How Many Cities In The Usa Are Named Springfield

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How Many Cities In The Usa Are Named Springfield

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Springfield is a well-known common place name in the English-speaking world, particularly in the United States. According to the United States Geological Survey, there are currently 67 populated places in the United States named Springfield.

A study of the database shows that there are more common place names in the United States than Springfield, including Fairview and Midway. The name “Springfield” is common in Great Britain and Ireland: two examples are on the outskirts of Shrewsbury, Shropshire, and one is in County Wigan near the town centre.

Historically, the first American place named Springfield was Springfield, Massachusetts, founded in 1636 by William Pynchon. Pynchon, an early American colonist, named Springfield after his hometown of Gland, Springfield, Essex. Springfield, Massachusetts gained national prominence in 1777 when George Washington established the US National Armory in Springfield. In the 19th century, Springfield became one of the world’s leading centers of the Industrial Revolution, pioneering the development of interchangeable parts. Springfield, Illinois and Springfield, Missouri are named after Springfield, Massachusetts, as well as other American cities named after Springfield.

As of the 2020 census, the two most populous cities in the world named Springfield were Springfield, Missouri, and Springfield, Massachusetts, with 169, 176, and 155,929 residents, respectively. Springfield, Illinois, the former home of Abraham Lincoln, is the only US state capital with that name. In 2020, it had 114,394 inhabitants.

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There are four Springfield metropolitan statistical areas in the United States – in Illinois, Massachusetts, Missouri, and Ohio; As of the 2020 census, Massachusetts was the most populous with 699,162 residents.

The television series “The Simpsons” is set in a town called “Springfield”, where the state is not listed. Creator Matt Groing has suggested in interviews that he chose the name because of its ubiquity. The series’ deliberately inconsistent information about the city’s location prevents the fictional Springfield from being compared to the real one. Gurung announced in 2012 that the city of Springfield, Oregon is close to his hometown of Portland.

“Springfield” was also the setting for the early 1950s radio and television show “Father Knows Best” and the 1950s soap opera “The Guiding Light”, which continued as the CBS soap opera “Guiding Light” until 2009. . “Springfield” was also the setting for the television series “Leave It To Beaver” from 1957-1963. All you have to do is enter as many spaces as you can remember. I find it easiest to move from country to country. There’s no time limit and no penalty for wrong answers, but the catch is that only the cities involved are recognized, so primes don’t count, for example. Your browser saves your progress. As long as you don’t click the “Finish and Save” button, you can come back to it at any time.

The site also has similar tests for Mexico, Canada, Asia, Europe and more. My American record is 1571.

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@rbsanford That’s really cool. I try and it’s really fun. Obviously I’ll start with Texas lol. I remember more than I think, but that’s because of the research I’m doing. As of now I am 54 years old. But I will also go to other states that I don’t know very well to test myself.

ATS is like an atlas to me now. I’m familiar with a lot of streets and cities and that’s one of the best parts of this game.

My contribution consists of thoughts and ideas only. Don’t assume the ATS is doing this. Poll: Choose the next 2 ATS countries. ATS Flatbed, ATS Special Transport, North American Agriculture Survey: Truck No Longer in Production

I totally forgot about this quiz. I’ve popped up here and there when I was thinking of things, but I don’t play it very often and without seeing the map I have no idea. My results show me poor east and north Texas. Apparently I remember West better because of ATS and seeing a ton of stuff for ATS lol.

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But this is a pretty good result. I wonder what the average score should be; I imagine the average person unfamiliar with US geography would find about 100-150, maybe even less.

A good trick to increase your results is to include common place names. Most states have Springfield or Clinton, and almost every southern state has Decatur, Lafayette, Fayette, and/or Fayetteville.

It’s fun to set the state to “any state”. So when you enter a city name, every city in the country with that name will be highlighted. Apparently I went over the 5000 mark, which is the limit. Then you will not be able to complete the quiz. It looks like 4885:

A real cow. 1771. Impressive. Yes, I tried a trick like yours where you named many small towns. But I didn’t know the recipe to fulfill every condition. But 500+ is certainly impressive.

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Aside from living somewhere, ATS seems to be teaching me US geography pretty well, haha ​​I’ve always limited myself by adding the state to the city so if I don’t really know the city, I have different states. I will not get free. I think the 688 is great for me. But I like that some countries only have two or three cities. It will be interesting to see how many people I know by heart when SCS gets us there.

Added Oklahoma! Current blog photo locations for Kansas and Nebraska found by this blog’s location experts.

It’s actually a lot of fun! After spending about two hours on my first attempt, I had 430 spots. In fact, I missed several major cities and I am so embarrassed that I forgot a few state capitals!

Well, I definitely know a few dozen places. And if I were to name the country they had to file in, even less so, especially considering I could never remember them all (much more than their acronyms).

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But the “Any State” option opens up another option, which is also fun. I guessed which names could be related to American cities. I put in any word that comes to mind or try hundreds of keyword combinations.

PS: What’s up with Delaware and Rhode Island?! After typing and guessing thousands of names, some so common that there were over 20 entries, I barely made it to 10 and 15. I found more, even in the empty Alaskan wilderness!

PS2: It takes a special kind of dark humor to call a town in the middle of Arizona a “snowflake.”

Hint: Think of songs and movies with cities, and most big cities are actually made up of multiple cities (for example, the Los Angeles area also has cities like Anaheim, Long Beach, Torrance, Ventura, San Bernardino, etc. ).

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