Is Yamato Going To Officially Join The Straw Hats After The Latest Chapter

Is Yamato Going To Officially Join The Straw Hats After The Latest Chapter – With the official release of Chapter 1051 this weekend, it looks like Yamato will finally become the Straw Hat Pirate, as many fans have theorized for a long time. While his addition to the team is exciting, it raises questions about what his role will be

In other words, Chopper is the ship’s doctor, Nami is the navigator, and Sanji is the cook, but Yamato’s role is unknown in the current issues. While there are many options, a historically accurate one seems to be the most appropriate for them in the animated scene of the series.

Is Yamato Going To Officially Join The Straw Hats After The Latest Chapter

This article explains what will happen in the future of Yamato’s character in Straw Hats.

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We all know that everyone has a specific role in shp and I still don’t know what Yamato’s role will be in the crew if he joins.

Chapter 1051 confirms Yamato’s membership in the Straw Hats. While it’s exciting to see him join the group, he still needs a formal role like the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates.

While there are many options for what Yamato’s character might be, a historically accurate position seems to fit him perfectly. The quartermaster of a pirate ship was traditionally responsible for many things, the most relevant in this case being record keeping.

Historically, the quartermaster’s duties focused on stealing treasure from other ships. The quartermaster divided the booty equally with the rest of the crew according to their stated share before he was indexed.

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While Nami’s love of money tends to fulfill the traditional aspects of this role, the role of Quartermaster may be too small for Yamato. As explained earlier, this set of duties for the quartermaster was considered record keeping, with a traditional emphasis on looting and the distribution of this loot.

3. Each of the crew has a specific role so far. What is Yamato’s character? Others said he would write a journal for the crew’s voyages. Ok but still don’t understand

Fans have previously seen a record holder for a pirate ship in the form of Kozuki Oden, the name Yamato calls himself. The original Odin traces his adventures throughout his life while on Whitebeard and Roger’s ships, including details of the latter’s crew’s journey to the raftel.

Yamato always calls himself Kozuki Oden when he introduces himself to the other Straw Hats, so the connection is obvious. Yamato’s perfect role is that of a conventional quartermaster, especially given the Straw Hat’s exploits throughout the story.

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The character fills a void for the Straw Hat crew, but it serves as the perfect end to their arc. Yamato always wanted Kozuki to be Oden, and taking on this role was the perfect way for him to truly embody the man.

Although there are fans, this is a big occasion in the series. One of the most exciting parts of writer Eiichiro Oda’s story is seeing the new friends and crew the Straw Hat Pirates discover on their journey.

In addition, each crew member plays an important role on the ship to this day, whether this goal is accomplished with retroactive effect or before they join. It’s a safe guess that Yamato’s joining the team will be no different, where the record-keeping-focused quartermaster role is perfect for his character arc. One Piece Story (Photo by Toei Animation)

Yamato chooses fans not to join the Straw Hats at the end of the Wano arc. Oden, a copycat determined to follow the path of his idol, chose to cross the Wano before the former shogun sailed.

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Debates have been raging on social media for weeks. While some were upset that their favorite character from the arc didn’t join the crew, there were some positives and negatives to Yamato’s decision not to join. Let’s find out its advantages and disadvantages.

One Piece fans are upset with Yamato for not joining the crew, but there are some silver linings.

Yamato’s death penalty is too severe to not join the crew, even a person who doesn’t want to join them

There are some positives in the hero gangster crew. There are some negative aspects of the option, but the advantages it shows are definitely visible.

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One of the biggest advantages of Yamato choosing to stay in Wano is that it keeps Jinbe in the spotlight. Fish-Man has been an unofficial member since the end of the Fish-Man Island arc and finally joins the crew in an official capacity hundreds of chapters later and several years later.

Luckily Yamato didn’t join. Momo is currently not strong enough to protect Wano independently and Yamato will help her grow in strength, especially with her new adult body. At that point he will find self-realization and become his own person

Jinbe deserves attention. His fan favorite status only adds more positivity to this fact, giving fans what they have been wanting to see for a long time. Plus, he’s one of the strongest members of the crew and deserves time to show what he can do in the upcoming arc.

On a similar note, a notable drawback of the Yamato not joining the crew is that it lost another Monster Tree-level fighter. With enemies like the Blackbeard Pirates, an angry Akainu, and the mysterious Im-sama on the horizon, Yamato’s absence will undoubtedly be felt when it comes to battle.

Does One Piece’s Yamato Join The Straw Hats?

I personally think Yamato not joining the crew is bad writing on Oda’s part. He says how you have two years worth of construction, and suddenly changes his mind off screen. Suddenly and in a hurry. The Wano variety ends on a sour note.

There will surely come a time when Nami, Usopp and Chopper are too weak to make major contributions to the battles. In these moments, fans feel the loss of Yamato and remember what he could have done if he was with the crew and took care of the current situation.

Another positive aspect of Yamato’s choice to stay in Wano is that it is in line with his character, which is centered on living like his role model Kozuki Oden. It is true that when the former Shogun went to sea, Yamato did not do so until after he had traveled around Wano, tamed the sheep region, and was respected enough to be recognized as Shogun.

I’m not going to spend an hour writing about this chapter, but man, I love it. Although some panels deserve a double spread, I’m still happy with this chapter. Yamato not joining the Straw Hats was a good decision, but I’m a little sad that we won’t be seeing him for a while.

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Yamato has no need to wander around Wano except for his desire to live like Oden. However, since this is a consistent drawing aspect of his character, it is positive that series writer and illustrator Eiichiro Oda chose to remain consistent in his portrayal of Yamato.

A negative aspect of this, however, is that it leaves no room for him to grow as a character in the near future of the series. With Yamato’s identity entwined with Wano’s at its core, it’s unlikely that fans will undergo any significant growth or development offscreen while away in a separate country.

This is a shame, as many Yamato fans have specifically mentioned their excitement to see the character grow beyond Kozuki Oden, citing why they want him to join the crew. However, this does not seem to be true any time soon.

On a more positive note, his stay in Wano essentially makes him the protector of Earth, while Momonosuke is still learning to control his dragon powers. This makes the Straw Hats stronger as they continue their adventures. As a result, fans can see a more powerful version of Yamato when he reappears in the last adventure.

Is Yamato Considered As A Crewmember Or Not

I like Yamato but he’s annoying im oden thing, better not join right away but his reason makes me want to quit 🤮…

Back to the battles the Straw Hats faced, it was useful in this case, making the strong crew even stronger. Many fans expected the Grand Fleet and General Straw Hat’s allies to appear in any of the Final Showdown modes, which turned out to be the case.

One final negative is Yamato’s choice not to join Straw

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