How Old Is Izuku Midoriya In Season 1

How Old Is Izuku Midoriya In Season 1 – Note: This review covers all 13 episodes of My Hero Academia: Season 1; However, spoilers will be kept to a minimum

Having never read the My Hero Academia manga, I had the luxury of going into the anime not knowing the twists that awaited the main character, Izuku “Deku” Midoriya. After riding the action-packed emotional roller coaster Season 1 of Studio Hader’s masterful animated adaptation, My Hero Academia cemented its place as my favorite show of the year, and I’m looking forward to Season 2.

How Old Is Izuku Midoriya In Season 1

The story centers around the aforementioned Deku, a teenager who dreams of becoming a superhero but finds himself among the 20 percent of people with no special abilities. After a chance encounter with his idol All Might, Deku finds a way to rise above his circumstances and join the prestigious U.A. High school in hopes of fulfilling his dreams

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As a clear outsider among his peers, I found Deku instantly likable and relatable, especially compared to his childhood rival Katsuki Bakugou. Despite being an arrogant bully who tries to tear others down to build himself up, I grew to like Bakugou as the series progressed. It’s clear that he has some pride and anger management issues, but his ability to be a hero and protect society from villains who threaten the peace is an admirable quality that makes him one-dimensionally hot.

Similarly, the rest of the characters in My Hero Academia are at many levels in their training and each interesting in their own way From the motor-powered, leg-equipped studio and loud-mouthed class president Tenya Ida to the sweet and innocent Ochako Uraka who can lighten things up with a simple touch. High School boasts a colorful cast of diverse and incredibly emotional characters

The same can be said for the world’s “number 1 hero” All Might, who is more than just a big muscular guy with a pearly smile. Yes, even the strongest heroes have weaknesses and need the help of others from time to time, and Twisted Secret of All Might does a great job of demonstrating that fact. Additionally, the bond she forms with Deku, becoming a mentor to a character whose better days are clearly behind him, creates a heartwarming dynamic that makes me smile every time they come together on screen.

The strength of such a developed cast makes for a story that pulls you in and doesn’t let go. The hint of an exciting romance between Yuraka and Deku is sweet and I can’t wait to see how it develops. And despite his partner’s unrelenting hatred of Deku, Deku’s struggle to prove himself and earn Bakugou’s respect makes for great moments of tense drama, fueling a rivalry that began when they were children.

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Most impressive of all is the relationship between Deku and his mother. Watching their relationship develop and how Deku’s mother realizes that she needs to be more supportive of her crazy son to become a hero brought tears to my eyes. This relationship not only gives a window into Deku’s family life and its insecurities, but also drives the essence of family and mutual support, no matter how bad the dreams seem.

My Hero Academia’s great character is enhanced by a memorable cast From Deku’s sweet and innocent smile to the menacing look emanating from Bakugou’s angry eyes, each character has their own unique facial expression that reflects their personality. I have to commend the casting choices and the overall voice work as Yowamusi Pedal’s Daiki Yamashita is perfect as Deku in the Japanese version and Justin Bryan does a great job as the character in the English dub.

Given Hades’ pedigree, it’s no surprise that the studio behind Wolf’s Rain and Fullmetal Alchemist knocked it out of the park once again. My Hero Academia is full of amazing action scenes that are an absolute joy to watch thanks to the smooth animations and dynamic angles they present. From small touches like the glowing eyes of an emotionally broken young Deku to the explosive stage sets that Bakugou brings, every episode was a visual treat. The special season provided comedic bits, many of which can be attributed to the hilariously inappropriate antics of Deku’s short, purple-haired classmate, Minoru Mineta.

Like most characters, My Hero Academia’s villains left me wanting more League of Villains leader Tamura Shigaraki has the potential to be a deep and twisty plot, but unfortunately there’s very little of that this season. Based on the few teasers that surfaced during the finale, it’s clear that we’ll learn a lot more about the show’s antagonists in Season 2, but a little more backstory for Season 1’s final showdown would have gone a long way. More efficient

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Considering the limited amount of time this first season had to flesh out its cast, I’m glad that most of the thirteen episodes focused on making Deku a character and fleshing out his backstory. The series centers around Deku’s journey to becoming a hero, so a strong understanding of his character will only help strengthen the overall story as My Hero Academia enters its second season.

The first season of My Hero Academia delivers thirteen episodes of fantastic action enhanced by a heart-warming story revolving around an original cast of memorable and relatable characters. While the villains could get the job done, the stage is set for a second season that presents some exciting new challenges for UA students. High school

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Today we’re gathered here to go back a bit and talk about the first season

Animation If you’re looking for a multi-layered story that will keep you watching, give My Hero Academia a shot, I promise you won’t be disappointed. After watching old anime for a long time, this was refreshing and surprising and kept me engaged for days after I first started watching. I’m incredibly happy that everyone is enjoying it and enjoying it I laughed, I screamed at my TV, I screamed… yes I cried… but I’ll never admit it.

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The story is interesting and simple, the plots carried by the different episodes are not stretched and move at a good pace. The anime follows our protagonist Izuku Midoriya (Deku) on his journey to becoming the number one hero. In a world where most people have quirks (powers) — where you can make it your day job to become a hero — he’s one of those who never developed his own. Despite the difficulties, he never stops dreaming of becoming a hero and searching for the answer to his big question: What makes him a hero? The character was instantly likable and relatable – always bullied for being different, but never hated. He is always watching from the outside, taking notes on everyone’s questions to analyze and learn from.

It begins the day he meets his hero All Might, “The Symbol of Peace.” He becomes a fan and follows him over time and discovers All Might’s big secret after an accident a few years ago. Deku somehow manages to impress All Might, who takes the boy under his control.

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