Is The Mcdonald S Happy Meal Even Worth The Price Rather Than Just Buying The Available Items Separately

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The limited edition menu items launched today, October 3rd at 11pm EST and I’m looking forward to those nostalgic childhood days tearing into colorful boxes with toys hidden inside.

Is The Mcdonald S Happy Meal Even Worth The Price Rather Than Just Buying The Available Items Separately

To maintain the element of surprise, I didn’t read too much into the special launch and went with a healthy dose of anticipation and a healthy dose of antacid pills to combat it.

Mcdonald’s Happy Meal Was Successful Enough To Be Copied

Visually, the design on the box is timeless and beautiful They promise a “mystery” with a wonderful twist on classic McDonald’s cartoons.

He collaborated with McDonald’s brand, Cactus Plant Flea Market, a fashion company that specializes in streetwear, giving it a rugged yet playful design.

A box of Big Mac cactus plants from the flea market Right: Chicken nuggets in a box from the Cactus Plant Flea Market @maevecbrowne Instagram

There are two different dining options to choose from 10-Piece Chicken McNugget Meal and Big Mac Combo Meal Both come with your choice of fries and drinks

Mcdonald’s Brings Back Pokémon Happy Meal Through Mid September 2022

There is nothing to distinguish the food from the standard menu item in the limited edition box, where the packaging is provided

The Big Mac tasted like no other Lightly spiced with chillies, thinly sliced ​​onions and dry ribs

As always, everything was incredibly greasy which made you want to go back for another bite, yet the quality and taste of the food was equally consistent.

The toy comes packaged in a cactus plant flea market box Right: Two limited edition Grimes toys @maevecbrowne Instagram

Not Every Mcdonald’s Happy Meal Toy Turns Into A Collector’s Item, But Here Are 10 That Did

I have to admit that when I opened the toy from each meal and saw that I had two identical ones

My toy was a play on the Grimms character, a round, purple, anthropomorphic creature featured in an old McDonald’s marketing campaign.

This version of Grimms looks more rounded, like it’s made of clay, cheap, hard plastic The toy has a crooked smile and, like other limited editions, two sets of eyes, distinguishing him from the original Grimes.

Other toys likely to be available are other classic McDonald’s marketing characters: Birdie, Hamburger or a new character called “Cactus Body”.

Don’t Buy Mcdonald’s Happy Meal Toys For $300,000 On Ebay

I had a frustrating moment when I realized that the limits of fun were now too high, and I retired to the part of my brain that was equipped with enough patience and imagination to discover that a toy was fun.

The box invites you to try to collect the four pictures, but it wasn’t until I was old enough to ask, OK, so what?

My Georgia location charged $11.99 for a meal that included fries, a toy and a drink. A three-dollar premium over the standard combo that costs $8.79 — the only difference is the picture and packaging.

According to Axios, the concept behind the McDonald’s collaboration was to rekindle the feeling of pure joy when you ordered the Happy Meal as a kid, but it made me feel nostalgic.

Mcdonald’s Is Bringing Back Retro Happy Meal Toys

I realized that the limited edition “adult happy food” wasn’t worth it to me when I was calculating to myself if the impending heart attack and $3 extra was worth the cost of a plastic toy in this day and age of inflation.

Maeve Brown is a contributing writer for the US Desk, which focuses on food and internet trends and is based in Savannah, Georgia. McDonald’s Happy Meals are a big part of many children’s childhood Their immense popularity isn’t just because of the food; Instead, the Happy Meal comes with a meal because of the toy

From toys based on popular movies and TV shows to Madame Alexander dolls, Barbies, toy cars, tiny beanie babies, and more, Happy Meal toys come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors. These toys have become cultural phenomena in their own right, bringing in a pretty penny in many secondary markets

Which McDonald’s Happy Meal toys have become prized collectibles? Which will fetch the highest price at an online auction? In this blog post, we will explore the most expensive Happy Meal toys produced over the years, their popularity and current market value.

