Is Beast Gohan Really Stronger Than Mui Goku Can He Put Up A Decent Fight Against Beerus Too

Is Beast Gohan Really Stronger Than Mui Goku Can He Put Up A Decent Fight Against Beerus Too – The following article contains major spoilers for the Granolah manga from Dragon Ball Super. Read at your own risk!

In the critically acclaimed Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Gohan Beast made his debut in spectacular fashion: emitting a blue-white aura mixed with a red-purple inner aura covered in pink lightning and hair He was light gray, with intensely white eyebrows.

Is Beast Gohan Really Stronger Than Mui Goku Can He Put Up A Decent Fight Against Beerus Too

One of the most popular characters in the series, the half-dumb Nerd Ball, instinctively tapped into his subconscious to gain as much power as possible and scream into the depths of the Preventive Order.

Is Beast Gohan Stronger Than Raditz?

Gohan Beast is the true incarnation of the Beast that was awakened when his trainer almost knocked on death’s door. The greatest fear of his enemies is an unexpected rise to power. You never know when he’s going to stop holding back and go crazy and tear you apart like Cell Jr.

Some fans loved it because it put Gohan back in the spotlight, while others thought it was a bummer. Regardless of which side you’re on, there’s no denying that Gohan is one of the most powerful beings in the universe when he unleashes his animal form.

But how strong is the young Saiyan? Can Beast Gohan come out as Ultra Instinct Goku, Ultra Ego Vegeta, Broly or even Black Frieza? Where does he rank among the galaxy tamers? And how did he reach these heights with relatively little training?

Many wondered where Beast Gohan ranked compared to his contemporaries; In this post, I hope to tackle these issues with sound reasoning and supporting evidence that leaves the reader in no doubt. Grab your Gohan (boiled rice) because I’m going to take you on a Dragon Ball journey.

Ultimate Gohan And Jirens Powers Are The Same.

If you only focus on power levels and nothing else, Gohan Beast (like the Super Hero movie arc) can go up against Broly, Jiren, and even pure manga characters like Moro, Black Frieza, Ultra Instinct Goku, and Ultra Ego Vegeta. .

From promotional materials and Toriyama himself, there are three different statements that indicate that Beast Gohan is the strongest yet.

The first comes from the character description in the Dragon Ball Man Choco Super waffle images, which directly states that Gohan will become the strongest warrior upon achieving his new form.

The context of the word “strongest” here refers to levels of activity rather than a general meaning due to the word “mighty” mentioned earlier. And apparently Gohan’s animal form is his strongest form.

Dragon Ball Super: Is Gohan Beast Stronger Than Goku?

The second argument comes from Toriyama himself, repeating the “rumor” that Gohan is the strongest. However, he does not specify which medium he is referring to: manga or anime.

The last bit comes from other material, which claims that the fight against Cell Max was filled with so much heat that it was “the strongest fight in history”.

Some would argue that simply spraying the film might be overkill, and I agree to a degree. Krillin’s Destructo Disc at least caused Cell Max to growl in anger and Fat Gotenks was able to smash the monster’s head, paving the way for victory. So how is it even the strongest?

Max’s cell becomes more aware of his actions after Gohan’s beast mode activates. The blast she throws at him through the barrier is the strongest yet.

Autonomous Ultra Instinct

Again, “strongest” only refers to power levels because Gohan Beast vs. Cell Max has no basic techniques except for the special Beam Cannon, another power-based attack.

The fight was very short and culminated in Cell Max hitting Gohan Beast with his giant Ki Ball. So it’s basically a competition of “how much Ki can I generate and condense to hit harder than you”, i.e. power level differences.

Otherwise it will be Gogeta vs. Broly still the hardest fight in terms of technique, speed and skill (as far as the sequel is concerned).

So where does Gohan Beast stand among the others in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero? Let’s take a look at some of the sayings of Akira Toriyama’s characters in the movie and series.

Who Wins? Black Frieza Or Beast Gohan?

We know Orange Piccolo narrowly lost to Cell Max, but Gohan wiped the floor. The kaiju monster punch couldn’t even defeat Gohan’s ferocious aura, let alone cause any damage.

Interestingly, Toriyama states that Broly is stronger than the incomplete Cell Max, but weaker than the finished version.

