Is Itsuka Kendo Actually Nb

Is Itsuka Kendo Actually Nb – Carrying a gun is another way to show that you lack confidence in combat. Because in America at least we have crossed the line of simplistic thinking that there is no hope anymore! Kendo Itsuka vs. Wasabi in “Tekken Drive Home!”

Five Rivers Kendo (kendo (けん) Fuji (どう)一(いつ)佳(か), Kendō Itsuka?), also known as fighting fist (バtorufiisuto). High School and is training to become a professional hero there.

Is Itsuka Kendo Actually Nb

Itsuka is a girl of average height and slim body. She has blue eyes and long orange hair, usually tied into a high ponytail on the left side of her head. Her braids are braided into three bunches around her eyes, with some of her hair tied into a large bun on top of her head.

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In her hero costume, Atsuka wears a turquoise knee-length cape over a black double corset that extends just below her breasts. She also wears black shorts under her cloak. As for accessories, she wears a loose brown utility belt around her hips that has a bag attached to the back. She wears a thin black domino mask around her eyes, and on her feet are navy blue and white high-heeled boots with wide toes that extend to her toes and are covered with white frills.

She also does not hesitate to criticize her classmates if she feels they are doing something wrong, such as using Nato Monoma to cut her neck every time she practices karate to reach level 1 – Level A, making it impossible for her opponents to object. .

And the rest of Class 1-B. He is also willing to give up opportunities that favor him if he thinks someone else deserves a better chance. This was shown when he sent Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu and Ibara Shiozaki to America. Participation in tournament events is allowed. A sports festival was organized on behalf of his team.

Zhezhe said that because of Wuhe’s cheerful personality, she is able to bring everyone in Class 1-B together, thereby becoming the “big sister” of Class 1-B.

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Itsuka is also friendly with people outside her class and does not seem to show any affection towards Class 1-A, making her a minority among the Class 1-B students. He shows empathy for others even when he is not particularly close to them. After hearing about Izuku Midoriya and Tenya Ida’s conflict with Stan, he showed concern for them and helped Class 1A explain the practical portion of the first semester’s final exam, even though it was somewhat illegal. .

In battle, Itsuka is very analytical. She can sense Wasabi’s quirks (comparing the movement of the gas to storms) and uses this logic to determine the user’s location. He can also use his powers to neutralize mustard gas, allowing him and Tetsuto to fight without gas masks.

Overall Abilities: Itsuka has proven herself to be a very strong fighter as her U.A. Her I ranked fifth. Entrance examination. His “Big Fist” ability is also very good and is mainly used in melee and melee combat. Wuhe is strong enough to overcome most defenses. The sudden extension of his hand can be used to surprise enemies, assuming they do not know how his ability works, or slow his attacks with speed. extension for increased strength. Wuhe’s outstretched arms can not only be used in combat, but can also be used to carry others and restrain opponents, making rescuing and protecting criminals easier. A person enveloped in the giant hand of Five Rivers will be protected from certain airborne dangers, such as poisonous gases, although only temporarily.

He demonstrated his intelligence in his confrontation with Wasabi, a member of the Vanguard of the League of Villains, and when fighting alongside Tetsutsu Tetsutsu, Atsuka not only defeated the gas-generating villain but as for her ability, which she can exploit. The ability to increase strength and create enough air to neutralize the toxic gas created by bad guys, helps Iron Iron defeat Wasabi. Itsuka has shown considerable ability in hand-to-hand combat, being able to defeat Neto Monoma with a karate chop. His close combat skills were further demonstrated during a joint training battle with student candidate Momo Yavorozu. With her fighting skills and strength enhanced by her Quirk, Itsuka is able to overwhelm Momo and penetrate Momo’s defenses.

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Momo can temporarily blind him with her cannon, while Itsuka can incapacitate all heroes with her “Giant Double Fist” technique, although students are suggested tied himself to Itsuka before losing consciousness.

Deep Intelligence: Utsuka is shown to be very intelligent and strategic, as she theorized about the location of Wasabi and his Quirk (a gas pattern) and was able to find a way to quickly escape the smoke of the wicked. She has excellent analytical skills and a high level of insight, and as she is ranked A in official intelligence statistics, her abilities in this field are often questioned. Tetsutsu even commented on Itsuka’s quick wit, calmness in situations, and ability to make smart decisions.

During joint training, Atsuka shows off his incredible camaraderie and cunning, taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of all his teammates to come up with a dual plan to effectively counter the opposing team. fruit. His first plan of action was to have Black Shihai control De Yamwenkage’s shadow to launch a surprise attack. Itsuka knew that Fumikage would use the Darkness to kill his team, and the other team would never expect that a member of his team would control the Darkness. When Sekai asks what will happen if their strategy fails, Atsushi reveals an effective backup plan. If your opponent focuses on dealing with you, you must use light to weaken him. And using that light, not only will Sombra be weakened but the rest of his team will be able to pinpoint the enemy team’s location, surround it and then evacuate. Another part of her support strategy is Manga Fukidashi uses her Manga ability to separate Momo from the rest of her teammates because she knows the heroine is the main strategist of the opposing team. Itsuka believes that if she takes the match to the close combat area where she excels, she can ensure victory for her team.

However, despite Shoto’s intelligence, he realizes that Atsuka’s preventive strategy of separating Momo from her peers is flawed. He points out that if she really wanted to be careful with Peach Blossom, Itsuka would have had her team overwhelm the heroes from the beginning of the game. This may indicate that its strategic priority is expansion rather than direct, rather than strengthening the “brains” of the operation. However, Shoto’s analysis further revealed that Atsuka did not intentionally subdue Momo, as she fought Momo herself after strategically isolating Momo. Asuka’s challenge to her self-proclaimed rival demonstrates his conflicting emotions. Come practice. Although his team ultimately won the game, this oversight could have cost him and his classmates the victory. So for all of Itsuka’s strategic abilities, this shows that she has a tendency to make risky and impulsive decisions, or generally lose sight of the bigger picture .

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Taiken (大(たい) fist(けん), Taiken?): Itsuka’s ability allows him to enlarge his hand. Attack power and grip strength increase with size.

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