Is Maury Real

Is Maury Real – The Maury Povich Show, simply titled The Moors, is a long-running tabloid talk show hosted by Maury Povich. While he initially faced serious problems such as a gang war, as the season progressed he began to face more mundane but disturbing situations. Maury covered up all paternity tests, pregnancy and adultery. But the paternity test segment has become the most popular and has gained a permanent place in the field. Of course, with the increasing popularity, the question cannot be avoided if “The Moor” is real or written.

Fans asked if “Morey” was real, and Povich answered not once but twice. while talking

Is Maury Real

Morey said the stories presented were true. He emphasized: “My show is real, and these people are being investigated. I work as an editor. We have a production team of seven, and they look at these stories, they investigate them in the city where they come from, they talk to their friends, they talk. to family members. These are real things.”

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In a more intimate setting, Maury also announced a Reddit talk show. He said, “It’s all true. There is no moment that is not real. No time is recorded. I can say that we were one of the first reality shows to hit the ground running. The show never started that way. We covered many different topics in the news. We have long become part of society’s behavior. “Once the polygraph and DNA started working, we went down that road.”

Despite Mora’s insistence, there was information about some of the decorations. A person who attended the show said that the producers may have talked to the guests to get them excited before airing the episode. Another person who poured cold water on Morey’s identity claims. They said that their neighbors attended the protest. The basic story is true, but there are many inaccuracies in the way the couple is portrayed.

Various people who worked on the show said that training was given to the audience. Someone said that he would offer people 5 or 10 dollars to sit in the audience. At first glance, you might think that alcohol and drugs were being given backstage to make the audience even more crazy. The producer then sets the direction and tone of the episodes by coaching the audience on when to cheer and cheer.

Despite the many decorations, the callers seem real. A person who worked there confirmed that they received many calls, investigated and found a story that seemed to be true, and sent the calls to their superiors. People may not be fake, but they are paid a lot of money to appear and often exaggerate their stories for dramatic effect. Therefore, it is better to take “Moors” with a lot of salt. Copyright © 2023, San Diego Union-Tribune | CA Collection Notice | Please do not sell or share my personal information

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In this video released by The Maury Show, former TV host Maury Povich is on the set of Maury’s talk show in Stamford, Connecticut. In a post-Oprah Winfrey world, it’s a good day for Maury Povich, who shares a converted theater studio 45 miles northeast of New York with Jerry Springer and Steve Wilkos. His show received the best ratings in five years. “Moorish” is the most watched program among young viewers. (AP Photo/Maury Show)

Behind the stage door, Maury Povich flips through the files and listens to his producers tell him the secrets of raising the day. He checks a few names, and tries to find out who the man who claims to have damaged his testicles when he was a child is. Then ready.

After a few turns in the hallway, he found himself on a stage full of women dancing to the song “Sexy and I Know It” blaring from the speakers. A roar of approval greets him. the people of Mori.

In a post-Oprah Winfrey world, it’s a good day for Maury Povich, who shares a converted theater studio 45 miles northeast of New York with Jerry Springer and Steve Wilkos. His show received the best ratings in five years. “Moorish” is the most watched program among young viewers.

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Of course, talk show is a general term here. What Povich did was more specific. The behind-the-scenes board shows that most of the upcoming shows will be about establishing paternity with a DNA test or finding a cheating spouse using a lie detector. In these membership advertisements, the following topic is also detailed: “Do you think the man you love is cheating on you? So call Maury” and “Do you believe that your girlfriend or wife is having an affair with someone in your family? Then call Maury.’

Clearly, Moors received an interesting phone call. I don’t want to be too harsh, but if you’re sitting on stage in front of a screaming audience waiting for Povich to rip a letter out of an envelope and tell you who the father of your child is, life has probably been turned upside down. a few wrong turns.

Fortunately for Povich, there are countless people who aren’t afraid to tell their horror stories.

“Maury” is a more intense version of what Springer did — no flash or free-for-all — but no different from the show that garnered so much media attention. civilization 15 years ago.

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“I haven’t heard from NBC (head of the company) in a long time about the content of my show,” Povich said. The show makes money and there is a much broader view of what is acceptable on television today. “From a cable perspective, we’re pretty tame,” he said.

What used to be shocking seems familiar, says Walter Podrazik, curator of the Museum of Communications in Chicago. He says that when you turn the volume down, you’ll have a hard time telling if you’re watching Povich or Springer back from a decade ago.

Meanwhile, Povich made his first public appearance of paternity. They have now become a staple food four times an hour. Hotel trick: A woman wakes up naked in bed next to her husband, her memory hazy from a street party the night before. The man’s best friend also wakes up naked, on the mattress at the foot of the bed. who is the father

“Then there was the argument that if you hit people with the same thing, they’re going to get bored with it,” Povich said. “So guess what? It’s the opposite. They want more. They want more DNA. They need more lie detectors. They need crazy teenagers to make them realize they’re not as bad as people- they are kafa. we are becoming more popular.”

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Povich also believes he made a hasty decision to reveal his fatherhood for the first time. He knows the history of those he invited before, but he doesn’t look at the consequences. Opening the envelope on stage, he learns about his real father. Povich said that’s why he asked questions he thought the audience would want to know.

Before entering the world of syndication, Povich worked as a longtime reporter in Washington. He owns a newspaper in Montana and lives with his wife, television reporter Connie Chung. His $1 million gift last year to his alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania, created an endowment for its journalism program. His father is Washington Post sports reporter Shirley Povich. He knows the way of the leader of the media world.

But ever since he started at Current Affairs in 1986, Povich knew he would face disapproving looks from other guests at cocktail sauce parties. That’s when he goes to the kitchen or talks to the butcher. His people.

He said he always wanted to tell stories and still does. When people look at him because of this, he also looks down on them.

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“Inside I tell these people, ‘You don’t know me.’ I could be like you for the rest of my life. I chose not to be. . For God’s sake, I’ve been in this situation for a long time. It’s not the be all and end all. It never was. that’s it.

Sometimes it bothers Chung. He will tell his wife that no one knows that he is a good journalist and writer. They don’t remember what they did before judging the shouting match between the divorced couple.

One evening, while driving to play golf with friends in a Midwestern town, Povich gets lost in a dangerous part of town. He stopped at a store to get directions, and his terrified friends closed the car door behind him. A few minutes later, Povich came out, laughing and talking to three men; excited about a visit from his favorite talk show host.

Povich, 73, signed on for another season after this, his 14th year. waiting to see what happens

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