Is Seventeen S Dk Real Name Seokmin Or Dokyeom

Is Seventeen S Dk Real Name Seokmin Or Dokyeom – – He said that when he first joined Pledis, he was scared and alone, but he was the fastest member to join.

He dreamed of becoming a singer when he saw Yoon Dohyun perform in high school. The amount of energy he has on stage and the way he interacts with the fans and shows their energy is great for him.

Is Seventeen S Dk Real Name Seokmin Or Dokyeom

– When he finished high school he sang karaoke and his friends told him that he sang well.

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– He likes rocks. He was part of a rock band when he was in high school.

His nicknames are: Hat, Soonseok Tham, Rockstar, Doctie, Inner Voice (members call him because he has no voice when he practices singing and sounds like a speaker)

– He said that he likes to spend his time happily, so he likes to make others strong, but sometimes he can’t control it, so he needs to be more careful.

– He said he has a passion for the things he likes, so he might be proud when he sings.

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– The meaning behind the original name is Seok meaning ‘big’ and Min meaning ‘precious gem’. It means that there are many things like precious stones.

– He said he was afraid of rats since he was young when he dreamed.

– DK bravely shares his story on Radio Sukira (160619) about the time he was threatened by his weight and how words can affect him. He has suffered a lot on his own in the past and doesn’t want to burden others. So he tried to be an artist like today.

– Dae and NCT member Jaehyun go to school together. In a radio interview, DK said that in the past, he refused to talk to Jaehyun because he was so beautiful.

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– Bambam & Yugyeom, GOT7 members, BTS’s Jungkook, Seventeen’s The8, Mingyu, DK, NCT’s Jaehyun and Astro’s Cha Eunwoo (’97 Liners) chat.

When dating someone young or old, she prefers an older man because she needs someone to take care of her.

He competed as Baby Goblin/Baby Demon in “King of Masked Singer” (ep 69 & 70), making it to third place.

– He is a good person. His father always said, “You should be a good person who cares for others,” so he tried to do that. Whenever he sheds tears, he eats delicious food and comes back happy. (Seventeen Japan Magazine)

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– He thinks his role in the team is to make them good. He likes to make people laugh. (Seventeen Japan Magazine)

– He watches a lot of movies. He went to the cinema and watched them at home. He likes many genres, but Haikyuu!! And One Piece is his favorite. (Seventeen Japan Magazine)

– He likes new/clean clothes. He likes to wear tight clothes to wear a backpack. Black or blue or red is good. He also wears bright clothes. (Seventeen Japan Magazine)

When he laughs, the outside of his eyes are wrinkled and his mouth is open (Seventy Japan Magazine)

Seventeen Dk Pizzeria Wall Print Aesthetic Kpop

When he was young, he was strong with his friends. He also likes exercise. He didn’t study well, but he tried his best. (Seventeen Japan Magazine)

– DK has his room in the old room. (First bedroom – 6th Floor Basement)

A good type of DK is a woman with long dark hair, slim and long legs.

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(ST1CKYQUI3TT, pledis17, Jin’s my Husband, Wife & son, Write a Dream, jxnn, Someone 말리, thesmolpeach, Carat Younghee, Booyonce is bae, ammanina, alliedokey, kbatienza, Julietia is a member, sweet voice, beautiful (and loud!) and a lot of fun to watch both on and off stage.

SEVENTEEN’s funny and talented singer and leader Booseoksun (along with fellow members Hoshi and Seungkwan) has interesting features, personality, and fun facts about him which not everyone will know. fans The following list of 8 amazing facts about DK will help you get to know this cute idol better!

DK’s full name is Dokiyome, although he often uses the shortened form. Dokyeom can be divided into two parts: “do” means “way” and “Kyeom” means “to do something or work”. At the same time, his stage name means “to different paths.” He chose a stage name that he hopes to follow a different path and grow in a different way of life, which is suitable for many stars with this talent!

DK’s real name is Lee Seokmin. Like his stage name, his name “Seokmin” can also be divided into parts such as “Seok” meaning “Big” and “Min” meaning “Gem”. Together, Seokmin means “to be as big as a gem.”

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DK wanted to be a singer since childhood (although he also wanted to be a basketball player and a barbecue master!) and was set to study art from an early age. However, when he didn’t attend school, the school’s president asked him to try an audition for Pledis Entertainment, which he did. Fortunately, he passed and joined the company in 2012.

DK said that he likes learning when he learns English! In fact, in the third grade, he even won first place in the English speaking competition.

DK is known as a powerful member of SEVENTEEN and includes singing! In fact, when he repeated his voice in the basement of Pledis Entertainment House, his voice could be heard perfectly in the CEO’s office on the fourth floor!

Before SEVENTEEN’s debut, DK had to have an operation on his right ear. The details of why he did this are still not clear, but since he became deaf in his ears and could not hear clearly, it made him anxious and depressed. The team returned when he recovered. He also needs to check it regularly. But fans know that despite his disability, he still has an amazing voice, most of all in this area!

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DK was born at only 7 months instead of the usual 9 months for most babies. He was definitely in the incubator for a while because of this, but luckily he grew up healthy and perfect regardless!

Many fans know that the K-pop industry has a “’97 Line” made up of male stars born in 1997 who interact and spend time together. In addition to DK, the group consists of seventies members Mingyu and The8, BTS’s Jungkook, GOT7’s Yugyeom and Bambam, Astro’s Yunwoo, and NCT member Jaehyun.

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Lee Seokmin is a South Korean singer and songwriter best known by his stage name DK. He is a member of the K-pop group Seventeen, owned by Pledis Entertainment. DK was born on February 18, 1997 in Cheongju, South Korea. He grew up in a family of musicians and was influenced by music from his childhood. DK’s parents were both singers and he started singing at family gatherings and serving in church. DK’s passion for music led him to audition for Pledis Entertainment, where he was selected as a mentor for November. The group first debuted in 2015 with 13 members, and DK quickly became known for their loud and energetic performances. He joined the group as a singer and songwriter and also released songs such as “Candle” and “The Best” for TV Music. In addition to his work with Seventeen DK, he has also appeared in many TV shows and participated in music. He played the role of Chris in the movie “Gwangju” produced by his father. DK has also showcased his vocal skills by appearing on shows like King of Masked Singer and Amar Geetan. Overall, Lee Seokmin, better known as DK, is a South Korean singer and songwriter and a member of the K-pop group Seventeen. He was born in

Lee Seokmin

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