In My Hero Academia How Powerful Is Rock Locks Quirk

In My Hero Academia How Powerful Is Rock Locks Quirk – Strengthening gives the user the power to strengthen any part of their body. Quirk protects them from most physical threats.

Once activated, Eijiro can withstand deadly threats such as tons of falling metal and multiple explosions without leaving a trace.

In My Hero Academia How Powerful Is Rock Locks Quirk

In addition to increasing defense, Hardening also gives Eijiro an offensive power that transforms his hard and rigid body into solid rock, increasing his physical strength and allowing him to cut through enemies by punching them. All of this makes Hardening a very practical item for the Hero’s work, which is often focused on combat.

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According to Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu, the hardness provided by Hardening can be improved, while Eijiro takes more damage in his hardened state. This fact, before Tetsutetsu discovered it, was revealed as part of Eijiro’s training when in his monstrous form he was constantly attacked by Mashirao Ojiro’s tail, increasing the strength and durability of Eijiro’s Quirk with each strike. The reason behind this could be that the Quirk adapts to the damage dealt, and after cancellation, the Quirk resets before being activated, where the density of the Quirk is stronger than the previous use. .

Akira’s version of the Hardening Quirk only appears under trigger effects. When he gained powers from the drug, it allowed him to grow rocks from his upper body as well as making him bigger and stronger.

One of the downsides to this Quirk is that there is a damage limit to the hardened skin, which causes the hardening to wear off slowly, leaving Eijiro to lose his stamina from fighting to maintain his Quirk.

Additionally, Hardening has been shown to lack ranged abilities, limiting Eiji’s combat repertoire and forcing him to fight in close quarters. Hardening can also only protect Eiji from physical damage, but not thermal damage, such as extreme high or low temperatures. During the Uncanny Liberation War, Eijiro was able to withstand the blue fire of Dabi, which is much stronger than normal fire. Tetsutetsu then explained that even though Eijiro had not been burned in the fire, he could still feel the heat.

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The problem first appeared in Eijiro when he was only three years old and had his right eye gouged out after waking up. Eijiro was eventually cut and left with a scar around his right eye. At first, this Quirk hardened Eijiro’s skin a bit, but he has since improved its effects through intense training. Before that, she could barely protect herself from the rocks.

In battle, Eijiro is very direct and nonchalant, allowing his rigid body to absorb his opponent’s blows while he counters with powerful punches and other close range moves. Since even bullets cannot penetrate his skin while the Quirk is active, Eijiro can act as a human shield for defenseless allies or civilians. During the rescue operation, he should be very careful with the victims, because his thin body can hurt them.

In desperate situations, Eijiro can increase his difficulty to the maximum and become temporarily almost invincible. In another case of desperation, his fight with Kendo shows that even if his toughness is broken, he can pursue another toughness that increases his durability and longevity in battle. However, his tactics remain the same due to Quirk’s simple nature.

Akira, while enraged under the influence of Trigger, used the Hardening version to attack innocent civilians.

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Red Counter (烈怒交吽沒 (レッドキンター), Reddo Counta?): When hardened, Eijiro deflects an arrow attack with his skin and then counters with a right kick.

Unbreakable (安無嶺過武瑠 (アンブレイカブル), Anbureikaburu ? ): Eijiro reaches his maximum hardness, making his entire body extremely hard and thin, giving him a more terrifying and practical appearance. At first, this form can only be held for 30 to 40 seconds.

Red Gauntlet (烈怒頑斗裂屠 (レッドガントレット), Reddo Gantoretto?) Makes Eiji run towards the enemy and deal a heavy blow against them.

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