How Long Does It Take To Sous Vide A Ribeye

How Long Does It Take To Sous Vide A Ribeye – I recently had the privilege of speaking at the International Society of Sous Vide and discussing how to cook meat.

I covered cooking times, Delta-T cooking, and pasteurization. My presentation got a great response, so I thought I’d share it here. You can watch the video, or read the article below.

How Long Does It Take To Sous Vide A Ribeye

Hello everyone! I’m Jason Logsdon of Amazing Food Made Easy and President of ISVA. I’m so excited to be speaking at my 3rd Soos video conference!

Sous Vide Tri Tip

Today I want to go into a topic that I think is really interesting, “How hot does meat really get”.

There is always a lot of confusion about this topic, especially with sous vide. In my Explore Sous Videos Facebook group we have a “How long can I eat my meat?” We get a lot of questions in the mail.

What you will typically see is a wide range of responses. For example, some of the responses from my Facebook group were:

But no one can really agree on what the right answer is and we range from 45 minutes to 3 hours.

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That’s what I wanted to dive into today. Fifteen minutes from now you’ll have a solid understanding of how hot the meat is and plenty of ammunition for your next social media argument!

This information generally applies to all types of meat, with very slight variations here and there, but it is important to remember that it only helps with cooking purposes.

The first goal is to burn the flesh. This applies to things like traditional steaks, most types of fish, sous vide pork, and whole meats.

Cooking at this time is very different, but basically everything you can eat raw – for example, beef tartar and sushi.

The Best Time And Temperature For Sous Vide Eggs

But although you can eat it raw, most of the time we prefer to heat it up to a certain temperature because of how it transforms the protein in a wonderful way or just heats it up in your mouth.

You can argue about which version is better, but cold pizza doesn’t taste the same as hot pizza.

A second purpose is to make food safe to eat, usually through pasteurization. This applies to things like sous vide chicken breast, turkey, pork chops, and some fish.

These are things you don’t want to eat raw, and can actually make you sick if you eat them.

Guide To Medium Rare Sous Vide Steak

Today’s presentation also applies a little to these things, since all times on the sous vide pasteurization chart are based on thickness, so knowing how long something takes to heat can be very helpful.

The third purpose is to soften the food. This works for anything you normally cook, smoke or cook “low and slow” like sous vide pot roast, BBQ brisket, pork or anything you cook for a long time.

Throwing short ribs on the grill and heating them up will still result in a very tough cut of meat. Even if they are hot, you need to soften them.

Today’s talk doesn’t really apply to that goal, because does it really matter if your short legs are hot after 2 hours or 3 hours…if you’re cooking for another 72 hours?

Sous Vide Chicken Breast Recipe (bone In)

But, if you cook these short ribs for 72 hours and refrigerate them, you can use everything we’re talking about to know exactly how long you’ll have to reheat them the next day!

So this presentation will focus on the first goal, warm it up, because it is interesting in itself and applies to all other goals.

There are a few things that go into this, but the biggest one is simple and intuitive.

And this is the intensity of the food. How thick is the steak? The most important factor in determining how long food takes to heat.

Sous Vide Prime Rib Roast

And it’s not just a sous vide thing. If you’ve ever tried to cook two pork loins on a hot grill, you know how difficult it is to get the center to the right temperature without burning the outside. Tougher than pork, right?

With sous vide, we have the added benefit of not overcooking the food, at least checking the temperature, and knowing the exact temperature we are cooking it at.

So the first question you ask yourself when you start cutting tender is “how thick is it?”.

One of the tools we’ve created is our sous vide time ruler, and it’s designed to help with that. Or you can use a regular ruler and make sure you wash the raw meat before your kids start playing with it again!

Sous Vide Frozen Steak (perfect Steak Everytime)

Once you know the size, you can figure out how long to cook it. There are tables like how long to cook red meat and pork, how long to broil chicken and turkey, and how long to broil fish.

It was led by the work of Nathan Mehrold and Douglas Baldwin on the eGullet message boards a decade ago when I started. This is one of the main reasons they are both in the Sous Vide Hall of Fame today.

Now there are many tables that match their functionality. On my website I have many simple and easy charts that work for most cooks, as well as a time ruler.

Or if you really want to dive into the science and power of burning meat I highly recommend checking out Douglas Baldwin’s website directly.

Sous Vide Beef Tenderloin With Port Wine And Garlic Recipe

So here are the times from my sous vide time ruler, which is also in my free online sous vide charts.

If we look at the first column, “Slab of meat from the freezer”. The slab is simply shaped like a steak, unlike a sous vide tenderloin or sous vide roast, which is heated separately and in a column next to it.

So below you can see it takes about 30 minutes to heat a 1/2″ thick steak.

If you double that gear, the time doubles, now it’s an hour and 15 minutes so about 2.5 times longer.

How To Sous Vide A Perfect Steak

Double that for a nice 2″ stack and now we’re looking at 3 ½ hours, again, 2.5 times longer.

So if you asked about a 2 inch steak in a Facebook group, then all the recommendations you raised were wrong, although people did not see it because of the interesting things that we will discuss in the future. .

But for now, we know what the final answers to “how long to grill a steak” are. You just measure the amount and cook it for a long time or so says one of the reliable tables.

These are all for cutting beef, lamb and other red meats. Anything that only needs to be heated will work well using this method. There are also similar pasteurization tables for chicken, pork, and turkey that we will include.

How To Sous Vide Sirloin Steak Recipe And Guide

So why is there so much confusion! That’s because, like most things, especially in cooking, what “works all the time” is often an oversimplification. But it is enough for almost all cooks, especially home cooks who do not deal with the HACCP system.

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But for fun, let’s look at all the weird things that happen that confuse people.

It’s all weird and wacky stuff where people often go down the rabbit hole on social media and try to sound smart about things that don’t really matter to the poor parent who just wants to know how long you’ve been. cook Bread!

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So while we’re putting this together, remember that what you really need to know is what we’ve already discussed – measuring, observing and cooking. Delicious food is as hot as time…and now it’s weird!

The first thing you notice is that there is no mention of the temperature at which you heat your food. We have food condition, if it was cold, but nothing about the last temperature.

I don’t know how universally this works for all possible temperatures from absolute zero to the center of the sun, but if you consider the Ticino range we use for sous vide, it all behaves the same. . So for roasting meat you don’t need to worry about the final temperature.

That said, as I said before we are concerned with goal #1, food temperature. Once we start talking about goal #2, preserving this food through pasteurization, storage temperature becomes important.

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And that’s because higher temperatures spray faster…but still heat at the same, leading rate

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