I M 5 6 And 150 Lbs And I M 15 My Max Squat Is 315 Lbs How Good Is That For My Age

I M 5 6 And 150 Lbs And I M 15 My Max Squat Is 315 Lbs How Good Is That For My Age – SCALE…ugh! The nasty appliance that sits in the corner of most bathrooms stares at you every morning Don’t you step every day? I hope you don’t! A scale used to monitor weight control, apparently, and OCD anxiety The number you crunch can make or break our emotional connection for that day, week, month.

So how do you avoid it? Stop weighing yourself every day! Or delete everything!

I M 5 6 And 150 Lbs And I M 15 My Max Squat Is 315 Lbs How Good Is That For My Age

As a trainer, I use the scale for clients It’s a measuring tool to track progress and make changes if necessary Mine is in the corner of my office, it usually collects dust until the next one client with precise objectives But why are we humans obsessed with a number that does not define who we are? Apparently, the world around us has somehow “conceived” that skin is good, skin is healthy, skin is where it belongs and if you’re not a certain weight you’re out! Sounds like high school cliques to me

M/20/6’5 [150 Lbs > 158 Lbs = +8 Lbs] (3 Months)! First Time Consistently Going To The Gym Like This. Weight Gain Hasn’t Been As Strong As I’d Like For It To

I say WHO RUNS! you are a man! I wonder if you are healthy. Are you at risk of disease because of your weight? Are you a good person to others?

Health should not be a number on a scale The number on the scale does not determine if you have cancer, certain types of diabetes, heart complications, or if you are a person of low status. The numbers on the scale give insight into why you may be at risk or a high risk to others. We should be concerned about our weight, yes to the point of Obsessiveness is what I am trying to point out here

What we should be more concerned about is the percentage of body fat. Body fat can be more dangerous than weight.

So what do you do? Get off your bum and move! Put down your fork and spoon and eat an apple!

F/25/5’6” [226lbs>150lbs=76lbs] (although The Difference In Pics Is 53lbs.) 10 Months Of Keto/if/cico And Kickboxing, Along With The Bonus Perk Of Clearing Up My Skin. I’m So Happy With My Progress So

Lifting weights will help build lean muscle Lean muscle prefers to burn fat You should do cardio with lifting Get more bang for your buck and do both at the same time! Next, and most important is your nutrition Plain and simple… you are what you eat! It’s pretty sure that if you’re still crapping day in and day out, you’re going to feel like crap. Your body can look bad You get my point You’re an adult, (well everyone reading this probably is), you know you have choices I think I’ve mentioned it before If you’re tired of hearing it, look for a certain way If you’re tired and tired, tired of taking medications … well it’s not really a mystical science, change your diet! Change your attitude! Stop the expulsion!

My general point, and you can see the attached image For some 150lbs is too much weight, for others it is an ideal ideal weight 150lbs looks very different on women and men of different heights/types! 150 pounds of body fat percentage can be all muscle, or 150 pounds can be body fat. The two will look very different. Which type of “Health” is right for you? What is sustainable for you? What can you do today to change your current health situation? Does your weight define you (not well)?

Look inside, answer these questions honestly with yourself Take steps to change if you need too Your weight is not a symbol of who you are…

* As with any exercise or nutrition regimen, you should get your doctor’s approval before starting.

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