Is Makima From Chainsaw Man Really Dead

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Is Makima From Chainsaw Man Really Dead

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Who Dies In Chainsaw Man Chronologically

Use the powers of the Chainsaw Man to destroy all demons, including the worst ones like war, death and famine.

Clarity: I am a public safety demon hunter, I have come to kill the zombie demon that is here. You have two choices: you either die in my arms like a twisted devil, or you let me take care of you like a human. Know that my pets get good food.

It is time to pay for your sins. I checked your profile. A child’s mind is a wonderful thing. You can just close the memories you don’t want behind the door. They hid behind the door to keep you alive, right? Without them you wouldn’t be able to live a normal life. Didn’t your father kill himself? You killed him, didn’t you? He was drunk and looked like he wanted to kill you, so he had no choice. But the adults around you could not get the money they owed that way, so they committed suicide. Finally the door opened. You helped me kill the power; Although he could have been saved, you killed Hayakawa; And you killed your father. Someone who does all this doesn’t deserve to dream of a normal life, right?

~ Makima tries to blame Denji for all the “terrible” things he did in the past.

Chainsaw Man Is Not The Death Devil

Makima is the main antagonist of Chainsaw Man Part 1: Public Safety. He acts as the main antagonist in the Gun Devil arc, in which he reveals his true nature, and then acts as the main antagonist in the Devil arc, the final story arc of Season 1.

He is the leader of the Public Security Demon Hunter organization, which takes Denji under his wing and gives him a happy life compared to his childhood suffering. Initially working as a helpful assistant, he was later revealed to be a powerful and intelligent demon known as the “Devil of Rulership” who was as old as human history and was used by people in many other countries, including the United States. for many centuries.

He then says that he is a fan of Chained Man, who is trapped in Denji’s body, and plans to be eaten by him or use his powers to destroy all the demons that have been tormenting people for years. A better country for people, its contract fulfills the hopes of the President of Japan.

After her death, the Demon of Control was reborn as a little girl named Nayuta. Since she didn’t remember her past life as Makima, she was raised as her younger brother by Denji to have a good life and never be like Makima again.

Thankfully Makima Is Dead

Voiced by Tomori Kusunoki in Japanese and Suzie Yeung (also voiced by Miraschon and Keiko Koshide) in English.

Makima first introduced herself as a woman of extraordinary beauty, with braided red hair and long curls around her eyes, along with long side bangs framing her face. In addition, he also has wonderful golden ringlets. Most of the time, he maintains a calm and collected facial expression to show that he takes his job seriously.

In most of his appearances, Makima, like other Devil Hunters, wears a black business suit with a white shirt and black tie inside, sometimes removing his business jacket. In her everyday clothes, Makima wears a plain white jacket with a black dress underneath, long black socks, and high heels. In Denji’s vision, he is shown wearing a white underwear with Reze.

At the meeting on the beach, Makima only wears a black dress, simple but beautiful. When he is shot by a Demon gun, his headshot creates a brain halo, making him look like a false angel. He then wears a black jacket and a white shirt and pants.

Back From The Dead

I thought he was beautiful. Then I started to like him. But he is a fucking psycho! Don’t treat a man like a mad dog.

In his first appearance, he was portrayed in the manga as a helper who was able to save Denji from his hellish life and make him happy and happy, and even make him a good enough friend to grow up and create a strong family. . Makima was joined together when she acted as a mother or true friend to Denji. Makima can be portrayed as a mother who tries to please Denji by inviting him to watch a movie together or letting him stay at her house while he naps on a park bench. Makima also pretends to be a dog person because there are many dogs in her house.

He is also said to be on the side of the people, saying that he is trying to save people from the demons that have covered the world. Despite his ruthless nature, he does not hesitate to make several Yakuza justify themselves as a necessary evil, as he requires their cooperation to carry out his plans to save humanity. On top of that, Makima also shows a bit of humanity when she cries while watching the third movie, which is about a man who seems to bond with his lost friend and Denji.

Makima is also shown to be serious and calm in his work, he established himself as a no-nonsense authority figure of the Devil Hunter office itself, while throughout the story he spends his time as a man with few emotions. Despite this, Makima is shown to be respected by the demon hunters, as one of them, Hayakawa, owes Makima a great debt to Makima saving him from darkness and a past problem, while another, Madoka, also respects Makima. He honored his decision to leave office after the devil hunter’s murder.

Chainsaw Man Episode 9: What Is Makima Hiding From Denji?

However, at the same time, Makima is shown to be ruthless in her work, not afraid to threaten Denji or treat Denji as a demon when he chooses to disobey her orders after turning him into a pet. a merciless attitude towards people who oppose him, such as a fighter who almost kills him when Denji or Yakuza are mentioned by hurting him or killing him brutally. Additionally, Makima proves to be a shadowy figure as he teams up with other members of the Bureau to achieve the goals of the Japanese government, particularly the goal of obtaining several pieces of the Weapon Devil.

In addition, Kishibe, Makima’s friend and the most powerful demon hunter of all time, suspects that Makima is a compulsive liar, suspecting that Makima is hiding his true purpose under the guise of a benevolent savior of mankind. Makima can also be seen as a ruthless man who willingly obeys his orders to get parts of the Weapon Devil and make sure that Japan becomes a superpower like America, the Soviet Union or China. Start wars with other nations to obtain Weapon Devil Fragments, which you can use to control the Weapon Devil and his evil intentions.

At the same time, Makima is shown to have a seemingly immortal form, the ability to control other animals to obey his commands, the ability to harm one of the Primordial Devils, and to have many images of all the images and negative behaviors. shown in the manga. A good scary Orwellian way to increase awareness of another community that makes him scary for a good reason.

In fact, all the rude and cruel things he does throughout the manga show that he is something much more evil: it turns out that he is the old ruling devil, a powerful and omniscient devil. Human history. He was also feared by people and demons, with the aim of bringing the worst peace to the world.

Chainsaw Man: Power Confirms She’s The Best Character, Even After Death

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