How Strong Is Parison Hill In Hunter X Hunter

How Strong Is Parison Hill In Hunter X Hunter – Ging and Pariston are seen interacting for the first time during the meeting between the Zodiacs. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the vacancy for the presidency of the Hunters Association. As Pariston came out, he announced his intention to run for the ballot, and on that account he asked the others, “How about refusing to vote?” It was well received by everyone in the room, except for Ging who was still holding on. Pariston said that unlike the Netero administration and others in the room, he is weak and wants to lead an administration that is more friendly to Hunters like him. To this, Ging immediately announced his intention to run for chairmanship, saying he was directly opposed to Pariston’s efforts to fulfill Netero’s wishes.

In response, Pariston asked Ging about his son, who was sick in the hospital. Pariston thinks he can visit Gon, and Ging knows Gon wants that. Pariston tries to challenge Ging by pointing out that Gon is about to die, and “If I leave and he dies, it’s a waste of time, isn’t it?” However, Ging was not worried and replied with a smile, “Go, it won’t die.”

How Strong Is Parison Hill In Hunter X Hunter

To determine the rules for the upcoming vote, each Zodiac will create its own rules and lots will be drawn by a third party (Beans) to determine which rules to use. . When Ging’s lot was drawn, Pariston said he accepted rules 1-4, but not the fifth (which allowed Ging to adjust the vote to his liking). To everyone’s surprise, Ging agreed with Pariston’s words.

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In a flashback, it is revealed that Ging actually rigged the lottery in his favor. Beans met two days before the draw, Ging predicted that the term of the vote will come, because if it is submitted to the vote or discussion, it will take a long time due to the recording of Paristons. Ging argued that Pariston should be allowed to draw the lot, even though it has a 1/12 chance of winning because it has already qualified for the final. All his predictions came true, showing how Ging understood Pariston.

When the first two rounds of voting are held and then canceled due to lack of attendance, Pariston tries to fix the election rules while teaming up with the Zodiacs. . Ging wasn’t at this meeting, and Cheadle knew he wanted Ging to be there, because he didn’t know Pariston’s intentions. He realizes that only Ging can match Pariston, who is “a ferocious beast”.

To solve the problem of increasing voting, the Zodiacs decided to hold a public meeting open to all members of the Hunters League. In his acceptance speech, Pariston stopped the crowd from protesting, pointed to Ging sitting behind him and made an example of him, saying Ging had broken team rules in the past. But he is “in tune with the Zodiacs” in something as important as choice. Pariston joked again “If you’re defensive, why don’t you vote for him?”

After the seventh night of voting, only four candidates remained, Cheadle and Pariston. Cheadle meets Ging outside the conference and asks him for advice on defeating Pariston, saying, “I don’t know what’s going on in Pariston’s head…” Ging agrees to explain psychology to him. said Pariston, saying that Pariston was very strong. because he doesn’t care if he wins or loses. On the other hand, Ging explained that Pariston can easily read Cheadle. Ging believes that in the next round of voting, Cheadle and Pariston will be the only remaining candidates, then the election will continue with two alternative seats. Ging said that Pariston will use his influence in the Temp Hunters group to cheat the election council. When Cheadle asked why Pariston would do this, Ging replied, “I told you, he doesn’t care about winning or losing. Ging compared Pariston’s behavior to his own, although he admitted that Pariston is the best. According to Ging, of the four remaining candidates, Pariston is the closest to getting Netero’s interest. Ging gives Cheadle the last word. about Pariston’s actions regarding the unborn Chimera bag left at NGL, suggesting that Pariston may be tired of the election and move on to other things during the day of the upcoming Hunter trial.

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On the eighth night of the election, while listening to Leorio’s speech, Cheadle found out that Ging nominated Leorio as the candidate to win Pariston. This happened when Ging dismissed Leorio during the first convention, showing that even though Ging had abandoned his own candidacy, he was still thinking about how to vote in Pariston’s favor. Surprisingly, Ging was seen sleeping during Pariston’s final speech.

After the eighth round of voting, a wave of aura passes through the council as Alluka heals Gon. Seeing this, Ging and Pariston shared a look, indicating that they both knew the outcome of the election at that moment, with Ging closing his eyes in victory. and Pariston laughed. When Cheadle asks Pariston how he won with so many goals, Pariston replies that he already saw it happen when Ging told him that Gon wouldn’t die. But in Pariston’s opinion, he and Ging were the two final candidates, and Ging won the election. However, a path to victory was revealed when Ging withdrew from the election and later helped Leorio become the top contender. Pariston’s victory depends on Gon’s survival, as Gon’s recovery robs Leorio of his entire reason for running. Cheadle asks Pariston how he can completely trust someone he doesn’t know to save Gon. Pariston replied, “I trust Ging as a worthy opponent.

When Pariston became chairman after the ninth round of voting, he immediately replaced Cheadle as vice-chairman, then resigned from his post. Ging said, “Well… I didn’t count far…”

Pariston and Ging left the Zodiacs after the election. Besides Netero he announced that he would lead an expedition to the Dark Continent, and Pariston joined his group. Soon, Ging arrived at the tour group’s location and confronted Pariston, asking to join the group. Pariston appeared surprised but pleased at Ging’s request, telling Ging, “Wow, this is amazing. Ging confirmed that it was his idea. Knowing that the Zodiacs should follow Beyond to the Dark Continent , Ging immediately suspects that Pariston is the reason. for this forced choice. Ging beats Pariston again, saying that if the Zodiacs don’t fulfill Beyond’s wishes, Pariston will send the Chimera bags which he collected from NGL to destroy the team. Ging tells Pariston to keep his hands off the team, saying that he has done enough damage and “I’m playing you from now on. Pariston said, “So will you listen to me?” and Ging answered, that he thought less of Pariston, and more of amusing himself.

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Suspicious of Ging’s doubts about him, Pariston quickly realized that Pariston did not want to negotiate with the group, but was playing with him for his own reasons. Noticing the strange nature of Pariston’s actions, Ging asked him, “Why are you trying so hard to destroy him when you are careful? Ging admits to Pariston that they are alike. They think in wrong ways. , which ends with calling Pariston a fool.

Pariston said, “Well, you really know how to get into someone. It’s hard. But you’re good, so it’s not hard…” Pariston told Ging that he was not like many people who happy if they are loved and loved the reward. But Pariston took great delight in being hated by others, and felt the urge to destroy those he loved most. When Pariston turned the question to Ging and asked if this idea was so strange, Ging replied coldly, and he and Pariston were not the same in this way.

As Ging looked at the rest of the Beyond team and asked who was second in command, Pariston said.

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