Twitter employees. According to the document, this means that Twitter employees will be cut from 7,500 to more than 2,000. This is a huge reduction in the workforce, and many people are worried about the disaster. The company’s ability to operate effectively.

Twitter Calls Elon Musk’s Third Attempt To Scrap Acquisition Invalid Ahead Of Key Shareholder Vote

So far, Musk’s only confirmation of the layoffs was at a town hall meeting in June, when he said he didn’t understand why underperforming people should work for the company. No one could hear Musk, who appeared on a conference call from his hotel room.

Officials responded on Twitter to the news of the opening. A Twitter employee wrote a formal letter to Musk and Twitter’s board of directors about the news, saying the job cuts would hurt Twitter’s ability to deliver social media. The billionaire game has no requirement to treat employees like pawns. We will continue to monitor new ideas about the removal.

According to The Washington Post, the management of Twitter now plans to cut salaries of about $ 800 million by the end of 2023, according to 25% of its employees. . With fears of a global recession, it’s hard to see how business will fare in the coming months.

Elon Musk stated that the acquisition of Twitter is the third source of income of Tesla. Musk is not sure how Twitter will help with X.

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Musk previously announced that he would acquire Twitter to close the deal this summer. A Delaware judge ruled that the deal should be blocked to prevent Musk from going to court.

Then, on October 24, it was reported that Musk promised his investment partners to complete the transaction within a specified period. Musk pledged $46.5 billion in equity and debt financing for the acquisition. That figure includes a $44 billion valuation of the social media platform and new funding to close.

Musk raised money from equity investors and banks by selling Tesla shares. Banks seeking to finance the sale are canceling the loan documents.

Banks include Morgan Stanley and Bank of America. Banks have promised to provide $ 13 billion in loans. Investors including Larry Ellison (founder of Oracle Corp.), Sequoia Capital, Binance and Qatar Investment Authority will invest $ 7.1 billion in revenue. Please note that this report has not been verified by any party.

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With these latest financial details, Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter may finally be possible.

There are many classes in this Twitter sale. The US government is considering a national security review of Twitter transactions. Musk plans to acquire Twitter for $ 44 billion with the help of foreign investors including Saudi Arabia’s Prince Alwaleed bin Talal and Binance Holdings. Authorities are considering measures that can be taken to prevent sales. The president has already signed an agreement on the direction of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Investments (CFIUS). CFIUS is responsible for reviewing the financial results of US companies.

Biden aides are concerned about Musk’s controversial peace plan for the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Of course this is an interesting twist that leads to a counter-revelation.

White House press secretary Karine Ampierre denied the reports when asked about the national security review. Pierre-Pierre chose not to comment on the relationship between the US government and Elon Musk. But he said the national security issue was not valid. He said the process could take longer than expected if the Biden administration is involved in the purchase.

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While most of the news is on Twitter, there are concerns about the impact of the Tesla acquisition. Some estimates suggest that Musk will need to sell $5 billion to $10 billion of Tesla stock to complete the fundraising. There are concerns that the price of Tesla could be affected during the difficult period. The company is currently experiencing some volatility due to a small deficit in its earnings report, and concerns about a global slowdown in demand for electric vehicles.

There is also concern from Tesla investors that if Musk wants to play an active role in acquiring Twitter, he will lose his important business. Investors are worried on both sides, because Musk did not reveal management plans on Twitter. If Musk becomes the CEO of Twitter now, many people are worried if he will be able to focus on Tesla.

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We’ll see what this Twitter situation looks like with Elon Musk moving forward, as the deadline for entries approaches. Will Elon Musk take over Twitter on Friday, or is there another twist to the story? Basic rules established by business technology. Different courses can be combined into one powerful subject to help you become a better business person.

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