In The Help Why Did They Include The Story About Celia Minny And Johnny

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In The Help Why Did They Include The Story About Celia Minny And Johnny

Big changes in life are inevitable, but that doesn’t mean a child (or adult) feels in control. Structure and stability are safe for children, so new experiences like divorce, moving, transferring to a new school, or welcoming new relatives can be scary.

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When faced with change, we develop coping skills. By moving and growing from these experiences, we strengthen and develop our “strong strengths.” Children who are just beginning to make changes in their lives need special support to deal with their emotions, understand and adapt to the changes, and learn new strategies and skills along the way.

When you’re ready and ready to guide your child through this process, try these seven strategies. These strategies will help your child feel safe, adaptable, and resilient.

Before you continue, why not download our free children’s guide? Does your child need help managing big ideas? You and your child can sit down together and brainstorm ways to stay calm.

Other changes, such as the unexpected death of a loved one, can make it difficult to plan. But with proper preparation, you can warn your child that big changes are coming. This gives you time to adapt and accept the change.

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It also gives you time to learn more about things your child or you don’t know. If you’re moving, take your kids to see their new home and new school. Please arrange for your child to meet the teacher in advance. Ask the teacher to tell your child what her day is like at her new school, give her a quick tour of the classroom, and show her pictures of other students and fun activities.

If the life change is a divorce, show your child where the other parent is. Tell them which room is theirs. Walk around your neighborhood and find interesting and fun facts.

If you have children, show them pictures of them. Discuss what happens when a baby is born and how children can become big brothers or big sisters.

Although you may want to focus on the positive aspects of this big life change, take the time to answer your child’s questions and concerns. Help them deal with the emotions they are feeling.

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Acknowledge and validate their ideas without rushing to cut them off or try to protect them from their ideas. Teaching children about their feelings is an important part of learning. I won’t teach you anything to protect them.

Try saying something like, “I know moving to a new place may seem sad and scary, but I’m so happy about it. Let’s take a deep breath together. We’ll get through this.” Let’s.

If your child has a hard time explaining how they’re feeling, help them express what they’re feeling (worry, sadness, fear, anxiety, panic, etc.). Naming your emotions will help you manage them more easily.

If possible, teach children how to cope with the difficulties of new situations.

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For example, if you’re worried about when your child will see the other parent after your divorce, buy a calendar and mark the day you’ll see the other parent each day.

If your child is worried that you won’t be with them when the baby is born, discuss things you can do together. Remind them that they can always ask for a hug or kiss.

We don’t have all the answers, and that’s okay. If you can’t think of a satisfying way to give, try to help your child feel heard and accepted.

Many children’s books are written to help children cope with major life changes. Here are some examples:

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These books will help your child understand that they are not alone in experiencing these types of changes. We also offer words of encouragement, helpful advice, and the knowledge that everything will work out in the end.

If you’re looking for a list of brain development books on a variety of topics, check out 85 Top Brain Development Books for Kids and Adults.

When big changes occur, it’s important to give your child as much stability as possible.

Try to stick to normal schedules and activities and don’t make changes that will upset your child. For example, don’t move your child from one bed to a new bed when you’re worried about him becoming a big brother.

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In particular, bedtime and mealtime should be the same. It is designed to be safe for children, so please prepare as much as possible to restore safety.

If you’re moving to a new home or your child lives in another home after a divorce, try designating that room in your home as your baby’s room. Give your children time to play with the same toys, read the same books, and do favorite activities as a family.

Also, getting enough rest and eating healthy food will help your baby feel better, be happy, and be calm.

Don’t forget to download our free kids guide. You and your child can sit down together and brainstorm strategies you can use when you need to calm down.

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Help your child understand that no matter what changes, you are not going anywhere and that you and your child have a bond.

While moms may be struggling with the new transition and the stress that comes with it, try taking 10 minutes each day to give your baby your attention. Make eye contact, put your phone away, and be kind and loving.

If your child is older, share your attention with them. Spend time together doing things your child likes, such as watching the same movie, playing your child’s favorite video game, or eating at your child’s favorite restaurant.

Be sure to check out the Big Life Kids podcast. These true stories are inspiring and cover a variety of themes of emotional growth, including courage, gratitude, and character. Spend time listening together in your car or at home.

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By giving them more attention and spending more time playing together, your child will feel secure that your love and care will continue, and it will be easier for them to cope with changes in other aspects of their lives.

When children experience drastic changes in their lives, they feel like they have no control over their lives. Provide opportunities for action by letting your child choose:

The same goes for asking your child for help. Children love to help and feel important, trusted, and useful.

Ask your child if they have any ideas for a name for your new baby, or let them know when choosing a new home. Depending on your child’s age, you can help them move boxes, pack things, and move them.

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And there are many ways siblings can feel special and important when helping a newborn baby. For young children, simple requests like buying a blanket for the baby or singing a nursery rhyme (even if they don’t understand the words) can be helpful.

At this point, your child may feel helpless. We achieve this feeling by providing support and decision-making opportunities.

Discuss or draw a picture of your child’s journey so far in life. What changes have you already made? Your child may have one too.

What did your child learn about each? How did they end up? And what skills will they learn to deal with this situation? Talk about the idea that with each experience, they become stronger and more prepared for the next change.

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Similarly, your child can draw “before” and “after” pictures to demonstrate the changes successfully tolerated. Use the questions provided to discuss what happened with this change.

By now, this scary change has probably become a part of your life that is no longer scary or overwhelming. Discussing current changes can help visualize the current situation.

Our Three Seas discussion cards include stunning flashcard images with 52 fun questions to help kids and adults share stories about kindness, courage, gratitude, and more. These questions will help you start a conversation with your children and allow you to connect with them during difficult times.

Although it may feel scary now, you and your baby will get used to the change together. Over time, you will learn new strategies and skills to deal with the changes that inevitably occur in your life.

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Looking for more? Why not create your own special big life girlfriend journal moments?

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