Is Sebastian From The Little Mermaid A Lobster Or A Crab

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Is Sebastian From The Little Mermaid A Lobster Or A Crab

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“How did I get into this situation, I wrote a symphony instead of following a young man.”

Sebastian is the main character of the 1989 animated film The Little Mermaid. He is a red crab with a Jamaican accent, serving as an advisor to King Triton and an “eminent” court composer. Despite Sebastian’s respected status, he was always responsible for visiting Triton’s youngest daughter, Princess Ariel.

According to the dialogue in A Tale of Two Crabs, Sebastian was born (“accent”) to Claude and Claudia Crabbe on the coast of Jamaica. He went to the Trinidad Conservatory (according to his claim in the episode “The Tempest” during the Great Typhoon of ’43) and then joined the crew of the King Triton as his assistant.

Sebastian The Crab As A Lobster

Like most of The Little Mermaid‘s supporting characters, Sebastian does not appear in the original Hans Christian Andersen story on which the film is based. Instead, he became a recurring character, but his original concept was completely different from his final form. Sebastian, then known as Clarence, was originally supposed to be like Grimsby: civilized, British, upright. However, lyricist and screenwriter Howard Ashman suggested creating a playful, fun-loving Sebastian. It was re-recorded as Jamaican, which allowed the songwriter to incorporate calypso and reggae influences into the film’s soundtrack; one of the songs, “Under the Sea,” won an Academy Award for Best Original Song in 1990. Ashman also adds depth and emotion to Sebastian’s character, especially the developing relationship between Sebastian and Ariel.

During the casting process for Sebastian, Samuel E. Wright was told that the character (who did not appear in the film) was a Sammy Davis Jr. type. A self-described fan, Wright documented how she “went away” when she found out the character was based on The Little Mermaid. Wright auditioned for the role in New York and met with Alan Menken and Howard Ashman, who performed the first version of Under the Sea. According to Wright, the original version of the song was much slower and more like a ballad. Wright asked them to speed up the song, and Ashman obliged. The response was positive, and a year later, Wright officially joined the project as Sebastian. Interestingly, Wright failed to use a Jamaican accent and instead performed in the Trinidadian accent preferred by Ashman.

After the release of The Little Mermaid, Samuel released several reggae albums and videos under Vault Records, featuring Sebastian, covering classic songs and several new songs. The first is Sebastian, the second is Sebastian: Evening! (published in 1991).

“It’s trouble! What would her father say? What would her father say, he used to kill scorpions with his own hands, that’s what his father used to say! I’ll go straight home and tell him. It’s over.. .Don’t shake your head at me, young lady. There may still be time. If you give that witch back your voice if we can, we can go home with ordinary fish and live in misery for the rest of our lives. About your life. All right. I’ll try to help you find that prince.

Sebastian From Disney’s The Little Mermaid

Sebastian is a multi-layered character. He was generally carefree and cheerful, especially when his favorite profession was music. In fact, he was so enthusiastic that he sometimes defeated the much more serious King Triton. However, as the King’s most popular assistant, the demands of Sebastian’s job require him to be strict and often serious. This is sometimes a controversial topic; Since Sebastian is less strict than Triton, the two rarely disagree with Triton’s laws. However, as Triton’s advisor, Sebastian must follow the king’s rules, no matter how disturbing. This makes Sebastian a “bad guy” in certain situations (mostly when it comes to Ariel), but his moral compass often leads Sebastian to follow his heart rather than the law. Ariel’s transformation into a human is a perfect example. Instead of alerting the king to Ariel’s transformation, Sebastian chooses to support Ariel during her aquatic adventures, knowing that she would be unhappy if she returned to the sea.

Sebastian’s greatest qualities are his honesty and kindness. He has risked his life for his loved ones many times before. As for the royal family, Sebastian respects King Triton, even if they disagree. Their relationship was further explored in the TV series The Little Mermaid; one episode revealed that Sebastian valued his friendship with the king and was angry when Triton did not return his feelings. Of all King Triton’s daughters, Sebastian is definitely the closest to Ariel. Having to meet her several times, Sebastian gradually develops a fatherly relationship with Ariel and repeatedly disobeys King Triton’s orders for her happiness. In his role as a surrogate father, Sebastian may still be tough on Ariel, but for King Triton, it’s all done out of love.

Sebastian is drawn to the human world because of Ariel’s adventures and the dangers that come with them. However, his attempts to convince Ariel of his conflicting passions are often fruitless, and Sebastian often – albeit reluctantly – takes part in Ariel’s adventures, primarily to protect her in any way he can. Sebastian is haunted by many after-death experiences. He had periodic mental breakdowns that made him hyperactive and irritable.

Despite Sebastian’s great accomplishments, he struggled with feelings of inferiority. He is sensitive because his size and small hands do not allow him to swim as fast as Ariel and Flounder. This made tagging dangerous, so he grabbed the flounder by the tail fin. His fear of being useful to his friends and the king drives him to go above and beyond to prove his worth. Sebastian tries to hide his insecurities with his fiery and arrogant personality. He lied to his parents about his job and claimed to be King of the Atlantic Ocean (although this was eventually revealed). Those close to Sebastian, namely Ariel, Flounder, and King Triton, are aware of his weakness. They usually solve the problem by feeding Sebastian’s ego and reminding him of his self-worth.

The Little Mermaid The Little Mermaid E002

Sebastian is first introduced at the beginning of a royal concert at King Triton’s palace. However, the show is a disaster as music star Ariel is nowhere to be seen. Sebastian later faced the humiliation of the entire kingdom and taunted Ariel as he returned to the Atlantic Ocean. King Triton did the same and added more to the argument after learning that Ariel had once again lost her ability to travel to Earth. After the princess leaves in despair, Sebastian is unrepentant, saying that teenagers are too difficult for them and must be constantly supervised. This explanation gives Triton the idea to hire Sebastian as Ariel’s supervisor, tasked with keeping her out of trouble and watching over her at all times.

Frustrated with his new position, Sebastian leaves the throne room to find Ariel, and eventually discovers a secret cave belonging to the princess to store various human belongings that had sunk into the ocean. Sebastian scolds Ariel for her obsession with the human world and tries to take her home, but is stopped by a ship carrying the handsome Prince Eric. Soon the ship is caught in a storm, and Eric falls overboard and nearly drowns. She is rescued by Ariel and swims ashore with Sebastian and Ariel’s best friend Flounder. Ariel’s conversation with the unconscious Eric reveals that the frightened scorpion is hiding the whole situation and

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