Is Dollah Dollah Co A Scam Or A Legit Online Earning Platform

Is Dollah Dollah Co A Scam Or A Legit Online Earning Platform – As restaurants struggle to survive during the coronavirus pandemic, many have moved their operations online, particularly as many use third-party delivery apps, some of which charge restaurants and many of which deliver food. But this online trend has made restaurants vulnerable to a new type of fraud.

First reported by the Los Angeles Times, the scam is a virtual version of dine-and-dash, in which customers sneak out of a restaurant without paying for their meal. It involves customers placing the order, then claiming to their credit card company or third-party delivery app that they did not receive the order. This often results in refunds and, in some cases, restaurants having to pay taxes.

Is Dollah Dollah Co A Scam Or A Legit Online Earning Platform

The Times highlighted one restaurant, Spoon by H, that lost nearly $730 to a similar scam. H Spoon has seen fewer customers than usual during the pandemic, and over the summer owner Yunjin Hwang said he saw more people disputing charges or claiming lost items. It took hours and hours to try to reach his end.

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The final straw came in November, when a customer placed what the Times called “one of the largest orders” the restaurant had ever received: four elaborate meals totaling $728.76, ordered via Tock, a third-party app. Hwang said he helped the man load the food into the car, but it wasn’t until two weeks later that Tock sent Hwang an email saying the customer was disputing the amount charged on the order. As a result, the money was withdrawn from his account and, in January, she lost her appeal and was told that he was responsible for all the money, even though he had proved that the man’s order had been issued.

Tock did not respond to Food’s request for comment, and Hwang did not respond to an email sent to the restaurant. Although he initially planned to close the restaurant in February, a successful GoFundMe campaign raised more than $70,000 for the foundation, which will help keep the doors open for at least six months.

“To all of our customers, friends and fans of Spoon By H, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the love you have shown us this week and always,” the restaurant wrote on its GoFundMe page. “We will never find the words to express how truly grateful we are… We take nothing for granted and the funds raised will go towards the new beginning of Spoon by H.”

While it’s difficult to know how many restaurants are dealing with this type of scam, many restaurant associations across the country say they are aware of the scam, and recent dining reports and maps have emerged from Nevada and Minnesota. . According to CNBC, credit card fraud is on the rise in 2020, which can have a big impact on small businesses.

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“Large businesses can take a big hit,” Julie Fergerson, executive director of the Business Risk Council, told CNBC in January. “If a small business with a store or restaurant suddenly loses $10,000, that could be the difference between paying payroll and not paying payroll for that company.”

Restaurateur Kathy Turner, who owns several restaurants in Massachusetts, said one thing that has been difficult for restaurants is the shift to paying for orders online.

“Unless you actually have a (tapped) card or (the chip) inserted into an EMV reader, you are responsible for all charges,” Turner said of the 2015 policy change that applies to restaurants. You are responsible for some credit card fees unless certain payment methods are used. “You are fundamentally vulnerable.”

Third-party referral programs provide business protection. Big apps like DoorDash and Uber Eats say that while customers can dispute rates, they try to make sure restaurants aren’t unfairly penalized.

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“We take fraudulent behavior very seriously and have filters in place to monitor user behavior,” an Uber Eats spokesperson said. “We will not make any changes to questionable returns.”

A DoorDash spokesperson said that “depending on the issue,” the company will cover the cost of any return credit “and will not pass the charge on to the merchant unless we have clear evidence that we believe there are missing items or incorrect on the customer’s account. account.” Order.” The Company also reserves the right to suspend customers who abuse its credit and return policies and will assist in investigating reports of fraudulent credit card activity.

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Received: 8 April 2023 / Revised: 25 May 2023 / Accepted: 12 June 2023 / Published: 17 June 2023

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