Is 64 Tall

Is 64 Tall – The goal of this star is to reach the top of the mountain, but you start almost at the bottom. When you’re in control, run past the Goombas at the start and then jump over the two gaps. Note that if you miss the first jump, the floor is below you, but the second jump has no net. Past these two jumps there will be some mushrooms, but you can safely ignore them and avoid the path. In the next area, a bunch of mountain moles will harass you by throwing rocks. Here the path splits a bit as the filters can go through Moles after the obstacle if you continue straight.

You can use the updraft after takeoff to go up the mountain briefly (left), Flight from Fly Guy can cross the giant gap (right)

Is 64 Tall

For now, continue straight past Mount Moles and you’ll find some Bob-Ombs. These aren’t threatening at all, but Chuckya takes you further. Of course, you can ignore him completely and go to the bridge and then jump to the next section, where there is a Ukiki (monkey) and a Fly Guy. Ukiki is innocent if you don’t catch him stealing your hat. Since that’s not a problem, the Fly Guy will throw fire at the fire and let you run away. The usual way to advance is to carry the giant log to the nearest ledge, but you can also use flight to avoid flying into the man by jumping to the ledge itself.

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The next obstacle on the way to the top will be a hill with fallen iron hair. When you are about to reach the top, you can hold on to the wall to avoid getting hit. Slide down behind the iron balls and jump over the waterfall, then quickly run past the enemy Fwoosh (cloud) before he knocks you off the mountain. Eventually you’ll come to an ivy patch with some more Goombas and then a purple switch. This won’t do anything for you now, so ignore it and cross the thin ledge beyond the waterfall. The last slope is the one before the highest peak, where the star awaits you. To get to this course, place Bowser in the Sea of ​​Fire at the bottom of the castle to unlock the key to the bottom door. the main lobby. Go up the stairs to the next floor and look behind the stairs to find a small picture with some mushrooms, this is the entrance to this course. This course is pretty standard in that it’s a long hill that’s no different than most normal hills in the game.

It starts at the foot of the mountain, on a small platform, next to a pond. There will be a series of Goombas in front and behind you. If you go to the end, you’ll find a 1-Up. Note that if you jump off the edge, a gust of wind will lift you to a higher area, so it can be used as a shortcut in the quest for the mountain top. Back at the beginning, right before the Goombas, you see them going down a cliff. This leads to a dead end, with some coins and a box that jumps when you pick it up. If you go back to the path above, you’ll come across some mushrooms with red coins.

As you walk through the mountains you will come to an area with some mountain moles. Just before Mont Moles there is a road below, where the shooting range is located. One of the mushrooms is a small red coin that acts as a string and pulls it down here. Through the wall of the Mount Moles vineyard are several filters that house the rest of the red coins and lead them even further up the mountain. For now, continue past Mount Moles and the subsequent Bob-Ombs, to the open area with Chuckya. If you don’t remember this enemy from Wet-Dry World, the only way to defeat him is to grab him from behind and throw him. If you look over the bridge, you’ll see a hidden ledge before jumping to the next section.

This little hidden area, which is almost nothing more than a small platform, is home to this route’s Bob-Omb Buddy. Go to the next section, where you will find a small monkey (named Ukiki). You can take the monkey, but you have to steal the hat. Also, the way is to shake the mountain later and if that happens you will lose the hat and this Ukiki will be mounted. There will also be a Fly Guy that can be used to fly to the next hole if you want to jump it.

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A giant log (leaving a big gap), a mound of iron hair can be tricky.

To get through the hole normally, use a giant log that you roll to move through it. Once you get over the gap, keep going until you find some giant metal balls that rolled down the mountain. The slope of the slope brings the rolling balls closer to the fountains on Mount Moles. As you dodge the rolling balls, climb the mountain, and eventually make your way, you’ll reach a large hole through the waterfall. Note that there is another steep drop near the rolling balls that lead to the top of the section through Moles Mountain.

Long jump over the big gap and you’ll be on the edge with a cloud enemy called Fwoosh. Every now and then there will be a gust of wind that will blow you off the mountain, so you’ll need to run through Fwoosh quickly before that happens. Directly after the Fwoosh are five coins, then a flat wall on the mountain. If you click on this wall, you’ll notice that the image looks wavy. Jump on the flat wall here and it will lead you to a slide. This slide will be dangerous, but no more dangerous than some others in the game. At the end you can jump into the pit, which will take you to the ledge below, where Chuckya sinks.

If you go back to where you jumped from the slide, you’ll be almost at the top of the mountain. Past the sliding entrance is a patch of ivy and then a purple transition. This exchange creates two breakable blocks, one of which is next to you. The other block is placed right in front of the waterfall, making it easier to grab the star hidden behind it. We cross the thin ledge next to the waterfall, then there is another ledge to the top. Through the [Mountain Bowl] there will be a star at the top and if you go through the [Mystery Monkey Cage] you will find Ukiki. In everything that follows the stars, nothing will reach the top.

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Grab this Ukiki and they’ll steal your hat (left), meaning you’ll have to chase her down to get it back (right). Our High, High Mountain of Stars guide is part of our Super Mario 64 guide and includes all seven Power Stars and their locations.

Like all the worlds in our Super Mario 64 tutorial, High, High Mountain has a total of seven stars to collect. Six levels are achieved per level, while the final star is earned once you collect 100 coins in a run. Access Stars Long, Mountain Long individually with the links below!

Cross the waterfall and jump over two gaps. Ignore the mushrooms on the left and follow the path that skirts the mountain. Cross the log bridge and stand on the log on the left to turn it. Jump in at the last minute to recover. Hit the errant iron balls near the slide and the slippery top. Jump over the long gap in front of the waterfall and then land in the area with the vines. Walk carefully along the narrow path above the waterfall and then run to the star on top of the mountain.

It is also short at the beginning. Turn and run to 1UP in the corner. Pass it outside and a gust of wind will push you into the area right in front of the rolling log.

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