The jump in performance from an incomplete cell to a full maximum is comparable to the difference between a half-full cell and a full cell. Super Saiyan Grade 2 Vegeta and Grade 3 Future Trunks beat the daylights out of Half Perfect Cell (SP Cell). But they couldn’t even affect the Perfect Cell.

The gap between Cell Max and Gohan Beast is bigger than the gap between SSJ Grade 2 Vegeta and SP Cell. Because the Kaiju monster couldn’t even get past Gohan’s beast aura, while SP Cell at least made Vegeta bleed from the mouth.

Dragon Ball: Goku Vs Black Frieza: Who Would Win?

By the same logic, the void above is even bigger than Gogeta and Janemba in Fusion Reborn. At least Janembo’s punch was able to dispel Gogeta’s aura. So the potential of Gohan Beast is so high that it can even overcome fusion.

Think about that for a moment. Beast Gohan is only now beginning to realize the full capabilities of his form. He has not yet used it freely and without consequences. Additionally, the frequency with which his power level increases when facing stronger opponents is higher than Broly’s.

If Broly can go from Broly Film Base Vegeta to Super Saiyan Blue Goku in 2 hours and even surpass it to SSJ Gogeta level, then Gohan Beast can get Completed Cell Max power very soon if he is not already ahead of him.

Gohan Beast says at the end of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero that Goku and Vegeta may not have been able to defeat the incomplete Cell Max. This doesn’t take into account Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego, as Gohan has no idea of ​​their growth in Granola’s arc.

Beast Gohan Vs Jiren And Kefla

From the continuity of the movie and anime, it appears that Gohan last saw him in the Tournament of Power. So that includes T.O.P UI Goku, Jiren and T.O.P SSBE Vegeta.

Both Super Saiyan Gohan and Piccolo Potential Unleashed fought against Gamma 1 and 2. However, the two androids Ultimate Gohan and Orange were no match for Piccolo.

In order to compare them to Goku and Vegeta, Piccolo states in the movie that Gammas can be as powerful as the Saiyan duo. This is as vague as Goku saying “Broli is probably even stronger than Beerus” in the movie Broly.

Since the movie started production in 2017 (a year before the release of DBS Broly) and was only written as a sequel to Broly (as stated by executive director Akio Iyoku), we can assume that Piccolo will focus on Goku and Vegeta B was referring to the Broly movie, ie . H. “Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta vs Broly” because according to this continuity, the last time Piccolo saw Saiyans was in Broly’s movie.

Mui Goku Vs Beast Gohan

However, in his commentary on Orange Piccolo, Toriyama states that in the Rivals Superheroes arc, the Namekian became strong enough to take on Goku and the others…

“Doesn’t the name ‘Orange Piccolo’ sound like something he created? Because Piccolo can’t name things,” he adds.

To go along with those two statements, I’m guessing that Gammas will at least survive PSSB Goku & Vegeta’s hits, and Orange Piccolo is equal to them.

Gohan Beast > Completed Cell Max > Broly > Incomplete Cell Max > Orange Piccolo ~ Broly Movie PSSB Goku & Vegeta > Ultimate Gohan > Gamma 1 & 2 > Potential Piccolo Unleashed > SSJ Gohan.

Proof That Gohan Beast Is The Strongest Thing In Dragon Ball’s History (including Black Frieza)

Please note that this rating only applies to performance levels. When analyzed from an overall perspective (you know, including factors like speed, psych, durability, knowledge, Ki control, etc.), things can change.

Honestly, I can’t say for sure until Toyotaro confirms the Super Hero arcs in the manga. Part of the problem is that the events of the film take place chronologically after the Moro and Granola arc, but the story is set and set in 2019 (around the time of the Moro arc).

Furthermore, Iyoku said that the film is only seen as a sequel to DBS Broly. This also suggests that in the superhero movie, Vegeta still sees Jiren as his greatest rival in terms of humans, rather than Black Frieza. So Toriyama probably had this movie in mind when he scaled Orange Piccolo, Cell Max, Goku, Vegeta, Broly, etc.

Now the main concern is here. How does Toyotaro reconcile all these statements made during Broly’s movie with the events after the Granola arc? Goku and Vegeta have grown so much in the last two arcs of the manga that PSSB Goku and Vegeta are basically used as fodder in Broly’s movie.

Who Wins In A Fight

We have yet to find out. Until then, let’s talk about manga characters and guess where Beast Gohan ranks among them. The following 2 subheadings can

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