Is Borax 20 Mule Team And Boric Acid The Same When It Comes To Killing Pests

Is Borax 20 Mule Team And Boric Acid The Same When It Comes To Killing Pests – Some people on TikTok advise against drinking or bathing with borax water, which experts warn is dangerous. Lauren A. Small / The MediaNevs Group / Reading Eagle via Getty Images

At least twice a month, Dr. Kelly Johnson-Arbor reveals a viral trend that could put people’s health at risk. This week is borax.

Is Borax 20 Mule Team And Boric Acid The Same When It Comes To Killing Pests

The powdered substance is found in laundry detergents and is sold separately as a cleaning product. Boric acid, a different formulation of the same compound – boron – is used to kill ants and cockroaches.

Pdf) Boric Acid Production From Sodium Metaborate With Sulfuric Acid

Borax is banned from food products in the US, but some people on TikTok have falsely suggested that adding a little water can help reduce swelling and joint pain, or that soaking in borax in the bath can “detoxify” the body. Several influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers on TikTok have recommended borax in videos that have been taken down. Other social media platforms also have posts with similar content.

Johnson-Arbor, a toxicologist and director of comedy at the National Capital Poison Center, writes articles on the center’s website that sets the record straight about common health hazards.

He said Borax can cause stomach irritation and can cause blue vomiting or diarrhea if swallowed. Over time, it can cause anemia and seizures, he said, and the borax soak can cause a rash where the skin turns red like a boiled lobster and begins to fall off.

“There’s nothing to support the use of borax in humans to reduce inflammation or oxidative stress or anything like that,” Johnson-Arbor said.

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As health misinformation continues to spread online, a growing group of medical professionals feel compelled to educate people, both inside and outside of TikTok, about the dangers of these so-called hacks and other methods.

Last month, Johnson-Arbor said he wrote an article warning about berberine, which some on TikTok called “natural Ozempica” but caused intestinal problems.

Also, some ads on social media for the weight gain supplement Apetamin suggest that it can make people “fat,” meaning it can give people a slimmer waist and a bigger back. But it contains an antihistamine, and the Food and Drug Administration warns that apetamine is exported illegally and can cause dizziness, drowsiness, irregular heartbeat and liver damage.

Then there is the habit of inhaling smelling salts – popular on TikTok by the company Nose Slap – which can be dangerous if done in the wrong way or for a long time, and the energy drink PRIME, which has almost the caffeine content of Clean-Six. in Colas. cans

Boric Acid, A Lewis Acid With Unique And Unusual Properties: Formulation Implications

TikTok outlines guidelines for combating misinformation in its community guidelines, which it says are enforced using “a combination of technology and moderation teams.” It also has a dangerous activities policy, which prohibits “showing or promoting dangerous activities and challenges”.

“If our reviewers determine that the content is fraudulent and we believe it violates our guidelines, we may remove the video from our platform or prevent the video from receiving feed recommendations,” TikTok said in its guidelines.

A TikTok spokesperson said Thursday that there was no evidence of such a situation on the platform. Much of the content surrounding the issue is against speech, according to a spokesperson, and the creators are rejecting claims about those actions. The platform removed less than 10 videos for violating its guidelines.

Wendy Stephan, an epidemiologist at the Florida Poison Information Center, said it makes sense that people are drawn to these types of health care options. Prescription drugs can be expensive or unavailable, he said, and people can’t always see a doctor right away, with many looking for quick and easy solutions.

Borates In Gypsum Board

“When someone looks like, ‘This worked for me and it’s good,’ I can see how people get interested,” he said.

But he stressed that the creators behind the fake health videos “also make money from those posts, they have a lot of eyes.”

“We’ve seen deaths related to borax. It’s very rare, but it can happen. “It’s not a good thing,” he said.

Johnson-Arbor said some forms of social media stem from the misinterpretation of scientific research. In the case of borax, some TikTok creators cite the researchers’ claim that boron is “an important nutrient for healthy bones and joints.”

Where To Buy Borax Powder

In addition to losing weight and improving appearance, “everyone wants to sleep better,” he said. “Everybody wants to live longer. Everybody wants to reduce inflammation.”

Stephan said poison control centers post on social media to combat misinformation, but “we don’t have the traction that a lot of these players have.”

Dr. Meghan Martin, a pediatric emergency medicine physician and health educator for TikTok, said she tries to use jargon-free and easy-to-use language in her videos that warn TikTokers to stay safe.

“I also think it’s important to try not to attack people.” “I really want equality, equality and dealing with things in a positive way without judgement,” he said.

Uses For Borax

Carlo Ledesma, a medical lab technician who shares his experience on TikTok, said he started seeing videos of people drinking borax earlier this year.

“There are children in this app. Parents who are not medical professionals are watching,” said Ledesma, adding, “As medical professionals, we are sworn to protect the interests of the good.” He said, “One builder says he uses borax on the bottom. of metal I thought was unusual and he didn’t say what he was using it for.”

Pressure treated wood is what most of us know as portable wood. The treatment process forces a chemical under pressure into the wood fibers, which prevents rotting, makes the wood resistant to termites and fungi.

Rachel found that raw (untreated) wood can be hand treated with a solution of 10 to 20 ounces of Mule Team® borax dissolved and mixed well in a gallon of water. When mixed, the borax solution should be sprayed on the wood and one gallon should make about 250 board feet.

Surprising And Fun Uses For Borax

If you’re old enough to remember “Days in Death Valley” featured by Ronald Reagan or Dale Robertson and narrated by Merle Haggard, this is the only thing I’ve ever associated with 20 Mule Team® Fighting.

After further research, I found that the boric acid in the borate treatment kills the protozoa that live in the digestive tract of termites. Since these protozoa are responsible for digesting the wood termites eat, their death prevents the termites from getting any nutrition when they eat it. However, unless borate treatment is used during construction, it should not be used. Borate treatments applied to established buildings are generally effective.

According to some experts in the wood industry, there is a woodworking preservative, effective and environmentally friendly, the “perfect” preservative – borates. The chemical was said to be harmless enough to drink.

When CCA (Chromated Copper Arsenate) was taken from the market (with limited use), chemical companies began to develop a binder to prevent borate leaching.

How To Get Rid Of Ants With Borax

Attempts have been made to add borate to wood using sodium silicate to reduce exposure to conditions that will leach borate. The cost of installing quality production equipment and increasing treatment costs appear to be some of the reasons why this “borate miracle” has not caught on in the industry.

Additionally, the industry has learned that permanently locking borates into wood is not a good idea. If the beetles stop migrating, they stop killing the fungus and insects. Borates are not lethal in combination, like spraying a can of Raid. They act as a drying agent; they dry up inside the insect so that it can no longer eat. If the borates are permanently fixed in the wood, experience has shown us that the wood preservative will not work. The borate must move through the wood to be effective against rot and termites. Semi-fixed borate can grow where the diffusion process is greatly delayed. However, to date, no developer of this type of borate wood preservative has committed to commercialization.

Although its solubility may prevent borates from being an all-purpose high-quality treatment, the same flow characteristic that preserves helps the borate to spread throughout the wood after the treatment has effectively fulfilled its protective purpose. The end use of the product is specified and limited: operating conditions in high applications protected from continuous exposure to water.

My conclusion – the builder works his “magic” by spraying 20 Mule Team® Borak around the base of the finished building, but the truth is “more to hide … than to walk”! Find the best ways to store firewood by purchasing properly treated firewood.

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