How The Mcdonald’s Happy Meal Has Changed Over Time

The original McDonald’s Happy Meal was part of a marketing effort to win over kids In the 1970s, the fast food restaurant changed its store design from a red and white tile building to brick. This change was not popular with children Along with this, the contestants addressed the children with gifts and special child characters

MacDonald hired Bob Bernstein to help them recover child support Bernstein was inspired by watching her child read a cereal box every morning while eating breakfast He realized that children enjoy eating

From this publication, Bernstein and his team created a children’s meal box for McDonald’s The golden pieces were the handles of the box and outside the box puzzles, riddles, games and comics kept the children busy. An amazing toy was also part of this meal box, called the Happy Meal After several successful test runs, McDonald’s introduced the Happy Meal nationally in 1979.

Finally, the highlight of the Happy Meal was the toys Over the years, McDonald’s has partnered with Hollywood studios and major toy manufacturers to offer exciting toy options for kids. Toys over the years have included Beanie Baby, Transformers, Power Rangers and many other Disney characters. Today, these vintage Happy Mill toys are highly prized and sought after collectibles

Scalpers And Collectors Buy Up Mcdonald’s Pokémon Happy Meals

Vintage McDonald’s toys can command a high price on the market today Here is the list of top fifteen best value Happy Mel toys

In the early 1970s, McDonald’s partnered with toy giant Hot Wheels to provide toy cars in their Happy Meals. Today, these McDonald’s Hot Wheels cars are popular collectibles, selling for around $50 each.

In 1996, McDonald’s introduced 101 Disney Dog Shapes based on popular Disney movies. The entire set costs at least $600

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers were a cultural phenomenon, and McDonald’s took advantage of this to include them in Happy Meals. A complete set of Power Rangers toys costs at least $500

Adult Happy Meals Are At Mcdonald’s And They’re Lovin’ It

Based on the popular Inspector Gadget character, the toy was a hit in the mid-1990s. Today it is worth about $500.

Based on the Disney movie Tarzan, these complete figures include Tarzan, Jane, Terk, Tenter, Porter, Cal, Clayton and Sabor. The set costs about $500

The set originally featured Gobo, Red, Mokey, and Wembley Fraggle riding in various cars. A set of four sold for about $460 in 2021

Some of the Happy Meals featured popular video game characters Mario and Luigi as well as Princess Peach, Yoshi, Bowser and more. A complete set of eight costs about $430 or more

You Can Still Get An Adult Happy Meal At Mcdonald’s: Here’s How

This set of TY Tiny Beanie Bears isn’t worth that much individually, but a complete set of these bears is worth over $400.

These are some of the first Happy Mail toys, and a set of seven costs around $370 or more.

A set of these stickers and cars is around $150 and over $300 in original condition.

Star Wars fans have enjoyed this collectible Happy Meal box that was introduced in 2008. The box alone costs about $50

Mcdonald’s New Happy Meal Inspired Box For Adults Is Here: What You Get

The classic Snoopy toy was released to celebrate McDonald’s 50th anniversary. The set includes eight figures and costs about $185

These creatures are similar to the Smurfs and were first introduced in 1975 The whole set of 14 is about $185

If you want to buy old McDonald’s toys, you may have luck at vintage toy stores, antique stores, and thrift stores. If you’re looking for something specific, you can always find the item on an auction site like eBay

If you want to sell, your best bet is to sell your toys yourself on eBay or Etsy Selling the toys yourself is the best way to get their full value If you are selling to an antique toy store or other type of dealer, they will lower your price because they want to make a profit from reselling your toy.

Ways The Happy Meal Has Changed Over The Years

The Hot Wheels Car was introduced in 1983 as one of the most popular McDonald’s Happy Meal toys. The entire set costs about $875

McDonald’s Happy Meal toys can sell anywhere from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. It really depends on the toy, its age, condition and demand for that particular toy On an auction site like eBay, you can find a specific toy you’re interested in and see what it’s currently selling for.

Brand new McDonald’s Happy Meal toys are free with the purchase of a Happy Meal.

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